Terraria laggy even though my requirements are fine...

Discussion in 'Technical Support Archive' started by enablesnable, Nov 15, 2011.

  1. enablesnable

    enablesnable Bunny

    Terraria is laggy even though my requirements are above the recommended.....
    does anyone now why this is happening or how to fix the problem!!

    btw my specs are... (nothing special)
    windows vista home basic, service pack 2
    Intel Celeron 540 1.86 GHz
    32 bit

    Edit:This was just a temperarily lag in that version! (dont remember wich one it was)
    it runs fine now in the later versions

    NEPNWZYOX Green Slime

    Your specs are below the recommended requirements. Your processor is old which could be your main problem. Also, by those specs you might be way below the gfx card requirements.
  3. enablesnable

    enablesnable Bunny

    dammnit... well, my computer is pretty old...
    i have a lot of shit installed to... gotta clean up a bit.. :/
  4. Rydian

    Rydian Blood Crawler

    Do you know what your graphics/video card is?

    Does changing the Frame Skip setting fix it?
  5. enablesnable

    enablesnable Bunny

    Graphics is just Mobile Intel 965 Express Chipset Family... so that might be the problem...
    Whats the frame skip setting??
    is that frame skip: on/off in terraria??
  6. bunnyman

    bunnyman Eskimo Zombie

    Yes, it is. If it is on, you should have no lag, but if it encounters that anyway, it will "Drop" frames so that it would look like it would after the fact if it hadn't lagged. People reffer to this as "Framerate issues," although it's the games code pourposley doing this.

    With it off, you have a slow game, but no frames will be dropped, and you will get to exploit a neat trick. (OT: to do that, just minimize the window through the Task Pane, not the window itself, time will speed up DRAMATICALY!)

    Just press F10 to see your Framerate. Press it again to hide it. The Framerate will appear in the lower left corner. The number on the left tells you your FPS (Frames Per Second, the max is 60), while the number in parenthasies tells you how many frames it has dropped within the past second.
    Pretty much this means: Frame Skip on, more FPS, but frames will be dropped; Frame Skip off, lower FPS, but no frames will be dropped.
    Hope this helpped!
  7. enablesnable

    enablesnable Bunny

    Yeah, thanks alot for helping me out! :D
    But......what is task pane?!? xD
    I've never heard of that before...
  8. enablesnable

    enablesnable Bunny

    This was just a temperarily lag in that version! (dont remember wich one it was)

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