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Discussion in 'PC' started by AWA, May 20, 2011.

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  1. AWA

    AWA Zombie

    Hello, I'm making this thread because of the fact that modifying Terraria characters is very easy. If the developers don't fix this, everybody will end up with unlimited items because script kiddies gives out hacked items.
    I got bored yesterday, so I decided to try making a kind of character editor in C#. It was suprisyling easy, I just had to use the decrypt methods from the game to decrypt the character info. Then edit it, build it back up and encrypt it again. If you search "Terraria hack" on YouTube, you will get some videos showing programs to do the same.
    I think the developers should ether obfuscate the game code and use a better encryption, or make the characters server-side of some kind.
  2. RedPillow

    RedPillow Green Slime

    Terraria forum rules: "No hacking or posting hacks."
  3. Yeah... You're kinda spreading it more by posting this. Contact one of the Devs about it. Also, What RedPillow said.
  4. Legomancer

    Legomancer Green Slime

    The games got no protection against this sort of stuff because the characters are all saved playerside, at the very least it'd be easy as all hell to copy up a world or character to double you items.

    It doesn't really matter either way, if someone wants to cheat they're cutting themselves off from enjoying the game, they got no reason to explore, no reason to party up to hunt, no moment of fun when they find the last chest holding that one item they needed.

    The only ones they hurt are those who "hurt" their own experience by not hunting down the item on their own, and that's basically anyone who's ever accepted a free upgrade in some small way.

    The worst we're gonna encounter would be dickheads with infinite stars for star cannons in pvp, or infinite dynamite/corruption seeds for server griefing, the dynamite being the worst, but also something you can just regularly encounter, I've gotten enough gold and platinum to fill characters inventories many times over with dynamite just as a side effect of tossing it in my piggy bank whenever I have any.

    Hopefully they can patch in ways to make it impossible to cheat in items, but for now it's not as if you can't outright ignore the effects of the item spawners, just don't accept a free upgrade from the dude all geared out the ass.
  5. Legomancer

    Legomancer Green Slime

    People with spawned items = People who aren't interested in even hunting down that hidden chest holding the rare items.
  6. SFJake

    SFJake Dark Caster

    Cheating can't be stopped as long as the saves are client side.

    Idiots and moderators all over this place will keep thinking that save editing is hacking and wrong. Its not.

    At this point, its not my god damn problem anymore. Keep crying its bad, everybody can get it in a heartbeat anyway, and the servers are already filled with hacked stuff. If people are too stupid to be realistic about this situation, so be it.
  7. The_ShadoW

    The_ShadoW Doctor Bones

    I like how people cry about "cheating" and/or hacking in a game where you can effortlessly copy any items using nothing more than copy file command.
  8. Legomancer

    Legomancer Green Slime

    The worst I've seen so far as real "hacks" go would be a player I've seen with a gun that fired EVERYTHING at mini shark speed, he'd do something to switch the "ammo" and it'd fire like a dozen flamarang, he'd switch it again and it fired thorn chakrums, going on and an through all the different "projectiles" possible.

    It was actually pretty cool to watch imo, he found some fireworks somewhere in the choices and filled the sky with a fireworks display during the night time when it wasn't cloudy at all, filled the sky and ground with light and sparks.
  9. Kane

    Kane Administrator Staff Member

    Locking this thread. I will not delete it so I can get the message across. We don't accept hacks, cheats and such.
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