Mobile Terraria for Android Devices is LIVE on Google Play!

Discussion in 'News & Features' started by 505Games, Sep 13, 2013.

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  1. 505Games

    505Games 505Games

    You can download it here:



    Edit: Some of you are asking for the details. Here is the full press release:



    Gamers Can Now Dig, Fight, Explore and Build
    With Terraria for Android™ Devices

    WOODLAND HILLS, Calif. – September 13, 2013 – 505 Games, a global publisher of video games, today announced the release of Terraria for Android devices. Terraria is an indie sandbox adventure game with an emphasis on crafting and exploration set in vast and vibrant worlds. The game has received universal acclaim with millions of “Terrarians” embarking on their own adventures since the game’s release on PC and consoles. Gamers on the go will discover more than a dozen environments and face treacherous perils including over 75 twisted foes, magical creatures, and villainous bosses.

    Google Play™ exclusives include:

    •A lovable Android robot the player can find to join for the adventure.
    •Game Services leader boards and achievements include Facebook integration so players can share screenshots of their adventures and creations.

    Terraria’s controls have been completely redesigned and every aspect of the game has been tweaked and balanced to give players the perfect Terraria experience on the go. The game has full support for Android tablets and phones to maximize players’ experience on their device of choice.

    Terraria is available as a try and buy with a free download and a $4.99 game unlock.

    The new game was developed by Codeglue.
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  2. Shkiper

    Shkiper Angel Statue

    Nice! In android version only one pet - Android ? or not?
  3. m31k

    m31k Clown

    I got today repaired android, I will look at it. There isn't more information about android version of Terraria?
  4. FierceRogue

    FierceRogue Floaty Gross

    I am assuming that the Black Slab summons the Android dude?
    And if so, why cant those of us with iPhones have and Apple pet? xD
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  5. CriminalBunny

    CriminalBunny Demon Eye

    SOmething useful in life :3
  6. TrinityMoon

    TrinityMoon Cursed Skull

    got the pc version and the 360 version dont really need it for my phone, but still looks decent
  7. claudekennilol

    claudekennilol Yellow Slime

    Is this the full version or "mostly just 1.0" like the ios version?
  8. well its the ios version for android so i guess its the same as the apple one
  9. NSwa

    NSwa Slimer

    Good luck on your adventure Android Terrarians!
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  10. AyaBrea

    AyaBrea Cursed Man

    This is amazing
  11. Timeheart

    Timeheart Squirrel

    Sweet. it's already here for Android? That was faster than I thought it would be!
  12. mister kim

    mister kim Giant Worm

    And I was just thinking we needed more summonable pets...
  13. kalekip1

    kalekip1 Angel Statue

    w00t sweet!
  14. m31k

    m31k Clown

    Adndroid is a robot, apple is apple. Maybe for apple version there could be Worm pet what can be summoned by Apple.
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  15. Epickid

    Epickid Eskimo Zombie

    Can you guys stop commenting over the spoilers? It's annoying the crap out of me...
    Please stop...

    Redigit, Cenx or Kane posts a spoiler, then 1-3 days later the spoiler gets out-swarmed with industrialization and commercialization
  16. Stackerzgame

    Stackerzgame Bone Lee

    Now we talkin
  17. 505Games

    505Games 505Games

    I just updated the post with the full press release since some of you were asking for more detail.
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  18. Festis

    Festis Bunny

    Hello, I downloaded the game to my Samsung S5360 Galaxy Y, But when i open it, it shows a black screen and closes after a second. My android version is Android OS 2.3 Gingerbread. Does anybody know is there a posibility to fix this?
  19. 505Games

    505Games 505Games

  20. Tunnel King

    Tunnel King Moderator Staff Member

    Will this only be available through Google Play? Any plans for this version to be available on the Amazon store for Kindle Fires?

    I don't currently have a KF, but have been considering buying one. I know that that you can root them/sideload apps, just wondering if Terraria will be officially supported on the KF.
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