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    Alright, I have this idea that's inspired from Peanut Butter Gamer's hardcore series. (It's basically the same thing) But I just wanted to live the thrill myself. So, I have a server that I can host myself, although I'm not sure just how stable it is. Because of this, I'll have a crew of 4 people (including myself) to join me. If you don't know what Hardcore mode is it means we each create a character on Hardcore difficulty, and we join a skype call. If one of us dies, they obviously die on the server, and have to either leave the skype call, or mute their mic Immediately afterwards. If I die, I will simply leave the server on, and stay in the call to notify you guys of any changes/stuff coming up. If this works, I may re-do it with the same people, or others! But anyway: The requirements are simply that you have a decent amount of time to be online to play, you have a copy of Terraria for steam, and that you have a working mic and a skype account to add me with. Submit an application below stating your name, Where you live, your age and your skype name! :)
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