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    Hi everyone, here is Hake and I would like to share with you some tips so you can do your best in Terraria! Well, I know this Guide won't be the best and I don't want it to be, since I am only trying to help beginners and I don't think that advanced players will really like this Guide since I am not an expert. Talking about this Guide, it will be like a Day by Day Diary of what you have to do in your world.

    Day 1 --> First off all, collect Wood. You can collect Wood from trees, but you must use your Copper Axe to collect it. When you find a tree, hit it with your Copper Axe (Do that on the lower tree level so you can collect all the Wood that the tree has).
    When you have about 100 Wood, you can build your first house. Don't make it to small, because the Guide will live there too. After you use about 60 - 70 Wood in your house, use the rest of it to make your tools. Wich tools you ask? Well, you must do one Wooden Hammer. You don't want to do a Wooden Sword, that would take you Wood and there is no need since your Copper Pickaxe can kill Slimes. Back to the house, don't forget that you need one Table, one Chair, 2 Torchs, 1 Door, and 1 Crafting Table, also you may want to get Wooden Walls to stop the Monster Spawn inside your house. With that, you and the Guide are ready to survive the first night. Don't even think about going outside with your Copper Pickaxe or with your Cooper Short Sword. Just wait inside your house. If you have made your house and your tools before the sun set then you may want to kill some Slimes. You will need their Gel to make some Torchs, because tomorrow, you will need it.

    Day 2-3 --> After your first night comes to an end, you should now look at your inventory and see if you have Acorns. If you have those, then plant them because they will grow up as new trees. After doing that, go out and explore a little bit of your world. Move until you find a little mine. You may have found some Pots too, break them and get the loot that is inside of them. You will win Torchs, Arrows or even something a little bit uncommun! The mine may be larger then you tough, don't worry, you want to explore it so you can find ores or maybe Chests. Chests have loot that you can get to increase your character power. Who knows, you may find Gold or Silver Bars, or maybe some Equipable! There are two kinds of Chests: There is the Golden and the Wooden Chest. You can bring the Chest with you if you use your Wooden Hammer, but don't forget about getting everything inside the Chest because it won't break if there is something there. Moving on, you need to find ores, ores can be found anywhere but there are larger ammount of them inside mines. You will want to stay inside one mine exploring for 2 days or even longer, one exploration day will bring you almost nothing, don't forget that you will need ores that you can transform into Bars. You will need Copper and Iron Bars. Good luck exploring.

    So guys, this was just one little Demo of my Guide. I would like to know if you want me to continue because this takes a lot of work because I will be adding some Images and I will talk about every single day in Terraria and I would like to know if you liked it. Because there is no need on doing this if you don't really liked.
    Thats all for now. I will be updating if you guys want me to. Oh and this is my first Guide so I don't really know if it is what I would expect to be. See ya.
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    Hope you guys liked :D
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    This isn't useful to me as i am far in the game, but it seems like it would help a new player alot as im sure you intended. So i think it is useful to new players and is very well thought out but, there are a few errors in it and i think a wooden sword would be better first as the copper one is very hard to use. Also it wouldn't realy matter as one trip to get wood would be enough for both the sword and hammer.
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    Well as I said this is a Newbie Guide and yes there maybe some errors in it I am not American nor English and my English isn't so good as it is for some other guys but still, I don't think that the Wooden Sword would be a great tool for the start of the Adventure because the Copper Pickaxe can kill slimes pretty well, and the Wooden Sword will make you lose some of the Wood you have that could be usefull for the Hammer, torchs and maybe some Wooden Plataforms if you are planning on exploring a little bit, also, in the begining of the game you have to be quick to make a house so you don't care about the Wood you have you only care about your House so you will try to be quick and make the minimum collecting wood as possible.
    And of course, a Wooden Sword is not a good tool for the night so I also mentioned that you should stay indoors. But hey, thanks for your time doing this awesome commentary.

    Feel free to send me Ideas!
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    You forgot about walls .. otherwise i like it but its useless for me since im far in the game. But you should continue making this .
  6. Hake

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    Thanks I completely forgot about that, gonna fix it right now

    Edit: It is already fixed, one more time, thanks a lot.

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