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Discussion in 'PC' started by Shadow Diamond, Sep 8, 2011.


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  1. Shadow Diamond

    Shadow Diamond Green Slime

    Well, identity theft is becoming a problem on servers.
    So an identity code will be nice! Your ID Code is
    your color code. Shirt, pants, undershirt, skin, shoes.
    This is EXTREMELY HARD to copy.
    The code is very long!

    The order of the code goes:

    An Example:

    This is the combination of the numbers used to identify your terraria
    color code. Its Shirt, skin, pants, undershirt, shoes, hair, and eyes from left to right.

    Keep this code safe! Otherwsie, people can just use your color and get you into trouble!

    Idea by me. This will add security!
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  2. DarkMarc

    DarkMarc Doctor Bones

    Character/Inventory editors can change your clothes, hair color, etc. Also, the code would be way too long, I don't think it's really needed.
  3. gigimoi

    gigimoi Green Slime

    Or, chat would work like so
    (+)Charname: asfafgdasg

    and clicking plus would show the steam name, much simpler& convenient.
  4. Shadow Diamond

    Shadow Diamond Green Slime

    I know, but good people don't use invedit!
    It's impossible to duplicate a code by looking at it!
  5. Berserker66

    Berserker66 Umbrella Slime

    You lack even the most basic understanding of how codes of that sort are made.

    And would most likely remove the lan functionality which would seriously make me rage.
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  6. Shadow Diamond

    Shadow Diamond Green Slime

    Codes Or Computer Code?
  7. Mario Dan

    Mario Dan Green Slime

    What is exactly what do you want to protect with this code?
  8. Shadow Diamond

    Shadow Diamond Green Slime

    People have stolen my looks and griefed. Not the best.
  9. Sakiskid

    Sakiskid Doctor Bones

    Do you realize there are...

    *glances around*

    /whisper Mods that can make your character COPY SOMEONE ELSES COLOR!!! :OOO:O:O:OO@!:ODJKAIOFJOAINGOIN#!

    I bet you didn't think of that. Nor the fact that lots of people just click start with the basic character.
  10. Berserker66

    Berserker66 Umbrella Slime

    If you want to use colors as data source, you should first convert them to at least hexadeximal format to save 1 third of the stringlength.
    Then it should be encrypted.

    And thats the most basic encoding.

    Even then thats not a good method to fight impersonation.
  11. Shadow Diamond

    Shadow Diamond Green Slime

    Yeah, but attacks go on known, old members. Happened to me!
  12. Shadow Diamond

    Shadow Diamond Green Slime

    Naaaah, n00bs don't like that. Though i can make a simple VB.Net program for doin that!
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  13. Jeckel

    Jeckel Little Red Fire Ant

    If a code was going to be used, wouldn't it be way simpler to just generate a GUID for each character when the character is created?
  14. DarkXNightmare

    DarkXNightmare Green Slime

    I don't agree... they will use a Character Editor and they will change just the hair color from 255 to 254... nice idea but won't work.
  15. Mario Dan

    Mario Dan Green Slime

    This is hard to improve and to control, since characters' data are stored in the client not the server.
  16. Shadow Diamond

    Shadow Diamond Green Slime

    Color code isn't stored.
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