Terraria for the DS or 3DS

Discussion in 'Other' started by Streetguru, Feb 9, 2013.

  1. Streetguru

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    Gameplay is done on the bottom screen while items are done at the top screen, you can pick how far you want your camera zoomed out, and the game is played using the circle pad to move with the stylus controlling what you're hitting and where you're placing, the D-Pad used for switched items and weapons, while the Face buttons are used to jump,attack,hook, X L and R cycle through your top inventory, and all the buttons can be remapped to any function.

    Lets get this put out on the Eshop!(If only...)

    WAIT! Scratch that, the D-pad should be used to move and the Circle pad used with a quick select wheel esk item selection for quick changing.
  2. Colaris

    Colaris Bunny

    Yes! Yes and double yes!! I want this to happen!!! :D
  3. Interittus

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    This would fairly cost too much money. Re-logic is a small indie company and I dont expect anything like this to happen unless relogic had billions of dollars. I would love to see this happen though.
  4. nachomeep

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    Not gonna happen. I want it, but it wont happen.
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  5. Streetguru

    Streetguru Green Slime

    Kinda, They wouldn't have to put out carts, It could just be an Eshop budget title.

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