Terraria for PS Vita

Discussion in 'Other' started by Manneh, Sep 23, 2012.

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  1. Manneh

    Manneh Green Slime

    I mean, come on. It's coming for Xbox Live, PSN for PS3. Why not PS Vita? I know I would certainly buy it.
  2. Mikoto Misaka

    Mikoto Misaka Voodoo Demon

    Oh my god, no.
    As much as I love Terraria and want it to excel. I feel porting it to the PS Vita, or and other console, will ruin the game and most likely kill the PC version.
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  3. Shock Horror

    Shock Horror Fire Imp

    This wouldn't be a bad idea, but it won't happen. //fin
  4. Space Sphere

    Space Sphere Fire Imp

    It would either have to have severely reduced field of vision or severely reduced graphics to accommodate the smaller screen with a different ratio, pretty much making it near gamebreaking without even going in to controls, HUD and the like.
  5. Shock Horror

    Shock Horror Fire Imp

    Nice, posting what we 'didn't' know! *slow clap*
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  6. Razor Knight

    Razor Knight Mushi Ladybug

    The fact you realize something so trivially obvious does not mean other, more console-inclined persons will see the difficulties behind not just porting the game out of PC, but also when playing it in their console.

    So, telling them just why deserves not a half-sarcastic, half-thought clap, but an actual one, IMO.

    Personally, I can't even think of playing Terraria with anything lower than 1360x768 without feeling like it would be too small a screen for the game, controls be damned.
  7. Space Sphere

    Space Sphere Fire Imp

    The fact that the OP made this in the first place implies that he really didn't know.
    Either that or he was trolling.
    Slow Clap not appreciated.
  8. Spratt

    Spratt Slimed Zombie

    I don't like the PS Vita I feel its just a dumb copy of the PlayStation 3. The only thing that's different on the vita is that its portable that's it. As I like to call it a PS3 with wheels. :D

    The Vita would mess up Terraria it will kill Terraria and no one would want to play it. I would rather see Terraria on the x-box 360 or the PS3 because I think that fits best, but still the controls are going to be hard to transfer because the the PS3, x-box 360 and the Vita have not to many buttons therefore Terraria would be nearly imposable to go over to other game systems except the PC.
  9. Twiganator12

    Twiganator12 Yellow Slime

    that's what it was made for, PS3 on wheels...
  10. Spratt

    Spratt Slimed Zombie

    Its really dumb though because its almost an exact copy and if I wanted to I can bring my PS3 every where I go.... I don't like the Vita. Plain and simple.
  11. DasKabuscus

    DasKabuscus Floaty Gross


    For reasons already listed.
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  12. Fokkusu

    Fokkusu Green Slime

    Minecraft made it to the eggbox, Sims on handheld devices, and Oblivion was on a phone.

    Why not butcher all the games?
  13. DeusNoctis

    DeusNoctis Green Slime

    You people forget about the Vita's touch screen. I tink it would actually work better than the console versions thanks to that feature. And the whole game screams portable. It's a perfect game for longer train/buss rides. I would pay double to be able to play this game on the go.

    I want to believe you actually think gaming is for the livingroom and that you aren't just a PC fanboy.

    Hand held gaming for the win~
  14. Razor Knight

    Razor Knight Mushi Ladybug

    This just in: Desktop PCs can be used from your bed, with a big-ass TV as a monitor, and wireless keyboard. You can play them from your bed, if you so desire.

    I want to believe you actually know what good gaming PCs are, and are not just a console fanboy.

    Handheld gaming for emergencies.
  15. Sgt. Bob

    Sgt. Bob Hell Bat

    I wish I could play my computer games on the go!
    *looks at laptop*
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  16. DeusNoctis

    DeusNoctis Green Slime

    You were saying?..


    Interception, ooh snap.
  17. Shock Horror

    Shock Horror Fire Imp

    Fail meme was fail.
  18. DeusNoctis

    DeusNoctis Green Slime

    Internetception > Interception > Intercepting lame comerback > Meme arrows
    Excuse me sir, but you are going quite off topic.
    Good day to you.

    Not to mention Skyrim on a Calculator :3
  19. Razor Knight

    Razor Knight Mushi Ladybug

    Hyperbole is a lame comeback in itself, ergo you've just "outlamed" my "lame" comeback.

    Good morning to you sir, because your arguments are obviously fit to be used as breakfast.
  20. DeusNoctis

    DeusNoctis Green Slime

    That wasn't a hyperbole. It was a lame joke. If you are talking about the picture, that wasn't one either.
    You have completely ignored my point.

    A laptop is big and clumsy. A DS or PSVita you can carry in your pocket. That is, according to me, awesome.
    Terraria is a game of chores and progression in small steps. As I said earlier that's a concept perfect for handheld gaming. It's like Pokémon and those were the days.
    Porting Terraria won't affect the PC experience in the slightest and it will only give profit to the developers. I may be wrong but if I'm not I really don't see why you wouldn't want this?
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