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    ((Ok, I didn't really know what to name this.. and I still don't, so I'm just leaving it as generic "Terraria Creepypasta." It will probably suck, I'm sure some people will like it, but I suddenly got the incredible urge to write, and.. so I did.
    K, I have decided to name it "A horrible chill...". Thanks to futuramaguy546 for the idea!))

    A horrible chill...
    So, most everyone that's played Minecraft knows about the Herobrine joke. Hahaha, yeah, an alternate characte running around the world, building things, and just generally being creepy through exsistance. "Notch's Brother".. silly; or so I thought. I'm generally a very down to earth, skeptical fellow. I don't believe in ghosts, demons, any of that stuff -- I want cold hard facts, evidence. That being said, I really can't explain what's been hapenning to me in Terraria. I'm HOPING it's just someone messing with me..

    I was playing my world. It's one of the first ones I started, but I abandoned it about halfway through. I didn't delete the character, I just started a new one, and crafted a new world. I was going to do things right. The world played normally; everything was fine. After I finished getting the Molten items/armor, I decided to go back to my original world, and rebuild it. Sort of a "tribute" to what my world should've been, had I had more experience and knowledge.

    When I booted up the world, it was at late evening (in-game time). I started tearing down the old building (it was so pathetic - I had teeny tiny rooms, and only managed to get the guide, and the merchant to move in!) and saw "A horrible chill goes down your spine..." Odd. Don't you only get those when you smash shadow orbs? Meh. A few minutes later, as night approached, "The blood moon is rising...." So it was all related, I assumed. I continued tearing down the building, shrugging off the Zombies and Demon eyes. I was far too well equipped; they couldn't harm me, and I didn't feel like hiding out until daylight.
    Now.. this is when the story starts getting kind of odd. My original character had a dark, purpleish hair, in the pigtail form, and her clothes were black and white. As I'm sitting there, tearing the building down, I notice a zombie sitting just outside of my light. I can make out part of a leg, but it's mostly obscured by darkness, so I assume a zombie simply got stuck on the terrain, and wasn't intelligent enough to jump over the obstacle to come at me. Hey, one less pest to deal with, right?

    The blood moon oddly lasted a lot longer than they normally do.. but night was finally over. I had torn down the entire building, but realized even then, I wasn't going to have near enough wood for the frame, or even the walls, so I'd have to go out and chop down some trees. I set off, in any general direction. I hadn't made it too far in this world, so I was bound to find trees pretty close by. I kept walking, until I saw a small tunnel going straight down. Probably one of my earlier tunnels. I don't really remember digging it, but hey, who knows what my crazy newb mind was thinking. I jumped in, thinking it couldn't be that deep, now could it? I fell.. and.. well, I just kept falling. As I was falling, "Screams echo around you..." popped up.. right after that, I was in the underworld layer, and fell straight into a lava pool. "You were slain..." sat on the screen. When did I dig this tunnel? I don't remember ever getting close to the underworld here. I don't think I even made it into the stone layer. Odd. Maybe it was already there. It had to be, right? Yeah, that's what it was. An odd chance, one in a million shot, that there was a pre-generated hole straight to hell. With my luck, why not. Before I respawned though, I swear I saw something out of the corner of my eye. On the farthest left of the screen.. was it a zombie? I wasn't really paying attention to it.. Maybe it was just an imp? It had to be. An imp, probably laughing at me falling to my death. Hey, maybe the imp dug the tunnel as a cruel joke!

    I didn't realize how close to being right I was.

    I patched up the hole. No more falling into pits for me. Found a few trees, and got back to work. I didn't see the merchant back where the house used to be. Odd. Maybe he de-spawned, because he had no home? The guide was still there. The guide was always there. I went to the table to start making wooden walls. I must have accidentally clicked the Guide, because his text box popped up. "It's... so cold..." What? I clicked "Help". "I can't help you now.. no one can..." A shiver ran down my spine. I kept clicking, "Help", except he'd just keep repeating, "It's...so cold...". Okay, okay. Maybe this is just a prank by the devs. They seem pretty funny. No way this is real. It's either a prank, or maybe someone hacked my computer, or.. something. So, I decide to just keep building the house. Ran out of wood, again.

    Feeling a bit nervous, I avoided the side of the map I went to last time, with the pit. Rather be safe than sorry, right?


