Terraria For Mac!

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Do You Want Terraria on Mac

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  2. Of Course!

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  1. Wired

    Wired Floaty Gross

    So Were My Mac Homies At!!

    We are peaple to and we hate getting ignored when it comes to gaming
    and thats why minecraft has such an ring to it to my homies,
    now if minecraft can do an mac version then why cant
    terraria. i dont mean that in an bad way i mean it as in
    Terraria is just so much better!

    This is just an suggestion i know alot of peaple would love to have terraria on mac
    (the mac users)

    At least can some peaple reccomend an way us homies can play Terraria on mac!

    (please dont troll my shite spelling and this tread isnt here so we can flame this tread is an seggestion)
  2. Poring

    Poring Cursed Skull

    I hate your poll, I won't vote on it. You can easily get terraria to work on a mac.
  3. dumpdemon

    dumpdemon Green Slime

  4. VegBerg

    VegBerg Green Slime

    Well, the game is created in C#, which is a Windows-only programming language.* (With XNA Framework, so can easily port to Xbox 360)
    Apple's Macintosh computers was made for multimedia and ofc web surfing, not gaming.
    Most laptops today aren't expensive. If you're 14 or older you should be able to buy one. I'm 14 and got two PC's.
    Also, the poll is unserious and really wants me to not post a reply, but I felt for explaining.

    *C# programs can be ran under Linux and Macintosh hosts, with the Mono Framework... not sure about the compitability with XNA.

    I hoped this helped answering some questions... Sorry if I made some typos, writing on iPad and English isn't my native language.

    @dumpdemon: I believe your caps lock is on, better turn it off again, right?

  5. mxchickmagnet86

    mxchickmagnet86 Green Slime

    I'm pretty sure the major issue with Mac/PC game compatibility is Direct X; Mac strictly uses OpenGL to render graphics. If the problem was C# it's a very close jump to Java code (C# is just a Java ripoff) and would probably be worth the money to convert to Java to expand their market. Minecraft was coded in Java and I believe OpenGL (with the intention of being browser based) which made it compatible on all platforms immediately.
  6. Hei Vegard, endelig et intelligent svar og så kommer det fra nord. He he he, bare tuller.

    I just wish I could get my wife to install this on her Mac. Anyone know if it's a problem through bootcamp?
  7. HIllyAus

    HIllyAus Green Slime

    It can be done through BootCamp or VM yada yada. This is such a fantastic game, but I want to play it natively in OSX like other steam games. We know Super Meat Boy is making the jump, I can only hope Terriara does the same. My MacBook is what I travel with, so I can only play Terraria on the PC at home.

    Do it guys! PORT IT OVER!!!
  8. leviathan876

    leviathan876 Green Slime

    First of all, your spelling sucks. Maybe you should at least TRY to sound professional by using grammar. And secondly, I do agree that this game should be ported to macs, but I also think it should be done by the creators. Not someone else.
    Infraction has been given for this message by Jack Napier. Details | Jun 9, 2011
  9. Net_Creator

    Net_Creator Cursed Man

    Well, sir. I applaud your post; you gave me cause to sign up on the forums just to reply to this horrendous eyesore of a post. You make my Mac friends and myself shudder in disappointment.
    Minecraft doesn't have an exclusive "mac version." That's a bunch of blip. It's written in Java, which not only sucks as far as resource-friendly management and speed is concerned, but is cross-platform and runs in browsers, which solidly lands it stationary in its current situation - it's stuck with Java, which means you can run it on any machine that supports the Java Virtual Machine.

    Java, my friends, isn't your friend. . . it's your enslaver.
    As per Terraria getting ported to a Macintosh, the work and testing involved is great. Depending on the income of this game, it may not be worth it. Not only would the developers have to hassle with changing languages, they'd have to hassle with Apple and some of its choices that it has made that discourage many developers from ever making a port to Macintosh. The work outweighs the profit. While, yes, many people are switching to Macs (and Apple has relatively recently passed Microsoft in the stock market - a year ago), the ratio of Mac users to Windows users that will potentially acknowledge, pay for, and play the game may be too small for the work to port the game to work on a Macintosh operating system as compared to letting the Mac users find their own ways to run Terraria on their computers. We have enough ways to run whatever we need or want to as it is; a lot of developers (should) know this.

    So, sir, I bid you: don't embarrass your fellow Mac users like this. It's horrendous. I'm shocked that you would even do such a thing to us, sir. Thank you, and good day to you.
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  10. TheGreatNinjaMan

    TheGreatNinjaMan Voodoo Demon

    why did you get a mac if you want to play video games? thats like buying a car that is not good on gas for long travel.
  11. Kelp

    Kelp Moderator Staff Member

    PLEASE for the love of cupcakes stop complaining. If you know anything about Coding then you should know a complete re-write of the code would have to be done to get it to work on mac default.

    If you want it to work on Mac use Wine.
  12. Kelp

    Kelp Moderator Staff Member

    More like buying diesel for your gas car :D
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  13. Net_Creator

    Net_Creator Cursed Man

    Macs aren't designed with gaming in mind, but they are definitely great computers. Yes, I'm a gamer, but I'm also a scholar, developer, designer, and so on. I like to be entertained, sue me. :)
    If you purchase an Apple Macintosh, don't expect to get full gaming support. Go find something else to do for a year and keep checking back monthly. Welcome to our world- open source.
  14. tomany2

    tomany2 Green Slime

    Minecraft Wasnt even released on Mac untill MONTHS AND MONTHS down the line man.
  15. Bob_The Angry Bunny

    Bob_The Angry Bunny Doctor Bones

    Yes, Mac tends to not like anything open source, is hard/impossible to upgrade or fix yourself, and to upgrade the OS you HAVE to buy a new one...

    If you want mac to be gamer friendly, you first need to change those about the company, but i doubt they will. Thus i use Windows, and Linux duel boot. Windows for all my gaming needs, and Linux because it takes almost no resources to run...

    And as other said, it required XNA, and .net along with being programed in C# to reporgram to allow macs to play natavly would be way to much effort for the small amount of community that would use it. Valve, for example, is a larger company, so when they are like "Lets make source for mac" it is much easier for them to do, with large teams working on it.
  16. TheWolfie

    TheWolfie Green Slime

    who keeps sugesting this?

    im sure blue alredy sead hes not gonna do it
  17. Jack Napier

    Jack Napier Green Slime

    Please don't bump old, duplicate threads.
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