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  1. Ix0r

    Ix0r Green Slime

    Many of you know about the FPS TF2. Right? Well this thread is about classes of that game recreated in Terraria.


    300 Life.
    Gold Armor.
    Broken Mini Shark.
    Musket Balls.


    4 Mana
    160 Life
    Aqua Spepter
    Iron Armor


    Copper Armor
    120 Life
    Cloud In A Bottle
    Anklet Of Wind
    Flintlock Pistol
    Musket Balls


    160 Life
    20 Greater Healing Potions. (Toss to team mates to give em something to heal with)
    Band of Regeneration
    Iron Shortsword


    100 Life
    10 Invisibility Potions
    1 Gold Shortsword
    Grappling Hook


    160 Life
    1 Unreal Musket
    Musket Balls

    Demo Man:

    3 Stacks of Grenades
    200 Life
    Wooden Sword


    100 Life
    1 Flint Lock Pistol
    Musket Balls
    Stack of Dart Traps
    Stack Of Levers
    Stack Of Timers
    Stack Of Wires
    Wire Cutter
    Stack Of Pressure Plates.


    Wooden Bow
    Hell Fire Arrows
    Iron Armor
    200 Life

    That's all!
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  2. MuddyTM

    MuddyTM Slimer

    I actually had an idea like this a while back. I made a thread on the subject and everything...didn't quite catch on though.

    You have good ideas, but of course I doubt the classes would be even remotely balanced...but for kicks and giggles and general non-tryhard-ness, the sets would work out fine and I imagine it'd be pretty fun.

    EDIT: for your viewing pleasure: My version of TFTerraria (complete with Terraria-style 2Fort)

    Hope you can glean some ideas from it.
  3. Sol Prower

    Sol Prower Doctor Bones

    Seems pretty interesting. Not exactly balanced though.
  4. MuddyTM

    MuddyTM Slimer

    I think it'd still be a lot of fun. Definitely an interesting take on the already-unbalanced and rather boring PvP of Terraria.
  5. MerchantDrake

    MerchantDrake The cannibal Heir to the throne

    Medic should give lesser healing potions or Healing potions, and spy should have silver shortsword instead of gold.
  6. Terrariking

    Terrariking Piranha

    Sniper should have one less heart and spy should have one more if you're trying to get it close to the actual TF2 Health values
  7. Symphoniac

    Symphoniac Demon Eye

    Medic won't be able to do much when confronted. The Engineer may be the most powerful of all!
  8. Sol Prower

    Sol Prower Doctor Bones

    I see now... Yeah, Engineer is OP in this one.
  9. zebri

    zebri Icy Merman

    The soldier's hellfire arrows and the bow are OP. You should give the bow a prefix
    that makes it slower.
  10. why does pyro have an aqua sceptor? it seems ironic doesn't it. people use mythril now not iron.
  11. zebri

    zebri Icy Merman

    There are server options to ban different types of armor.
    Though you're right, it will be a problem with hidden armor via vanity slots.
  12. totally did not answer my question. BTW if the classses were post hardmode then pyro should have flame thrower.

    And olso make spy have famillier clothes or other armor to put in vanity ( though then people would cheat and put it in equipable slot)
  13. Rokas :3

    Rokas :3 Clown

    Why is pyro with aqua scepter? Hes a PYRO-maniac so he likes fire.. not water.. he hates water because its an enemy of fire....

    tl;dr he should have 200 gel and a deadly flamethrower
  14. zebri

    zebri Icy Merman

    There's a spell which is pretty unknown (because it's rare) found in shadow chest.
    The flower of fire. Maybe it will be a better solution than a rapid-fire flamethrower.
  15. what do you mean unknown? I love it. MARIO FTW!!
  16. MantasX12

    MantasX12 Hell Bat

    Pyro should have flamethrover not aqua scepter.:confused:
  17. Sol Prower

    Sol Prower Doctor Bones

    Flamethrower would be too OP if the other classes doesn't have hardcore weapons as well...
  18. Ix0r

    Ix0r Green Slime

    My fuckin god. Non of you even understand this. This is PRE HARDMODE. Aqua Scepter is like a much much much much weaker version of Flame Thrower!
    And this is not trying to be EXACTLY THE SAME as TF2!
  19. Razor Knight

    Razor Knight Mushi Ladybug

    I don't think the word means what you think it means.
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  20. Sol Prower

    Sol Prower Doctor Bones

    Don't think you ever mentioned prehardcore mode...

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