    As I continued on the other side of the map, the screen went.. weird. It was as if I was standing in corruption, except.. I didn't see anything weird at all. The sky darkened, and the clouds changed colors, but there were only trees around me. I kept chopping, trying to ignore it, when I saw another tunnel infront of me. A hole, straight down. Just like the other one. I kept walking, skipped past it. Another hole. and another. Too many to be chance. I'm getting goosebumps. This has to be a prank, someone is pulling a prank on me.

    "Guide was slain..." appeared on the screen. How? Isn't the guide all but invincible?
    I ran back to the base, thinking maybe it was a goblin invasion, and I didn't get the message. As I'm going, "A horrible chill runs down your spine..." popped up. It kept popping up, as if it was spamming me. "A horrible chill runs down your spine... A horrible chill runs down your spine", so much that it was on my screen over and over. "Turn back now..." I froze.
    This was getting way too freaky.. but.. I just couldn't stop. I had to keep going, I had to see what killed the guide!

    I really, really wish I didn't. Honestly, I wish I would've just logged off the world, deleted it, and the original character, and never have looked back. I went to where the house was supposed to be, the building that had already had one floor, and was near completion. It wasn't there. There was just a line of dirt, and two small pits filled with lava. One had the Guide's body parts in it. It was sealed up. Both of them had a sign.

    The one with the guide, said, "Here lies GUIDE. He helped a traitor and so he DIED."
    The other sign, over the pit that was open, is what really turned me white. "Here lies YOU. Pretend to care, but you turned me BLUE." Was Blue behind this? Was this really some kind of twisted developer joke? Then my character's sprite walked on screen. My original character, who I first used with this world. She walked on the screen.. except her eyes were entirely black. They were black boxes.. as if she had no eyes at all. She kept walking towards me, when the screen started jumping. It was almost as if it was lagging.. she was walking, then suddenly she flashed and she was behind where she was before. Then suddenly she was infront of me, still walking off screen, then suddenly behind me again. "A horrible chill runs down your spine..." started spamming my screen, then "Screams echo around you..." kept popping up. I started freaking out. The music changed, to boss fight, then corruption, then it sped up really fast, then started playing in reverse, and kept slowing. I started panicking. I don't know why this happened, but it was too much, I just wanted to log off the game. I hit ESC, then tried to "Save and Exit". I kept clicking it, over and over, as the music got louder. The screen started flashing, day and night; Corruption, bloodmoon, constantly. My old characters sprite was going insane now, floating up on top of the screen. "Merchant was slain..." "Dryad was slain..." "You hear screams echo around you..." "Nurse was slain..." "Demolitionist was slain..." "They beg for death's sweet release..." "ArmsDealer was slain..." At this point the transitioning between day and night is so fast it's just a constant flash of colors, my own sprite had red streaks under its eyes.. was it crying blood? "You beg for death..." Then it zoomed in on my old character's sprite. It got super close, and the music playing backwards got so loud I thought my speakers were going to burst. Suddenly, "You were slain..." followed by what seemed like thousands of zombies dying at once.
    Then the game closed.

    It just shut down. I started it back up. What just happened? I tried logging in my original character.. the save file couldn't be loaded. World 1.. save file couldn't be loaded. Both corrupt.. My main character, Save file couldn't be loaded either. Ugh!

    I made a new character. I went back to my new world, just wanting to put this all out of my head. I didn't want to think about what happened, it was probably all just some sick joke, or some mode that was never intended to be put in the game, or.. something. I started a new character, in my castle. "A horrible chill runs down your spine..."

    I restarted my computer. I haven't played Terraria since this happened. Not like I could, if I wanted to. The game won't start anymore. It literally won't boot up. I've uninstalled it, re-installed it, nothing works. No save files are on my computer, nothing to even hint I had ever played it before. I don't know why I'm even posting this here.. except maybe to draw the attention of the devs, if this was some kind of joke of theirs. Maybe to warn people, if it's not..

    A horrible chill...(Part II)
    Sometimes, I hate having friends as skeptical as me, I really do. I should have known that I couldn't bring up a claim like, "My computer is possessed by my evil character and won't let me play Terraria anymore" would raise eyebrows, and ofcourse he'd have to prove me wrong. I mean, if I were in his place, I'd do the same, just because that's the kind of guys we are. We don't beleive in anything until we have hard proof, and we don't take anyone's word for it -- even if they're our best friends. That's how it's always been, and it's always worked in our favor. I should've kept my mouth shut, and pretended that nothing ever happened. Well, here's the story. I really hope anyone reading it will learn from my mistakes. I used to think it was a joke.. but.. I don't anymore. With what's happened the past few weeks.. there's just no way anyone could've done this.

