Pre 1.2 TErraria in 3D

Discussion in 'Guides' started by darkjoebr, Jan 3, 2013.

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  1. darkjoebr

    darkjoebr Green Slime

    Well, i have a good thing to tell! I'm new to the forum so, i probaly may post in the wrong area, please move it. I Intenasily researched beforme making this, so i know no one made this topic before, AND, i am at the right area.

    The pointWell, we all know Terraria: a game, without lot of mobs, or a exp system, a game witch the only objective is CREATE, make things, constroy houses and stuff. BUT, this is limited by a 2D System :)eek:), what wrong idea! So, I wanna ask the gamme developers to make teraria 3d, so we can make better castles and then explore them in 3d! There is no kind of game like this currently, so it will certanly be a sucess.

    And, in 3d, no one will notice that terrible grathifcs and texture in terraria because everyone like 3d!

    This would be so INOVATIVE!
    Thumbs UP UP UP if you agree.

    Wanna play with me?
    Skype: darkjoebr
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    Em outros idiomas:

    Bem, eu tenho uma coisa boa para contar! Eu sou novo no forum assim, eu probaly pode postar na área errada, por favor movê-lo. Eu pesquisei Intenasily beforme fazer isso, então eu sei que ninguém fez esse assunto antes, e, eu estou na área certa.
    o ponto
    Bem, todos nós sabemos Terraria: um jogo, sem muitos mobs, ou um sistema de exp, uma bruxa jogo o único objetivo é criar, fazer coisas, casas constroy e outras coisas. Mas, esta é limitada por um sistema 2D (), que idéia errada! Então, eu quero pedir aos desenvolvedores gamme fazer teraria 3d, para que possamos fazer castelos melhores e, em seguida, explorá-los em 3D! Não há nenhum tipo de jogo como este, atualmente, por isso vai ser um sucesso certanly.
    E, em 3d, ninguém vai notar que grathifcs terríveis e textura em terrários, porque todo mundo como o 3D!
    Isto seria então inovative!
    Polegares acima acima, se você concorda.
    Quer jogar comigo?
    Skype: darkjoebr
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    E pra, unë kam një gjë e mirë për të treguar! Unë jam i ri në forum kështu, unë probaly mund të postoni në zonën e gabuar, ju lutemi të lëvizin atë. Unë Intenasily hulumtuar beforme bërë këtë, kështu që unë e di askush nuk e bëri më parë këtë temë, dhe unë jam në zonën e duhur.
    E pra, ne të gjithë e dimë Terraria: një lojë, pa shumë të Turmat, ose një sistem exp, një magjistare lojë objektivi i vetëm është të krijojë, të bëjë gjëra, shtëpitë constroy dhe sende. Por, kjo është e kufizuar nga një sistem 2D (), çfarë ide e gabuar! Pra, unë dëshiroj të ju pyes zhvilluesve gamme për të bërë teraria 3D, kështu që ne mund të bëjë më të mirë kështjella dhe pastaj shqyrtuar ato në 3D! Nuk ka asnjë lloj loje si kjo aktualisht, kështu që do të jetë një certanly suksesit.
    Dhe, në 3D, askush nuk do të vëreni se grathifcs tmerrshme dhe cilësi në terraria sepse të gjithë si 3d!
    Kjo do të jetë aq inovative!
    Bravo UP UP, nëse jeni dakord.
    Duan të luajnë me mua?
    Skype: darkjoebr
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  2. Classikly

    Classikly Vampire

    I don't know where you got the idea that Terraria is solely for building. It's much more of the adventure genre. And it has around 140 NPCs, so I don't know where you're coming from there either. Please don't say that you called pixel art ' horrible graphics'.
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  3. darkjoebr

    darkjoebr Green Slime

    but it could perfectly be 3d
  4. Classikly

    Classikly Vampire

    inb4 Minecraft.
  5. darkjoebr

    darkjoebr Green Slime

  6. Gregorius

    Gregorius Demon Eye

    inafter Minecraft...

    ...funny how there are Terraria mods for Minecraft, but no Minecraft mods for Terraria to my knowledge. Seems we know which of the two games is more widely accepted by fans.
  7. Stackerzgame

    Stackerzgame Bone Lee

    "Because everyone like 3D"? I've ever heard a falser statement. Also here's a tip, suggestions shouldn't completely change the whole fucking game. That's like suggesting Skyrim should become a closed world game. Even if this were somehow possible and likely to happen, it would make the game shitty. This game is meant to be 2d, if you don't like it, there's minecraft waiting for you.
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  8. Gmodlol61

