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Discussion in 'PC' started by lineranch, May 2, 2011.

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  1. lineranch

    lineranch Green Slime

    im very new so heres my questions, can i downlaod it now? if not when i can is it free some one please tell me this game looks real fun
  2. Holylifestar

    Holylifestar Fire Imp

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  3. Whatusay2

    Whatusay2 Green Slime

    Even though this has been asked uncountable times,its not out yet (should be out by next week to end of July.) And it should be about 5-20$.
  4. Buck90wl

    Buck90wl Green Slime

    You're lucky there is probably 2 countries between you and me, otherwise I'd hit you over the head with the Terraria FAQ.
  5. Holylifestar

    Holylifestar Fire Imp

    Why just the FAQ? Ide hit him with Blue himself.
  6. confuzzledyma

    confuzzledyma Administrator

    Please acquaint yourself with the FAQ & search function before posting again, @lineranch
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