    So, after the horrible freakout with my game, I called Jerry. We met in highschool, being the only two geeky kids; we had to stick together to survive, that's just how things worked back then. We went to the same college, yada yada yada. So I called him up. I tell him what happened, telling him either the developers have one hell of a sick sense of humor, or something weird is going on with my game. "Yeah right man, don't tell me you're going to start believing that garbage now too. I WILL call the nice men in those long white coats to take you away, you know!" he laughed. He wasn't taking me seriously, and I couldn't blame him. I just needed to tell someone. I needed someone to hear the story, and tell me I was gonig crazy. Maybe that'd make sense then. "Well, since you can't play Terraria anymore, I'll come over and look at your computer. Maybe I can get it to work with my copy?" he said, sound a bit more distracted than anything else. Sure, I thought. I mean, maybe it was just a virus or something, and he could get the game working again. How could it hurt? I.. really wish I would've said no.

    He came over later the next day. He brought his flash drive, and hooked it up to my desktop. Started up Terraria. It worked fine.. except.. something I thought I saw. At the time, it looked that, for even a moment, when it flashed to night, that there was a blood moon on the title screen. Jerry was going through so fast though, I thought nothing of it. Probably my mind messing with me. He loaded up his world, perfectly fine. Everything was normal. He jumped around, checked out his buildings, went into the dungeon, even started a new world. Nothing out of place. No weirdness, nothing. He closed the game, and looked at me. "Possessed computer?" then we both laughed. Of course it was ridiculous. I was simply playing too hard.. maybe I had downloaded a corrupt file, maybe that server mod I was using messed with my game. It had to be something simple.

    I honestly had forgotten about it, for a while. I had already done everything I was planning to do with Terraria, and I figured I'd just hold off until that weird bug that wouldn't let me play the game was patched. I noticed no one else was talking about it on the forums.. probably just a virus or something, maybe. Stranger things have happened, right? After about a week, I got a phonecall from Jerry. Probably calling me to make fun of me over my possessed computer again. His voice had sounded so raspy.. as if he had a cold. "Are you feeling alright, man?" I asked. "I'm sending you a video.." he whispered. Then he mumbled something else, but with his raspy voice, I couldn't make it out. It sounded like, "open it". Fine fine, probably a trailer for some game he wanted to play, and he was probably going to try to get me to play it. Hopped on the computer, checked my email. Let it download, while talking to him. "What's this about, Jerr?" no response. "You sure you're okay?" nothing. "Jerry?" silence. Hm. Maybe he put the phone down, or went to the bathroom or something. Who knew.

    I opened up the video. My blood turned cold. It was Terraria. The arrow clicked singleplayer. It clicked his character "Jman". World 1. It was dark, and he was standing on some platforms.. it was dark, but there were a few torches around him. Probably going to show off his "boss slaying skills", or something. "has awoken!" appeared on the bottom of the screen. What has awoken? Suddenly the screen went black, and a very loud sound of a zombie being slain blasted, followed by "You were slain...". I jumped, then got angry. "JERRY, WHAT THE HECK ARE YOU TRYING TO DO? GIVE ME A HEART ATTACK?" What a jerk! I knew he wouldn't believe me, but pulling a prank like that on me? He probably put the phone down to laugh.

    Except the video wasn't finished.

    He respawned. It was still night. He was in a house.. but it wasn't anything he created. It was two stories, and very small. It actually looked very realistic, as if someone modeled it after a real home. Jerry has as much creativity as a rock.. something like this was beyond him. Maybe he downloaded a map...?
    Jman: who are you
    Jman: why are you doing this to me
    You feel a horrible chill run down your spine...
    You feel an evil presence watching you...
    He walked up stairs. There was a painting on the wall.. which is odd, because I've never seen that item in the game before. He went into what seemed to be a smaller bedroom, then closed the door. There was apparently what was supposed to be a closet behind him, except he never turned around to look at it. Then suddenly the closet door flung open, and the screen went black again. Then.. silence. No text, nothing. There was nothing in that closet though, so nothing that weird could be going on.. right? I stared at the screen, waiting. Several minutes passed by, as I looked down to check the duration of the video.

