Terraria for mac?

Discussion in 'Suggestions Archive' started by MetalVen0m, May 22, 2011.

  1. MetalVen0m Green Slime

    Yes, I know its already being considered, but it would be a HUGE help for many people. I know macs are not for gaming, and I am not a fanboy, but i dont really have much options here and many computer games now a days such as portal, minecraft, half life, etc are all available on mac, so why not terraria? Please terraria makers-consider doing this soon! (And also: lets not have a pc vs mac war in the replies please...>_<)
  2. Sleix Green Slime

    It's not being considered.
    It's not even going to be officially released for mac. It uses Microsoft's XNA Framework to run, which only works on a Windows or an Xbox 360.
    There might be a 3rd party program that lets you run it on a mac... or you could just use Boot Camp.
  3. PoundSake Dark Caster

    Theres a way to install windows onto mac.
  4. Sleix Green Slime

    And I believe there has already been like 50 threads about this.
  5. MetalVen0m Green Slime

    from the Terraria FAQs on the website...
    "On what platform(s) will Terraria be available?

    Terraria is being developed primarily for Windows, but we may bring it to iOS and/or Xbox platforms in the future."

    So yes, they are considering it.
  6. MetalVen0m Green Slime

    Well i heard wine doesnt work, and I dont have 10.6 so i cant get bootcamp, so what?
  7. tr4656 Green Slime

    You can't then.
  8. Sleix Green Slime

    Figure it out yourself. I know next to nothing about macs.
  9. tr4656 Green Slime

    That doesn't tell him anything since there is no XNA on mac. :/
  10. PoundSake Dark Caster

    I know hardly anything about Mac's but I know there is a way to install windows onto Mac and thats just about it.
  11. tr4656 Green Slime

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