    Gmodlol61 Necromancer

    Hold on while I'm bursting in laughter til the end of the universe
    Oh my god, seriously though.
    No offence, but this is by far one of the stupidest things I've read in my entire life, when the poster was genuine about it and actually not sarcastic.
    Do you even know a thing about games? You can't just make Terraria 3D, its not a single button which you press and whoa holy shit look 3D.
    Honestly, please tell me this thread is a joke
    You can't really think you can just update the game and make terraria suddenly 3D right?
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  9. Mechagofio

    Mechagofio Slimed Zombie

    this just made my day.

    if you compare minecraft to terraria,
    you get this:
    -both games have worlds with blocks, all of equal sizes.
    -in both games, the players have to build homes to protect themselves
    -in both games, the main type of enemy is zombie
    -in both games, the player must explore the underground world to acquire better weapons, find more usefull resources
    -in both games, the player spawns at his bed
    -in both games, there is no goal, except for building. you can't finish the game (ehmegawd, minecraft has a dragon. very sorry)
    -in both games, there are NPC's that can provide you with resources
    -the games have nearly the same materials: dirt/grass, sand, glass, clay/mud, water and lava, wood, stone, ores (copper, iron, silver, gold, obsidian, gems, etc..), bricks, etc, etc, etc...
    -in both games, the main weapons are swords and bows. (in minecraft the only weapons though..)
    -in both games, you don't know anything about everything, unless you use the wiki or forums.

    -in minecraft, hell is an other dimension, there are more passive mobs, and less agressive ones, there is a need for food to survive, there is no way to change the fact that you drop everything on death, except for turning off monsters completely, which sucks -_-
    -in terraria, biomes are parts of the world, there are a lot of mobs, most are aggresive, food heals you, instead of making you less hungry, even a moron can play terraria, on softcore difficulty, and there is a shitload of weapons to obtain.

    oh, and minecraft is 3d

    so, if you would make terraria 3d,
    the only things that are different from minecraft are:
    hell is the bottom part of the world, instead of another dimension,
    there are more aggresive mobs,
    and you don't need food.

    my suggestion for YOU:

    buy minecraft, get a mob mod, get a biome mod, and cheat infinite food.
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  10. AaronC

    AaronC Spriter

    This thread implies that terraria still actually has developers, just lol.
    (the console developers are a different story however)
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  11. Lord Carver

    Lord Carver Spore Zombie

    Oh you must be new here. Go read the forum news. And the dev blog. Then go buy and play minecraft.
  12. darkjoebr

    darkjoebr Green Slime

    You dont get my point. I aint asking for a terraria in 3d like minecraft. I'm asking for a esterioscpic 3d, like minecraft red and cyan glases.

    Recompile the code to make the game 3d is not necessarie. They can only change the effects to be rendered in an upper layer, so we would have the Jumping off the screen feelling while playing. Thats it
  13. Classikly

    Classikly Vampire

    Ah, I was about to ask about that. Just remembered the 3D option. But I don't know if that would change much in terms of buildings.
  14. darkjoebr

    darkjoebr Green Slime

    That is what i'm saying! it's not gonna change the way we build, but is the backgroung stay more back and ground, it would be more beautiful!!

    Happy new year!
  15. jjo

    jjo Squirrel

    You madam are a complete idiot, go away.
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  16. Lord Carver

    Lord Carver Spore Zombie

    Then you probably should have said that.

    Did it say it in the spanish part? Because I can't read spanish.. Only some french I picked up before I failed french.
  17. Gabriel91SatanGod

    Gabriel91SatanGod Cursed Skull

    3D as in Red and cyan is common sense, Minecraft is 3 Dimensional, not 3D.
  18. Gmodlol61

    Gmodlol61 Necromancer

    You mean 3D glasses
    Thats even more useless, theres got to be around 10 different programs that make your screen have the 3D effect NOT including official brands like nvidia,
    If not, I figured it was obvious but the developer left the game for dead, theres still the console version but I doubt it's even on their minds because 3D is downright annoying
    all in all this will hardly happen, your best bet is either to get those programs or the Nvidia hardware for it
    3D IS three dimensional, he's talking about the 3D view of the game and not gameplay-wise
    inb4 infroctianz for 2srs4u
  19. Mechagofio

    Mechagofio Slimed Zombie

    you are an idiot.

    there are programs that make the screen red/blue so you can use 3d-glasses to play your games in 3d.
    just download one of those, and get yourself some 3dglasses.

    by the way, you said "so we can explore in 3d" which implies that you want three dimensions instead of a 3d function.
  20. Star and Moon

    Star and Moon Blood Crawler

    The main post obviously shows you were talking about 3D environment, not Stereoscopic Rendering. The things you said were "Limited to 2D", "Make better Castles" and "Explore in 3D", implying that a lot of change would happen whilst Stereoscopic Rendering would just change the look of the game and therefore adding no effect to gameplay.

    Stereoscopic Rendering isn't all that great and can get unpleasant to the eye after several minutes.
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