    It was 0:01 long.

    The video I had been watching for atleast twenty minutes.. was only a second long. This wasn't funny anymore. I was about to close the video, when "PLEASE, WAIT" shouted from the speakers. I jumped. There was still no picture, but it was Jerry's voice. "WHO ARE YOU? WHY ARE YOU DOING THIS TO ME?" he kept shouting.

    Suddenly he was on the screen. It was Jerry, himself. It was pitch black, except for what appeared to be the camera's light on him. He looked badly beaten; his clothes were torn, and it looked like there were bruises along his face and neck. Then the video cut to black, and that same zombie death sound played, as loud as ever, followed by "You were slain..."

    The video finally seemed to stop. "Jerry.. what the hell is going on man? Are you alright? Do you need me to call the cops? Jerry?" I stared at my phone. Had he hung up? I got a terrible chill, as a decided to go with a hunch. I checked my recieved calls. Jerry hadn't called me. I tried calling him. The number was unavailable. I suddenly got another e-mail from him. Another video.

    Against my better judgement, I downloaded this video too. It was another Terraria video, except this one was earlier in the day, it seemed. The sun was high in the sky, and it seemed as if he had just found the house. He opened the door, then looked around inside.. except for some reason, the entire inside of the house was pitch black, as if it were a cave underground. He took out a candle, and started walking around the house. He walked to the back of the first floor, then went up the stairs to the second floor. The house looked perfectly normal, and I'm sure he thought so too... except for the fact that.. and, I'm just assuming this here, but the fact that a house appeared out of nowhere into his world. He looked through all the rooms, then stopped when he got to the small room with the closet. His character stayed motionless. I couldn't understand why, until the closet door opened on its own, and the light from the candle filled the tiny room.

    It was an exact copy of his character.

    Except.. this one had all black for it's eyes. Screams echo around you.. A horrible chill goes down your spine.. started filling up the screen. The terraria music started getting twisted, and morphed, slowing down and going backwards. He ran out of the room, all of the doors opening and closing behind him constantly. He ran outside, then kept running, until he ran into a lake of lava. On the surface.. there was an entire lake, as far as you could see, of lava. He started to dig down. He probably thought if he dug far enough, he could pass the lava.

    As he kept digging down, he hit a long cave, seeming to stretch out under the house. He couldn't go any lower, because it was all ebonstone from that point and lower. He was still new at the game, so he didn't have anything better than silver. He decided to follow the cave, probably hoping it'd lead him away from whatever the hell he just saw. As he kept going, there was light along the right of the tunnel. Maybe it was daylight? He seemed to have had the same thought. He kept going, until he entered this large room, lit with candles.

    I.. don't know how to explain what I saw. The were several, pieces of NPC's, laying scattered along the floor. The music got louder, and became even more warped, the longer he stayed down there. A horrible chill runs down your spine.. kept popping up, over and over. He didn't move. You feel an evil presence watching you... His character stood still.. except.. it sounded like someone crying. Was he crying? Was it recording his voice?

    The screen turned black.

    A horrible chill runs down your spine.. Scerams echo around you.. started filling his screen, the sounds of zombies dying started playing over and over. The screen started randomly lighting up, the NPC's body parts falling from the ceiling, bouncing around. He started running. Light kept flashing around him. At the farthest corners of the screen.. it was his character's sprite.

    He crawled out of the hole. He made an attempt to jump over the house. Day and night started flashing by, the sun and moon constantly moving. The music got so loud I had to turn down my speakers. He moved behind the house, where there was a single grave-like hole, that I had seen. He walked over to it, and red the sign.
    "Here lies YOU. Roses are RED, Violets are BLUE. Upon your flesh, I will CHEW." He ran past the grave. The screen went black. He was back inside the house. A horrible chill runs down your spine... started spamming the screen. He ran as quickly as he could to the front of the house, except the door was missing. The house suddenly went black. Everything outside was lit, except the house. The zombie growl started playing over and over. A loud scream played.. it sounded like Jerry. He was apparently being recorded in the video. Suddenly, it lit up, around him, showing the pieces of his character on the ground. It flashed to his "character", the one who looked eyeless, then zoomed in, close and closer, faster as the music started getting faster. Laughter started playing. It zoomed out, and showed the closet. Then "You were slain.." appeared on the screen.

