Terraria for Wii and Wii U

Discussion in 'Other' started by turtle5204, Dec 15, 2012.


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  1. turtle5204

    turtle5204 Bunny

    I would LOVE if they released Terraria for the Wii and the Wii U.
    I would like using the Wii Remote and Nunchuck to play Terraria. Lots of Wii/Wii U fans would like this! Also a Demo for Free on the Wii Shop Channel
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  2. Lord Carver

    Lord Carver Spore Zombie

    I actually have a wii so i may be more inclined to buy terraria for the wii. But right now 504 games only wants to make games for ps3 and xbox for some reason.
  3. MrCreeper123125

    MrCreeper123125 Hell Bat

    I want Terraria for my Ps Vita!
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  4. Star and Moon

    Star and Moon Blood Crawler

    WiiU would defiantly work, but I can't see Terraria on the Wii.
  5. Darkercloud

    Darkercloud Lava Slime

    The wii not able to handle terraria? LOL. Anyways, it won't be made for Wii because the wii U is nintendo's new console.

    I am curious though as to why they aren't porting it to Wii U.
  6. Npatterson10

    Npatterson10 Cursed Skull

    Because they still have to program the buttons, because they are very different. but other than that this is a great idea!
    The Wii's specs are twice that needed to play Terraria, without frame skip on and with the light set to color.
  7. Gengar_Legit

    Gengar_Legit Mouse

    For my i need Terraria on 3DS.Use the touch screen to place detroy the blocks and L to use potions R to grappling hook etc.
  8. Bleagh, I'd probably buy it for the 3DS, but that might just be my inner Nintendo geek side speaking.
    It would probably work as an eShop game, would be sweet.
  9. Vikeingblade

    Vikeingblade Green Slime

    I would like this on the wii u but not on the wii because 2 reasons. 1. They made a new consle so they probably dont want to make games for there older consle (im talking about nintendo). 2. Wii U would be easier to make and easier for it to be Local Multiplayer.:cool::)
  10. decepticlone

    decepticlone Green Slime

    I just want Terraria to work on a mac.
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  11. nachomeep

    nachomeep Zombie

    Isnt happening, but i want it.
  12. megasxlr77

    megasxlr77 Green Slime

    I would get it out on wii u the moment it became available! Though I must say your poll... it was tough. The wii u would be perfect for it however you can't take it with you anywhere like the 3ds! But the reason I chose wii u is:

    A.) It is just all around a more powerful system so it will likely turn out better on the wii u than the 3ds regardless.

    B.) The chance for same console multiplayer, 1 player would be on the smaller screen on the wii u game pad, and the other could use a wii u pro controller and just use basicaly the same controls for the xbox making the change between the systems easier for players.

    C.) The controls for single player would be EPIC!!! The main screen would be larger and show more of the level and the gamepads screen would show a smaller area (on single player on multiplayer the screen would show bigger than on single player) and that would make it easier to mine, or you could zoom out to a larger area still!

    D.) Last but not least the wii u can do so much more! I feel that if I were to play with friends over the internet for example that I would be able to talk through the game more likely than the 3ds, plus I feel that the wii u will draw a much larger crowd than the 3ds
  13. TehCupcakes

    TehCupcakes Mouse

    Terraria would work beautifully on the Wii U. The Wii-mote system is too imprecise to place tiny blocks, and it lacks the buttons to make gameplay comfortable. I'm even a little concerned that the classic controller wouldn't work well, and that the other console versions are going to be awkward.

    However, the Wii U's gamepad is a totally different story. It has 2 thumbsticks just like other controllers, so I can see one thumbstick being used to move while the other moves the "cursor". The however, I can totally see the touchscreen being used to control to cursor as well. The only problem is that it is difficult to switch between using a stylus and pressing buttons to jump, grapple, etc. I think if they made the jump quick-key ZL and for the grapple key L, they could even eliminate the use of the use of the right thumbstick and the other buttons completely. This would make playing with the stylus very comfortable. Of course, for people who don't like touch screens, you could easily make the other buttons work just like however they're planning on doing it for PS3 and Xbox 360.

    The Wii U also has the benefit of having the game at your hands. True, you can't leave your home as with the 3DS, but hand-held versions always suffer a downgrade from console versions. The Wii U is unique in the fact that it can provide the power of a console with a screen at your hands, and that's one feature that Wii U owners (myself included) are really excited about!

    The capabilities for online play are also there. The Wii friend-code system was a nuisance, but the Wii U remedies this with a more standard online system, and it's FREE! I have frequently been frustrated when looking for online matches on Xbox 360. Anything other than FPS games don't get very much traffic because only those with monthly subscriptions can play online. The Wii U's free online would make for a more lively online community, although it would require more of the backend servers to support higher traffic. The mic and headset jack make the Wii U every bit as online-communication-capable as the other systems.

    The Wii U is also new with a long life ahead of it, whereas Microsoft and Sony are expected to announce a new system within the next year. Terraria has the kind of public renown to make its way onto the Wii U despite being an indie game, and it would be widely popular in the stores due to the low amount of competition. (at the moment) We can also expect that they will continue to earn sales on the Wii U for years to come, whereas Xbox 360 and PS3 sales may taper off once they come out with a new system. (which may or may not be compatible with arcade games from their predecessors)

    I think it's just blindly obvious that Terraria on the Wii U is a smart move. I really hope they are planning this, or at least considering it, because I for one would definitely jump at the opportunity to play on the Wii U. (Whereas the same cannot be said on any other console or handheld)
  14. Leg3ndLuke

    Leg3ndLuke Green Slime

    wii u, yes
    wii, HELLL NOO!
  15. Dtxtream

    Dtxtream Eskimo Zombie

    Terraria 2???
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  16. Potato teh King

    Potato teh King Snatcher

    For Wii U? HELL YES
    But for wii... Nintendo stopped (or stops, slowly) supporting wii. 28 June = closing most (except Internet Channel and net play in games) online services, and that's just an example. Also, controls... Well, let's just said they prolly would be bad. And Wii U has better specs, touch screen, and other awesome stuff. Also, 3DS edition would be awesome too (using 3DS as Wii U controller? Transferring EQ? Playing with a friend on the same TV? Also carrying Terraria everywhere you go).
  17. moosemunch

    moosemunch Doctor Bones

    Wii: I just can't see it.
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  18. Scootaloo Dash

    Scootaloo Dash Giant Worm

    I really want Terraria for Wii U!!!
  19. montauker

    montauker Giant Worm

    I play on Pc and i think it would be epic for the wiiu!
  20. Levi1208

    Levi1208 Blood Crawler

    I really wanna play Terraria on my Wii, but sadly there is no Terraria for Wii :(
    (and I wanna not cost all my money for only a console! I have owned a Wii and I like it.)

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