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Discussion in 'PC' started by Dimitri Denis, Mar 22, 2012.


Is this a good idea???

  1. Yes

  2. NO

  3. don't care

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  1. Dimitri Denis

    Dimitri Denis Demon Eye

    Hello I am looking for modders to put terraria in any internet browser.
  2. GameRoom

    GameRoom Cursed Skull

    That's not possible. This isn't flash, it's XNA.
  3. Dimitri Denis

    Dimitri Denis Demon Eye

  4. Razor Knight

    Razor Knight Mushi Ladybug

    The platform upon which the game works.

    It's not Flash or Java, hence it's not that easy (or even possible?) to embed it in a web browser.
  5. Dimitri Denis

    Dimitri Denis Demon Eye

  6. KainArk

    KainArk Dark Caster

    That's what she said.
  7. zebri

    zebri Icy Merman

    Im afraid it's impossible and i think its unnecessary anyways.
    The thing i'd like to see is that terraria doesn't pause when switching
    to another window.
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  8. Mikoto Misaka

    Mikoto Misaka Voodoo Demon

    NO, JUST NO!
  9. Snirk Immington

    Snirk Immington Arapaima

    Not possible. That has been established. So....
    Is this not autopause? I thought that was auto pause.
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  10. PowerCosmic

    PowerCosmic Werewolf

    Besides, I demanded that modders drop their lives and do something for me first. I want to play Terraria in an iPad!
  11. W1K

    W1K Spambot

    So, any coder want to recode 30000+ lines and try this out?... What? Why is everyone looking at me???
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  12. Sol Prower

    Sol Prower Doctor Bones

    I dunno. I thought you liked being popular.
    Auto-pause was something else I believe.
  13. Heyub

    Heyub Green Slime

    Steam is an internet browser, shift tab.
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  14. Sol Prower

    Sol Prower Doctor Bones

    He meant something like games on Kongregate. Terraria playable on a web-browser.
  15. Heyub

    Heyub Green Slime

    Why would one want it on a browser if it is a browser?
  16. Sol Prower

    Sol Prower Doctor Bones

    Dunno ask the OP. Oh wait. You did.
  17. W1K

    W1K Spambot


    The idea is to convert it into flash/java, that is pretty different (still a bit uselessly time takin')
  18. Relinies-the-Wizard

    Relinies-the-Wizard Face Monster

    It is not. When you tab out of the Terraria window, the singleplayer game pauses. Autopause happens in game when you open chests. This happens only when you tab out.
    There used to be a glitch called the Frame Skipping Bug. It found a way around the pausing that caused the game to run A LOT faster in singleplayer, because the graphics don't have to be rendered.
  19. Rokas :3

    Rokas :3 Clown

    The olny thing i tought of when i saw the name of the thread :

  20. It will enable people to play it without paying for it. NO I do not agree.Why is it that most threads I go to have legal issues.
    ImmortalFrog, Kid Lawyer XD.
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