    The video seemed to stop. My heart was pounding in my chest. I closed the video, and sent an email back. "Jerry, are you okay? Please Jerry, call me, something!"

    All I got back was a video. I'm not a religious man, but with what I saw, believe me, I turned to god and prayed it was all some horrible hallucination.

    It was a video, this time, of Jerry, sitting in his computer chair. The entire room was black, except the area focusing on him. He seemed to be concentrating on something. Light focused a bit more behind him, showing a closet door. The door swung open. The camera moved past Jerry, zooming in on the closet space. It focused on the darkness inside the closet, before a loud in-game zombie growl played, showing...

    Well.. it was Jerry. It showed Jerry's body, sitting in the closet. It looked as if he had no eyes, his mouth was hung open, his lips seeminly missing. The camera kept spinning around the body, the light flickering on and off around him. Then... I heard something in the background. It sounded like him.. but.. different. "I'm sending you a video...". My blood turned to ice. "Please... don't open it."

    The screen went black.

    I went to delete the videos.. but.. as you'd expect, they didn't seem to exsist. Any of them. Even th eone I had just watched... vanished. A few days later, the cops came to my door. Apparently, Jerry had been missing since he left my apartment. No one had seen him go home, and so they brought me in for questioning. Of course I didn't tell them about the videos, or anything else - I didn't even believe me, why would I expect them to?

    The part that really keeps me awake at night, and is the reason why I only sleep in the middle of the day, with the lights on?

    Jerry doesn't own a camera.

    Terra-normal Activity

    Hello everyone, if you're reading this it means my project was a great success, or something grim happened to me and this will be a journal of my last few days.. here. I don't want to say alive or dead, because we still don't know what happens, or where people are going after they vanish.

    If someone finds this report who has been living under a rock, (or I suppose someone who's not familiar with videogame paranormal activities) then I'll explain: The indie game Terraria has recently become the subject of something otherwordly. The first reports listed, everyone thought was a joke; more videogame "creepypasta" as they like to call it; until strange occurances started happening at an alarmingly fast rate. Some people are reported (by friends in the community) to be missing completely; the ones who aren't, all have a different story regarding what happened to them.. (For reference, I'd reccomend reading "Guide Zombie", "A horrible chill", or "Murder Mirror". I'm sure there are others out there -- but these are the most recent and detailed reports to date.)

    No one is sure why this is happening; one person had the theory that the game had "Pinnochio syndrome".. an inanimate object (or data in this case) "came to life".. except for whatever reason, it doesn't like the people playing it, and is attacking them. I'm investigating this phenomenon myself, to either find the cause of this, or if it's all an elaborate hoax, put an end to it once and for all. I will be documenting it in journal style, listing each day, documenting how many hours I played that day, and noting anything unusual therein.

    DAY 001: 8H:
    As expected, nothing unusual about today. I built a tiny wooden shack to protect my character from the "harsh nights", and more importantly to give myself a base of operations so I could progress through the game at a normal rate. I'm willing to admit I don't have as much knowledge about the game as I should, but I assume if anything odd enough to be "nightmare material" would start happening, I'd know.

    DAY 002: 4H:
    Today was cut short by errands I had to run. My character is wearing copper armor at this point, and has six little hearts. Still nothing unusual. To keep the documenting short and sweet, I have decided that from this point forward, I'll only write on days where something seemingly odd occurs.

    DAY 008: 12H:
    Things are getting worse. Someone claimed they were going to investigate the correlation between "Eater of Souls" and "Zombies", and haven't posted since. I am feeling more and more that this is nothing more than an elaborate hoax, a collection of stories being contributed to, to create some form of Terraria horror mythology.. however something deep down is nagging me, telling me this is more real than I want to believe.
    Something odd has been happening to me lately. Nothing major... just.. small things; Things like a door being left open when I reload, knowing I closed it the day before. Things like, a chair being slightly farther away from a table than I remember placing it. A bottle on the opposite side of a crafting table. Little things.. things that, if I hadn't payed close enough attention, I'd miss completely.

