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  1. Eikester

    Eikester Possessed Armor


    This Version of Game Launcher is no longer supported!
    You can find the new one here! (click me)

    Because the other Thread is locked, here is the new one:

    Current Version 1.3
    Updated to work with Terraria 1.1.2

    !Needs Internet connection to retrieve current Terraria Hash and Version

    Attached Sourcecode 1.2.2!
    If someone wants to create a Github or whatever for this feel free to do so!

    • "Hashlist for All *.exe" creates a hashKeys.txt containing hash values of all exe in the Current Directory
    • "Create *.gli" opens an OpenFileDialog lets you search for an Assembly (*.exe) and creates a *.gli File and reloads the Games/Mod List, if the Assembly references to Terraria the Game Launcher will create the needed config File too
    ScreenShots (open)



    Please read the Old Thread

    Recommended Tools:
    Omnitool by Berserker66!

    Logo created by DevilBro, Thanks :)

    for Authors of Wrapper Tools (open)

    The Game Launcher creates a second Backup file in "Terraria/Backup" named "Terraria.dll", this is due the way the Framework tries to find the references. Wrapper Authors just need to add a applicationname.gli file AND a applicationname.exe.config with this content:
    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" ?>
        <assemblyBinding xmlns="urn:schemas-microsoft-com:asm.v1">
          <probing privatePath="Backup"/>
    Just add this 2 Files to your Download to make your Wrapper compatible to the Game Launcher

    Known Bugs/Issues (open)

    • if steam losts connection the program exits but is still shown in task manager
    • sometimes program doesn't shutdown correctly if closed with "X" Button Fixed

    changelog (open)

    Version 1.3
    • fixed some small Bugs
    • Added Contextmenu for Mods/Gameslist
    Version 1.2.2
    • fixed a small missnaming issue
    Version 1.2.1
    • Removed Performance Counter due to much Issues
    • Used InnoSetup to create an Installer
    Version 1.2
    • Fixed: Performance Counter Issues on some Systems*
    • Fixed: program doesn't closes correctly
    • Fixed: Backup/Terraria.dll wont be deleted in some cases
    Version 1.1
    • Added Plugin Interface, very early state (atm only for adding Server Tabs)
    • changed Process Start Method to old Method
    • Added "Debug output" Checkbox
    • Added Status Bar showing CPU/Ram usage (total)
    • Log now shows time of the Message/Output
    Version 1.0
    • Added Server Tab, currently only Vanilla Server, others coming soon
    • Added Debug Output to the Log (DBMon.net)
    • Added handling for nearly all Exceptions
    • Added Skin Module (USkin.dll)
      • you can use all XP Themes that comes as .msstyles
      • Download a Skin/Theme and copy the *.msstyles File to "Terraria\Content\Skins"
        • also if you use XP the Game Launcher reads the skins from the Windows Theme Dir (normally c:\windows\ressources\themes)
      • changing Skins requires a Game Launcher Restart
    • Logo by DevilBro, Icons selfmade except the Voodoo Doll and Clock (Redigit)
    • Changed some methods to support upcoming Collectors Edition (if it comes)

    Attached Files:

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  2. TWWalker

    TWWalker Green Slime

    duno what was that virus lock down about, it had no virus, my prevx didnt detect any malware or virus

    thank for the update Eikester
  3. Fruckert

    Fruckert Bunny

    Steam no longer works when I use this.
    I can't access the overlay in-game. Which is kind of a killer, for me at least.
  4. iPie uDie

    iPie uDie Green Slime

    If it's a gui... Screenshots?
  5. Eikester

    Eikester Possessed Armor

    was in the Old Thread but added it to the OP :p
  6. iPie uDie

    iPie uDie Green Slime

    Ahh ok now I see what it is, don't have much use though sorry =\
  7. Bobrocket


    Then you can run all of your Terraria mods without steam :eek:
  8. Fruckert

    Fruckert Bunny

    Scratch my previous statement.
    Suddenly it's working...

    Time to get back to work on my texture pack, I guess.
  9. 'Zappa

    'Zappa Squirrel

    Thank you for updating the launcher.But I seem to have a problem if you could help me out.
    Everytime I try to install it (I do so in the directory) it notifies me that it could not find my original terraria build, although it's still able to find my exe.
  10. Viral

    Viral Green Slime

    Can't play from steam here, I launch it (on steam) then I select "Terraria 1.1" and the message "please launch the game from your steam client" appears. D:
  11. Berserker66

    Berserker66 Umbrella Slime

    Made sure its compatible with the Omnitool Terraria launch and now link here instead of to the locked thread.

    I do have a feature request. I would like to read out all installed mods from within omnitool and then launch the specific mod directly (via command line argument to your program?).

    How about we discuss such a feature together? Basically this would elevate the GUI into Omnitool.
  12. Eikester

    Eikester Possessed Armor

    Add me in Steam if you want :)
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  13. Eikester

    Eikester Possessed Armor

    Updated to allow Omnitool start Mods/Games directly from the Omnitool Menu


    Version 0.6 Online

    Added: -genHash Button, generates a hashkeys.txt with Hash Values of all Executables in Terraria Dir
    Added: Commandline Parameter -genHash, same as the Button
    Added: List with Useful Tools, Mouseclick opens your favorite Browser with the selected Tool Thread
    Fixed: Crash if no Mod/Game was selected, Thanks to Berserker66
    Added: Checkbox "Close Launcher on Exit Game"
    Changed: Starts now the last Game/Mod if nothing is selected and Launch is pressed
    Changed: If no last Mod/Game was found and nothing is selected "Launch" starts Terraria
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  14. Surfpup

    Surfpup Arapaima

    Hey Eikester, this guy can't use tConfig because the Game Launcher isn't working for him. Any thoughts?
  15. Eikester

    Eikester Possessed Armor

    thanks Surfpup, i missed that post <.<

    I am not sure which Version you've used Zappa, i've fixed a Bug in an older Version (0.4 - 0.5.2) that let you not install Game Launcher if a TerrariaOriginalBackup.exe exists but this is fixed, so try the new Version (0.6)
    If this doesn't work try redownload Terraria and install Game Launcher again
  16. 'Zappa

    'Zappa Squirrel

    Will do.I already have your latest update (0.6) though and tried with the same results?I'm not sure why but for some reason tconfig pointed out that my exe's hash key was wrong (as if it was an older version?) but my exe is 1.1

    I'll try to reinstall the entire game like you said and thank you for the reply!
  17. Eikester

    Eikester Possessed Armor

    You can use the -genHash Button to generate a hashKeys.txt to see whats your Terraria Hash, the Current Hash Value is 1139E2577BFEA5B5EC3DE444330FB09B48E26D4783601BFAFEC82ACC9D1BDE68
  18. 'Zappa

    'Zappa Squirrel

    SOLVED. For some reason steam didn't install the hotfix for 1.1, so my hash value was totally different!
    I don't know about you but I thought this was pretty damn funny.

    Thanks for your help and look forward to using this great launcher.
  19. Eikester

    Eikester Possessed Armor

    Updated to 0.6.1, please read the OP
  20. 7UR7L3

    7UR7L3 Undead Viking

    One word: EPIC!!! This is awesome, great update! I especially like the close on start option. Also can I make my own tools/mods link (not necessarily a tool or mod, just a link to a site I visit frequently)by editing the .txt? And does the generate gli make it so any program can be launched from it, and will the programs have to be in the terraria directory?
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