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Discussion in 'PC' started by Zenyo, Jun 25, 2011.

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  1. Zenyo

    Zenyo Blazing Wheel

    Anyone know a way to farm herbs?
    a video of it will really help alot of people
  2. Arkoonius

    Arkoonius Dark Caster

    Basically, herbs will have there 'conditions' in order for them to drop their seeds.

    Daybloom - You'll find these blooming during the day time, which is when you can get their seeds. They'll look like little yellow and orange flowers. These only grow on dirt that has grass on it at the surface.

    Moonglow - These are found on jungle mud. In order to get their seeds, you'll have to wait until night to for them to bloom. They sort of look like small, drooping, light-blue tulips of sorts. They're on the surface, but, if I recall correctly, you can get them underground as well.

    Blink Root - This is found underground. They're easy to spot as they'll give off a 'pulsing' light source. You'll know that they're ready to gather for both herb and seeds when it has a number of yellow dots on it. They grow on dirt.

    Waterleaf - Desert areas is where these are found. You'll first see them as little green plants growing on sand, but don't gather them yet. In other for these to 'bloom', you'll need to submerge them in water (hope you have a bucket of water handy). When they're ready to pick, they'll look similar to the Blink Root, except with marine-blue dots rather than yellow.

    Deathweed - You'll find these in the corruption. They grow on both ebonstone and dirt with corrupted grass. These are a little, I guess you could say 'tricky', to farm the seeds for, as they only bloom during a blood moon. Sorry, I've never seen these in bloom before =\ Can't describe them. They're easy to spot on ebonstone as ebonstone won't be covered with grass.

    Fireblossom- This will be annoying, difficult, and maybe even impossible for you to get depending on your gear. These are found in the underworld and will grow on ash blocks. You can identify them as little orange stems. However, they are similar with waterleaf as Fireblossoms need to be submerged in lava in order to 'bloom' for it's seeds. When they're ready to pick, you'll find them to have a 'orange bulb' on-top of the stem.

    That's all of the herbs. If you need feathers, find a floating island away of your spawn and kill harpies (combat potion recommended). Need coral/shark fins? Found at the bottom of the ocean (obviously you'll need to kill sharks for the fins). Rotten chunks? Kill eaters at the corruption. Iron/gold ore? Get your rear in gear and get to mining!

    Also, if you need water bottles. Just bring normal bottles in your inventory, go to a source of water such as a lake, and you'll be able to 'craft' water bottles from there. You can make a 'water well' of sorts in your house for convenience purposes. I'm sure I've covered everything. If not, someone just add to it in a separate post:D

    EDIT: I should have mentioned this. If you want to grow this inside your house or whatever, just recreate the conditions for the plants. (i.e. plant Moonglow in Jungle mud, fireblossom on ashblock, waterleaf on sand, submerge the waterleaf with water and the fire blossom with lava, etc.)
  3. Bump

    Bump Dark Caster

    Arkoonius knows his stuff. :) I think he covered pretty much everything. They are all harvestable in pots and can be farmed above ground if you setup the right conditions that Arkoonius mentioned.
  4. Mikau S.

    Mikau S. Cursed Man

    Interesting answers. The secondary question is: Do we still need to meet the main criteria if we are to propagate further seeds when planted in Clay Pots? If so, harvesting Fireblossoms could be a tad tricky, then.

    Of course, there's always the option of making miniature gardens for the plants.
  5. Allie

    Allie Green Slime

    I'll post two pictures that I found on the forum.
    -By Doctor G33K
    -By user27

    I'm currently using the second farm type, but I might expand to the first one.
    The second one is a great way to start out your farm, but the one by Doctor G33K is way bigger.
  6. Herborist

    Herborist Green Slime

    Herb farm? I came as quick as I could.
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  7. Arkoonius

    Arkoonius Dark Caster

    I wouldn't know about growing things in clay pots. I have seen a thread floating around here that has someone showing a picture of him/her growing Fireblossoms and Waterleaves in clay pots. I would say that they all could be able to grow and propagate in clay pots so long the condition is met (Night, day, underwater, under lava, during a bloodmoon).

    EDIT:: Allie's post proves it. I'm going to assume that you can grow everything in clay pots. Infact, it would be better as you don't have to deal with grass cluttering around your herbs and plus you can pick out grow herbs without destroying your seedlings.
  8. Allie

    Allie Green Slime

    Sadly, there's no herb here :(
  9. Herborist

    Herborist Green Slime

    Give me some time. I'm working on MY farm. :cool:
  10. Jaber

    Jaber Green Slime

    There's mine.

    You will have more blinkroot than you know what to do with. That stuff grows and blooms in like 30 seconds D:
  11. Allie

    Allie Green Slime

    Another good thing with pots is that you can easily pick one with pickaxes. The grass on the other hand... I try to pick one flower and all the plants in first/second stage still break.
    So growing them in pots is definitely better.
  12. Herborist

    Herborist Green Slime

    You're a girl? O_O
  13. Jaber

    Jaber Green Slime

    No, but I play one on TV D:
  14. Bill Gunn

    Bill Gunn Green Slime

    I started a new character and as soon as I collected seeds of anything I started organizing them into a farm.
    Here's what mine turned into. (Note each row has 50 clay pots) Things start growing like mad.

  15. Herborist

    Herborist Green Slime

    Here's mine. Literally just made it. :cool:

  16. Allie

    Allie Green Slime

    Wow, 5 minutes ago. I just finished mine as well.
    By the way, the lava and the water don't need ot be that deep. They just need to be over the top of the pot.
    My farm has 30 Fireflower/Waterleaf, 60 of every other plant and 120 of Deathweed.
    Doctor G33K's design is awesome :D
  17. Herborist

    Herborist Green Slime

    I wasn't sure how deep it had to be, so I just kept stacking it until I saw a waterleaf bloom. In retrospect, it was an assload of work, but at least it looks pretty.

    That one obsidian block is pissing me off, though. :mad:
  18. Allie

    Allie Green Slime

    I put some gold bricks in the middle of it. 3 blocks high, 2 blocks wide.
    By the way, getting the lava/water inside isn't hard at all when you duplicate it :)
  19. Ruzhyo

    Ruzhyo Green Slime

    hey, quick question. I didn't want to start a new thread for it:

    Is there a way to harvest adult flowers, in a clay pot, without removing the pot itself? I've tried clicking it with both swords, axes, and empty hands, but the only way I seem able to remove it is by axing the pot itself.
  20. Allie

    Allie Green Slime

    "Use the pickaxe, Luke!"
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