    DAY 011: 6H:
    Ugh! The stupid bugs in this game are making me paranoid. I was sitting in my shack upon a hill (detatched from my main base - I don't want to be near the NPC's, to keep my odd findings free from error, but I do believe it's necessary to have them all spawned) when I got the, "You feel an evil presence watching you..." message. I was expecting a boss fight, but the eye never spawned. The music changed to boss music afterwards, everything that would normally happen -- but the eye itself never spawned. Could this be a sign of the game starting it's attack? I'd say no, just a symptom of shoddy programming. However I did decide to document it in any case, just to be thorough.

    DAY 012: 1H:
    I.. I can't play long today. I tried, and I can't work up the nerve. Last night, I had a nightmare that I had woken up, and had the strongest urge to play the game. I walked over to my computer, started up the game and all.. except there was no character/world select. It launched me right into my game, with no character standing there. I was wondering what was going on, when my character sprite grabbed me from behind, pulled me out of my chair, and dragged me away into the darkness. When I woke up this morning, my main character's file was corrupt.. so I'll have to start a new one if I want to continue. I'm sure the dream was a side-effect of my reading creepypasta all night, but the coincidence was too much.. it's just.. unsettling.

    DAY 014: 8H:
    I don't know why I was so scared before. I guess the nightmare just shook me more than I thought. My second character is underway, borrowing spares left by the first. Nothing too odd happened, except for a slight scare during a blood moon. It was the usual onslaught of corrupt bunnies, corrupt goldfish, zombie swarms, and NPC's running towards me trying to get into the house. (Always a pain in the butt too - why would they program NPC's to leave their protection during a blood moon? Just so you're forced to protect them? It's just not worth the hassle). Anyways, the scare came from an NPC itself. I was sitting in my house, waiting for the onslaught, when a body hit my roof, and "Merchant was slain..." popped up on the screen. My heart started pounding a mile a minute, before I remembered I had a easy to jump to sky bridge ladder. The NPC's weird path finding probably took it up there, then it jumped down to get ontop of my house, but it was too high and it died.

    DAY 018: 0H:
    I had another nightmare. This time, I was standing inside some old wooden house, and I heard crying coming from a room. I opened the door, and went into this small room, with no windows. There was no one in there, except the crying kept coming from this closet. I opened the closet door, and a man with no eyes was sitting in there.. he started screaming, and I woke up. A nightmare is a nightmare, right? How could Terraria be involved?

    I checked the Terranormal reports. Someone updated "A horrible chill..." to part 2. The closet...everything.. I'm becoming afraid to sleep. I'm going to take dynamite, tear down the buildings and world I created, then uninstall the game, and be done with it. I'm keeping this report solely because I promised so many people I'd post it when I was done. I'm.. I'm just not going to play today, though. I need a break.

    DAY 020:
    I thought I was so smart. I thought I knew what I was doing. I thought I could handle anything thrown at me. I was just one man. My pride, it lead to my downfall. I tore down the house, but that didn't solve anything. It just left me vulnerable. The game wanted me to tear it down. The game wanted me to get rid of my only source of protection. I can't leave to rebuild now. Any time I try to step too far from the house, the eye comes. It comes and it kills me and the screaming wont stop please why wont the screaming stop just make it stop make it stop make it stop im sorry please forgive me

    day 24
    the man in the closet keeps screaming at me he keeps coming and staring at me i cant sleep anymore because when i do it comes for me and puts me in the house and then the man in the closet keeps screaming at me he keeps coming and staring at me i cant sleep anymore because when i do it comes for me and puts me in the house

    DAY 030:
    I'm going to try to reman coherent at this point. I will do my best to describe what's been happening to me, in the game, and outside of it. I haven't been able to sleep; the nightmares are occuring every night, every time I close my eyes it sends me into some kind of hell. In game, I am completely stuck and helpless. There are no NPC's anymore. The music has stopped playing, even when I set it to max volume. There's actually no sound at all. The background, the sky, the sun, they're all grey now. I'm writing this, because, all of my NPC's were killed, and I fear my character is next.. and when he dies, I don't know what will happen to me. That sounds silly, I know. Why don't I just walk away from the computer? I tried. I've made it as far as the front door.. but when I do, as soon as I try to open that door, I.. I hallucinate. As soon as that door opens, I see the eyeless man, screaming, staring at me with those black holes for eyes. I've even tried walking into the "closet", knowing it's a hallucination.. but my body just wont move. I've tried turning off the computer, but it won't shut down anymore. I've unplugged it, but nothing happened. I can't even close out of the game itself, anymore. There is no "Save and Exit" option. The game won't close when I open task manager. I can't even get online anymore.. which begs the question, "Why am I still writing this?".. and.. I don't know. I guess because, after I've come this far, I just want someone to know. I'm scared, and alone.. and this provides me with some comfort.

