Terraria is 50% off!

Discussion in 'PC' started by Rich, Jul 9, 2011.

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  1. Rich

    Rich Voodoo Demon

    If you don't have it yet get it now for only $4.99! Get it for your friends that haven't tried the game yet or convince pirates to pick up the actual game right now!

  2. JammyJa

    JammyJa Cursed Skull

    wow now that's a bargain, sadly I got mine at the full price.
  3. jmc2048

    jmc2048 Green Slime

  4. Maksago

    Maksago Dark Caster

    No... it's still $7.50.
  5. Rich

    Rich Voodoo Demon

    4 pack for $7.49 as well.
  6. TheKrustyKP

    TheKrustyKP Green Slime

    Well that makes me want to buy another copy
  7. Mibuwolf

    Mibuwolf Green Slime

    no... it's 2.50. refresh it.

    I feel cheated.

    So much for it increasing in price. I thought 25% off was a steal and that people were getting a good deal as it is. This is just not right. :(
  8. Dranx

    Dranx Green Slime


    I feel ripped off -_- the 4 pack is less than what the single game usually costs..
  9. Lol i just bought it for 7.50 yesterday! Argh!
  10. Nikopol

    Nikopol Green Slime

    Wow. I'm tempted to buy a couple of extra copies.
  11. I know right! Argh! I don't have that much money left tho >.< ! I don't know what to do!
  12. Mauro_dv

    Mauro_dv Cursed Man

    I havent bought it yet because I KNEW it wold recieve such a great discount . NOW IM DEFINITELY BUYING IT
  13. MTMMTM

    MTMMTM Green Slime


    That's just sad.
  14. Inferndragon

    Inferndragon Blazing Wheel

    Buy the 4 pack and then sell 3 of them for 2.50 then you have free terraria XD
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  15. NightsOwl

    NightsOwl Dark Caster

    Or wait it out, and sell 3 copies for full price, while you have 1 for yourself that you bought for cheap. o;
  16. Imhullu

    Imhullu Cursed Man

    Well hate to be THAT guy, but if it was on sale for 25% off at the beginning of the summer sales event, anyone whose been through steam sales before should have saw a bigger discount coming.

    Tempted to buy the 4 pack just to get my friends into it.
    Its seriously THAT good of a deal.
  17. Cait_Sidhe

    Cait_Sidhe Green Slime

    Wow. I guess I'm probably alone in saying this, but I would feel guilty buying Terraria at that price. It's a bargain at full price, but at 2.50 it's practically free. Can't get a bottle of pepsi for that in some places.
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  18. Mibuwolf

    Mibuwolf Green Slime

    btw, I meant for the people that paid full price (10.00), like myself. I think the game was totally worth the money, but this is just too good of a sale. I guess they just really wanted the money.

    Not to mention I cannot buy another copy to take part of this deal either. That right there is also a pretty upsetting fact.
  19. gokuman4594

    gokuman4594 Squirrel

    That's an amazing deal right there.
  20. Maksago

    Maksago Dark Caster

    Oh sorry I misread... yes, Terraria is 2.50. 4 pack is 7.50.
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