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Discussion in 'Suggestions Archive' started by Robert john, Oct 22, 2011.

  1. Robert john

    Robert john Green Slime

    Hello people, and possibly DEVS. If you read this i was just playing about and thought of something amazing that should be added to the game. Creative Mode. When you create a char and click on the soft core where you change your game mode you should be able to click on something like "Creative" and then when you join the came instead of an inventory you could scroll down and every item would be in there. Tiles of course, meaning pots, chest's, wood,gold ore, demonite ore, and even shadow orbs. Those are just a few of the possibilitys . I haven't realy though about this, just though i would jot it down. Also if someone has a mod that they know of please comment below to get people aware of it.

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    KILLERWILSH Yellow Slime

    Good idea but what about the pople that will use creative to spawn in chests and put all uber hard to get items in a chest save the world go to a new char and take the items
  3. Robert john

    Robert john Green Slime

    Well, thats kind of un avoidable. I mean look at Terraria Viewer and other INVEdits. Its going to happen either way....
  4. zeroofshadow

    zeroofshadow Doctor Bones

    what about them? those are the people who inv edit everything anyway it doesn't change anything besides give people who like to create more power to do so.
  5. Jopilatje

    Jopilatje Cursed Man

    True, I used TEdit only for trying some buildings so I didn't have to build everything by hand, that's just very annoying if you're not sure how it will turn out.
    After that I had some awesome gameplay in a TEdit-made Ninja armor, but then I deleted the worlds and the character, because there's just no fun anymore if you can get everything.

    But it would be great to have a new possibility to play: next to Single Player and Multiplayer, Creative Mode (with single and multi inside)
    So you can't use the items you got by being in creative in a normal player.
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  6. mtq1

    mtq1 Wraith

    Creative worlds are good for map designers, but aside from that most people prefer minecraft to play creative. Its hard for a 2D game to compete with that in the creative aspect. The description you gave seems to exactly correlate with minecraft which leads back to the countless threads on "why can't terraria be more like minecraft?" BECAUSE IT ISN'T.
    Creative worlds also don't really work, keeping them seperate. People may want to show off a creative world to people who play regular, or design an adventure map. This doesn't solve anything.

    A creative function would never truly catch on but would easily be exploited no matter what you do. Dispite your argument, that people cheat anyway it hasn't occured to many of them. What this could do is give access to the cheat to new players and people who haven't considered cheating.

    Unless i'm mistaken there are several mods for a creative mode. Aside from that you can get a set of molten tools and invedit blocks like i did for my giant flying skyship (did i mention its made of pure silver?).
    Creative mode is for when you have finished everything else.
  7. Blue Lit

    Blue Lit Spore Zombie

    the only thing i would like to have in this 'creative mode' is, God mode, fly and maybe noclip and inf-stacks of items for buildin' and addin' to chests, so i'm guess that everything in the list the maker of this idea. :3 but it does akind annoy me that people just take stuff from minecraft and drop it into Terraria... :l
  8. Merch

    Merch Fire Imp

    I don't get why people don't search.
    Seriously, lots of people have come over this, over and over again.
    Search please? Anyway, we don't need another mode for Terraria, just knock the fun straight out of Terraria.
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  9. ee9

    ee9 Green Slime

    This shouldn't be available right away without changing some .ini files first, but it would be a freaking awesome tool for those who don't play often but want to playtest their ideas asap.
  10. Fishbertus

    Fishbertus Herpling

    Terraria isnt about creating. Minecraft is. Thats why MINECRAFT has creative.
  11. Kady

    Kady Doctor Bones

    maybe a creative char that can't put anything in the chests?
  12. eil

    eil Green Slime

    there are already editors for map creator- why make anything else..?
  13. ee9

    ee9 Green Slime

    Because it's not enough, obviously. And editors are not even official.
  14. eil

    eil Green Slime

    still there are already much abilities there. yet, the fact that main page of this site contains maps admitted to be made with editors, kinda "implies some conclusions" ;)
  15. ee9

    ee9 Green Slime

    Making maps with auxiliary editors and playtesting in game are two different things. We got no tools for the latter.
  16. Mr.Person

    Mr.Person Moth

    Nice idea, but it would be abused so hard.
  17. ee9

    ee9 Green Slime

    Server warns you this mode is on, asks if you still want in, you have a choice. Anyway, play with friends you trust, no abuse.
  18. Mr.Person

    Mr.Person Moth

    Well if it is like that then this might be something =)
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  19. niSh197

    niSh197 Green Slime

    seems like a decent idea, its another option, those who don't like it don't need to use it, simple!
    sure you could use it to get great items easy but that ruins the fun of it for ya.
    possibly make it so you can only use building items or rather no weapons or armour?
  20. Aereaux

    Aereaux Bunny

    I think that this is one of the things that Terraria most needs.

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