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Discussion in 'Released Mods' started by espes, May 28, 2011.

  1. espes

    espes Cursed Man

    So like, I spent yesterday fucking with MonoGame, and came up with this:

    istari has updated it for 1.1.2:


    Old stuff for posterity:

    1. Download: http://www.mediafire.com/?vbs16z4g7a0tfjl
    (temporarily updated for 1.1.1 by GeneticYael)

    2. Get Terraria.exe.

    If you've got access to a Windows computer, you'll find it in "Program Files -> Steam -> steamapps -> Common -> Terraria -> Terraria.exe".

    If you don't, try this: http://www.terrariaonline.com/threads/terraria-mac-wrapper.15236/page-75#post-1153215

    3. Put Terraria.exe into "put Terraria.exe here"

    4. Play

    5. Donate some bitcoins? 17miY5RPp8HTRrPD47F8GSNvGsnvbTm3y8 :p
    Current donations: 5.2 BTC :D

    To host a server:
    (not updated for 1.1 yet)

    1. Download and extract http://dl.dropbox.com/u/76985/MacTerrariaServer_1061.zip

    2. Run "StartServer.command"

    Things that don't work:
    Client doesn't run on OS X 10.5

    Hosting multiplayer from the menu.

    Still some multiplayer issues maybe?
    (Crashes that occur when joining are another Terraria bug I cbf to patch, they occur when connection fails)

    Minor graphics weirdness?
    Graphics corruption with lots of lava onscreen :/

    (Your complaint here!)

    If you experience consistent crashes
    Some audio-interception software like "Hear" or Audio Hijack and AirFoil's "Instat Hijack" crash and burn with the amount of audio objects Terraria instantiates. If you are running one, try disabling or removing it or excluding MacTerraria.

    If not, I would appreciate a traceback so I can fix it. Open terminal and run the following:
    ulimit -n 512
    cd (drag wrapper onto Terminal)
    MONO_IOMAP=all Contents/MacOS/MacTerrariaWrapper
    Update <3/6/11
    • Fixed sound, mouse stuff
    Update 3/6/11
    • Fixed for 1.0.3
    • Fixed multiplayer! :D
    Update 4/6/11
    • Fixed key issues!
    Update 11/6/11
    • Fixed for 1.0.4
    • Disabled generational GC, may have been causing some crashes
    Update 13/6/11
    • Reenabled generational GC - lag and memory complaints.
    Update 17/6/11
    • "Fixed" audio lag (the lag when chopping down trees, spider webs, etc)
    Update 17/6/11 (later)
    • Fixed mouse dragging I broke
    Update 18/6/11
    • Fixed the mouse sitting over the window
    Update 19/6/11
    • Fixed torch and water graphical bug (yet another Terraria bug that XNA is too nice about)
    Update 23/6/11
    • Music!
    Update 24/6/11
    • Fixed for 1.0.5
    Update 24/6/11 (later)
    • Simple update notification thing
    Update 25/6/11
    • Scroll wheel improvements
    Update 25/6/11 (later)
    • Fixed what caused alpha blending to behave weirdly. Now copper tools look like copper!
    Update 26/6/11
    • Fixed a few sound effects not working in 1.0.5
    • Fixed gravity potion not flipping sprite
    Update 29/6/11
    • Fullscreen support!
    Update 3/7/11
    • Added server package
    Update 10/7/11
    • Should fix some "ArgumentOutOfRangeException" crashes.
    • Fixed textures not loading on some ATI chips.
    Update 5/8/11
    • (Hopefully) fix for lion
    Update 10/8/11
    • Update client for 1.0.6
    • Fix first launch crash
    • Quick music hack, no more Flip4Mac dependency
    • mono 2.10.4
    Update 18/8/11
    • Update client for
    Update 2/12/11
    • Update client for 1.1
    • New mono, MonoGame. Things may be broken.
    src, btw. Only requires minor changes to MonoGame these days.
  2. TehBinoOne

    TehBinoOne Green Slime

    Wow, nice! Mods should post this to the front page, this is a pretty big deal for mac users, haha
  3. JacZac

    JacZac Green Slime

    holy. shit.

    pardon the french
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  4. thathippoguy

    thathippoguy Green Slime

    This is technicly pirating you know.
  5. JacZac

    JacZac Green Slime

    you need terraria to do it i think
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  6. thathippoguy

    thathippoguy Green Slime

    Oh. If this is the case then :D to the op
  7. espes

    espes Cursed Man

    So like, I still have no idea if it'll work on a system that doesn't have obscure libraries all over the place, so some success/failure stories would be nice :/
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  8. ColdNCursed

    ColdNCursed Green Slime

    I have no idea how it's supposed to work so I'll wait for a idiot tut :)
  9. espes

    espes Cursed Man

    Extract it, drag Terraria.exe into "put exe here", and run it.
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  10. Kaikz

    Kaikz Green Slime

    It crashes when opening single player and clicking Join when in Multiplayer. :/
  11. ColdNCursed

    ColdNCursed Green Slime

    How can I get terraria.exe if it is on my windows computer :p
  12. SImoid

    SImoid Green Slime

    didn't work the game crashes when i click singleplayer or multiplayer or fullscreen
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  13. aaaaa

    aaaaa Green Slime

    it looked like it was going to work there for a minute but then I had the same problem as Kaikz. crashes when you click on singleplayer. you succeeded in getting my hopes up, though. good job.
  14. espes

    espes Cursed Man

    Seems Mono's IOMap and CreateDirectory don't play well together. Try creating "My Games" and "Terraria" inside that in your home directory.
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  15. Warlocked200

    Warlocked200 Yellow Slime

    Looks like a godsend for mac users XD
  16. Kaikz

    Kaikz Green Slime

    Ah, that fixed it.

    A couple of things:
    • Can't use the numbers to change item.
    • Can't right click.
    • If you hold down firing a gun, and move the mouse, the gun doesn't change direction as it's supposed to.
    • Seems get to stuck on "Requesting tile data" when joining any server.
    Other than the above, it works very well. Thanks.
  17. aaaaa

    aaaaa Green Slime

    yeah, that fixed it. looking forward to trying this. thanks.
  18. espes

    espes Cursed Man

    Damn. I'll have a look near the end of this week, I've already spent too much time on this recently :/
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  19. ColdNCursed

    ColdNCursed Green Slime

    Thanks so much for your time espes in making this! I can't wait for all of the little bugs/quirks to be fixed. :)
  20. SImoid

    SImoid Green Slime

    esc doesnt work either and you cant mouse you cursor while holding down left

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