Official Terraria Future Updates: Spoilers & Discussion Thread

Discussion in 'PC' started by Wigglesniff, Feb 28, 2013.

  1. oSIVo

    oSIVo Arapaima

    The cleminintinator (however it is bloody spelled) uses a particular ammo to make particular biomes. So one can make a mushroom, desert, coruption, jungle, crimsion, ect on their worlds.

    It doesn't solve the tree/pyramid thing, but my main world will get to be upgraded much easier now :)

    OH, and on another note, Did they up the chest limit on maps? I know it was at 1000 total on a large world, and I have maxed that out.... anyone know?
  2. Z0MG Pixelz

    Z0MG Pixelz Cursed Skull

    I don't know if they did or not, but chests now have 2x the slots, which is essentially the the same as doubling the limit.
  3. oSIVo

    oSIVo Arapaima

    well, crap. That means I need to reorganize 1000s of slots of items??? Hording is such hard work.
  4. DrSpoy

    DrSpoy Eskimo Zombie

    oh, and not to mention the stacking to 999 now.
  5. Z0MG Pixelz

    Z0MG Pixelz Cursed Skull

    I know right? Inventory/chest management is going to be so much easier now!
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  6. Majora787

    Majora787 Penguin

    Does EVERYTHING stack to 999? Or do some single items not stack in chests still?

    Either way, this will save SO much space.
  7. oSIVo

    oSIVo Arapaima

    Damit damit damit!

    Oh, I mean, .... yeh..... woo hoo.

    my entire organizational structure is going to need revamped *grumble grumble*
  8. DrSpoy

    DrSpoy Eskimo Zombie

    Not everything, as dynamite still stacks to 5 to memory. So probably dependant on item.
  9. Z0MG Pixelz

    Z0MG Pixelz Cursed Skull

    I believe it is just placeable blocks that stack to 999. Not sure if that includes ores or not.
  10. Majora787

    Majora787 Penguin

    Well, ores and bars ARE placeable now.
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  11. aml

    aml Angel Statue

    I really hope I get a gold ore spawning ore on the first world I make. If I do I can have a whole room dedicated to placeable gold bars :D
  12. L0chlan2

    L0chlan2 Snatcher

    When is PBat doing another stream?
  13. Majora787

    Majora787 Penguin

    Maybe tomorrow? He's probably sleeping off his sick instead of streaming tonight.
  14. On an unrelated note, i really dislike the "you got criticism? You're just whiner/hater, don't play if you don't want, etc. etc." thing going on forums lately. I agree that a week until release is probably not the time to judge harshly, but concerns are concerns, and we are voicing them here because we love the game and want it to be as awesome as possible.

    ...One thing i agree the most with: the pyramid seriously needs traps/guardians. The thing people complain about isn't sandstorm in itself; it's "you're awesome, for free!" thing.
  15. ArcaneArcher

    ArcaneArcher Eskimo Zombie

    No its gotta be called "the veridian" opposite of red is green.

    I think it works on grass only, converts grass into a grass of another Biome.
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  16. Proto Persona

    Proto Persona Zombie

    I'm a few pages late to the party, but I have to say the idea of a pyramid with no traps in it feels off. That's kinda the first thing you think of when you think of pyramids. The enemies aren't necessary, and the idea of adding hard mode mobs before hard mode is an especially bad one.
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  17. Z0MG Pixelz

    Z0MG Pixelz Cursed Skull

    It probably works on stone and sand too.
  18. Mummy's curse. Or invasion of undead pharaon once you loot the pyramid.
    (The man in gauze, The man in gauze)
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  19. Majora787

    Majora787 Penguin

    I think the issue is there is a difference between voicing your concerns in a productive way and acting as if the new additions are ruining your experience without having played the update yet.

    The pyramid not having traps is definitely a concern and I'd be weirded out if it didn't have a bunch of dart traps or boulder traps or lava traps or something like that going on.
  20. World Eater

    World Eater Giant Worm

    This update will essentially turn Terraria's storage offerings into the next level of hammerspace. And the funny part is, even the inventory ends up being more like hammerspace than ever.

    edit: I'm also very neutral on having the Crimson as alternate corruption, sure I'm kind of bummed a little but if they want to change it later, so be it.

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