    Back to the game. The NPC's.. tearing down the house was a bad idea. I tore down the walls, but after I did, the wood material was gone.. as if I hadn't built it at all. Any time I try to leave to gather wood, so I can defend myself from the night, I get "A horrible chill runs down your spine..." "You feel an evil presence watching you..." then the music starts. It starts playing, slowly, backwards. The further from my home base I get, the louder the music gets. The screen starts getting darker and darker, then I hear a loud scream, and "You were slain..." appears on the screen. When I'm back in my "home", the music returns to mute. The sky stays grey.. when I had NPC's, they wouldn't speak to me. The most I got was from the Guide, who'd simply say "...". I tried getting to my old shack away from the NPC base, but when I get near it, I can't see inside it. The entire building is pitch black inside... and I swear I saw old character sprite sitting inside there, with black for eyes, waiting for me. I left the shack, and returned to the destroyed main base. Every night, one of the NPC's was killed. It'd stay night shortly, then you'd hear the boss music playing in reverse.. "A horrible chill runs down your spine..." then what looked like a vine would grab a NPC, and you'd see, "Screams echo around you..." "The sounds of bone crunching sickens you..." "The stench of death lingers..." And that's all that will happen all night.

    Except I'm the last one. There's nothing else out here except me. The sun is slowly sinking, and I don't know what to do. I can hear the boss music starting. It's getting dark and the screaming is starting again and oh god why is there so much screaming i see the vine its coming for me through the window its here coming and i see him i see the first me hes smiling why is he smiling theres so much blood the screaming the music is so loud its pulling me OHMYGOD WHAT IS THIS I AHVE NEVER SEEN IM CRYING HELP PELASE

    This report was submitted anonymously to TerranormalActivity. The author, and his whereabouts are still unknown.
  2. magnus743

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    Heh. Pretty good. Planning on making any more?
  3. Blyr

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    I might, if inspiration hits me again. :p
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  4. Kamikaze

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    Nice job man. You're pretty talented.
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  5. e722

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    Apr 27, 2011
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    nice story though you successfully managed to scare the living **** out of me...

    Edit:what's funny is i did'nt read the whole thing xD
  6. Blyr

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    Thanks <3

    I'm sorry but I lol'd hard
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  7. Alondite1010

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    Dude, I actually just turned on the lights in the nearby rooms and locked my door. Also, deadmau5's clockwork song didn't help as i read this. Really well done
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    I am never breaking another shadow orb again.

    Edit: Your old character's sprite was on dial-up.
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    Beautifully performed...
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    This is pretty good. It managed to be funny and creep me out at the same time.
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    thing is....it took me the whole like first half to realise that you were making it up :/ i was sat here like :O how does these things happen on this game :/

    ahah herp derp
  12. Rip

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    Nicely written! I now feel like making a creepy pasta.
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    Thanks for all the positive feedback everyone. My confidence in my writing is sloooowly risiinggg~ (I'm usually torn to pieces when I show my work to anyone)
  14. th3squirr3l

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    Yes, nice story! I was gonna play Terraria after perusing through the fourms a bit, now I'm not so sure xD

    I love creepypasta :)
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    Wow. For CreepyPastas to be optimal, they need to be realistic. And this was.. J-J-Just too real *Rocks back and forth* Well, I loved it, and I only laughed at the Guide's death. The messages were cryptic.

    Tl; Dr, I was perfect, and I would advise on making more. I am a bit too scared to play Terraria now hehe =D

    [EDIT] A possible name for the Pasta could be " A horrible chill..."
  16. Fammy

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    Wow. I'm speechless. It's so well written that I thought it actually happened. Keep it up, I would like to see more.
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    Wow. Just wow. This was actually pretty creepy, I cant stop looking behind my chair after reading this.
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    I once read all the creepypastas on encyclopediadramatica at midnight, and was scared like shit for a few days.
    This topic did not help me forget it.
  19. Owl

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    This wasnt real? You made this up? Your Talented! You can make a horror series. This was amazing!
  20. Blyr

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    That's.. a brilliant idea. I'm totally using that for a name.
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