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    Okay so here's my story; Firstly, i love drawing comics but i have no talents in coloring whatsoever. Secondly, i can't draw unless i'm inspired. Seriously. When i try to churn out drawings just to pass time, they look ugly as hell. But when recently a resident artist, Crazy_Leen, was featured on the website i was inspired to do fanart for Terraria and after a brief conversation with her, she agreed (i think ^^) to do the coloring for my first work! I am extremely excited! Here's the uncolored piece reserved for her:


    Consequently, it has led me to create this thread, where i would draw stuff that ppl can pick up and color and show off to the masses :D . To contibute you can either:

    1. Requesting a scene or character(s) to draw
    2. PM me to request my art to be colored. I can then send over the image with a transparent bg

    Unfortunately, im commited to a full time job and hence i can't do everyone's requests and will have to be selective. What do you guys think?
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    The effects of potions part 1 (Ironskin, healing potion sickness, Invisibility)

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