terraria for the psp

Discussion in 'Suggestions Archive' started by blongq, May 30, 2011.

  1. blongq Green Slime

    hey guys, i know that terraria just came out and everything. but since they progressed in buyers by so much, i mean 200,000! now thats alot. well to get to the point, i would think that this game would hit big time on the psp. not just because of me having one and would like to play it on the psp. but because it would be perfect for the system, for 1. look how minecraft went on, they have it for the xbox360and their are barley any great games like this for the psp . plus people useually say to me that first person games wouldnt work out that well on the psp, and that means minecraft. ( i know they made a homebrew version for psp, but why not make a normal version for terraria on it) and terraria obviously is 2d which would make the psp run better without the first person setbacks. and why not go where indie hasent, no one invests that much into the psp anymore. and i think that this game would benifit both re-logic and sony. if someone has any arguments or anything to add to this point plz tell me i would very much appreciate it thank you in advance
  2. Scofield Green Slime

    Nobody will take this suggestion seriously because of your spelling and grammar.
  3. Chief_Bada Green Slime


    Give a summery.
  4. MXU Green Slime

    The thing is that PSP is known for it's modding and getting free pirated games, almost everyone nowadays has a modded PSP. I don't think it's worth the devs trouble because they won't be making much money off of it plus it would delay a lot of time that could have been spent on more content.
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  5. blongq Green Slime

    sorry man :/ didn't mean to make u mad
  6. blongq Green Slime

    thanks for clearing this situation up for me :D
  7. Junkaroo Green Slime

    Personally I think it would be better suited for the DS, what with the mouse-click interaction, and 2d graphics. Though it probably wouldn't run smooth on the DS, I would assume.
  8. Ricster2k Green Slime

    i'd buy it for psp atleast.. would be cool to have a game like this on a portable console.
  9. Chief_Bada Green Slime

    It will be a long time until the Dev's make it possible for any kind of systems other then computers.
  10. Lilithian.V Demon Eye

    How would you make it fit that control layout?
    It's an even worse idea than getting it onto the Xbox or PS3. It just won't work.
  11. Ricster2k Green Slime

    the same way most games do it.. they just do it. portable consoles don't just work for certain games ya know. take the mouse cursor away and press a direction pad or thumb-stick and your looking in that direction... press X and you just mined a rock....waalaaa..
  12. Lilithian.V Demon Eye

    Nope, not buying it. On paper it sounds fine, sure.
    But I very much doubt it would work in practice.
    Don't get me wrong, I have a PSP and love. Holding in my hands and trying to imagine it, I just can't feel it working out well.

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