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  1. confuzzledyma

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    Uploading maps at Curseforge

    Curse, our sister site, has implemented a great tool for you all to share your maps over at www.curseforge.com! To browse the current selection of maps, visit http://www.curse.com/maps/terraria.


    To upload your own, head to http://terraria.curseforge.com/categories/to - here's a quick rundown of how it works:

    Once you log in with your Curse account, you can create Map projects with as much information as you want to give - descriptions, images, changelogs, files, summaries, etc.

    Creation is easy - just create a page for your map here; information includes:

    -Map Name
    -Custom URL
    -Licensing options (All-rights-reserved or open source, with many other options including custom licenses)
    -Category (you can choose multiple to tag your map with!!)
    -Summary and description of your map; you can include images!

    This will be your map's home page; you can then upload the map file (.zips only) by going to your map project page and selecting the 'Files' tab, and then 'Upload File' in the top right. Each time you upload a file you can include changelogs and known bugs, and specify if it's a finished project or a WIP.

    This is all editable in case you mess up or want to add something. All entries are moderated so it will take at least a few minutes for your work to show publicly, but you can edit as soon as you'd like to.

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  2. Varonth

    Varonth Green Slime

    There is definitely one category missing:

    Otherwise, using Curseforge is nice. Already got a PremiumCurse account due to addon programming for another game.
  3. confuzzledyma

    confuzzledyma Administrator

    Oh, thanks! Will get that added ASAP. I knew I was forgetting something.
  4. Rich

    Rich Voodoo Demon

    Is there no way to embed videos into the description?
    Also, it's a bit annoying that I NEED a changelog when I'm first posting the map, obviously there is no changelog yet, and that I need descriptions on my pictures when they're self explanatory.

    You probably don't control any of this, just pointing out some things that I dislike about the site.
  5. confuzzledyma

    confuzzledyma Administrator

    Yeah, I just put 'release' for the first changelog I did on my test map. I didn't notice the picture thing, actually? I just put them in my description and it was fine.

    Curseforge forums you may be able to suggest things you'd like implemented.
  6. Pride

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    Sweet, book marked.
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  7. demarco55

    demarco55 Green Slime

    took me so long to understand anything on that site but i think i got the hang of it now
  8. MikuoHatsune

    MikuoHatsune Eskimo Zombie

    Curse? Why name it curse? That dosen't make me feel all kinds of warm and fuzzy about useing it. Couldn't you have just called it Terraria Data archive or something?
  9. Rich

    Rich Voodoo Demon

    The website wasn't made specifically for this game.
  10. 38dedo

    38dedo Piranha

  11. demarco55

    demarco55 Green Slime

    well i guess that means i'm not the only one awaiting approval, guess the admins like to have long lunch breaks
  12. Rich

    Rich Voodoo Demon

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  13. confuzzledyma

    confuzzledyma Administrator

    Nice :) And yeah moderation approval may be a little slow while we start up, sorry for any inconvenience!
  14. 38dedo

    38dedo Piranha

    lol haven't visited curse forge for a while... I just checked my old profile and saw all the old crap I used to make in SC2.
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  15. demarco55

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  16. Patashu

    Patashu Green Slime

    Cool, but what's the difference between Adventure, Dungeon and Puzzle? ?_?

    A better categorization would be
    Action Adventure (plot/exploration based with mostly fighting)
    Puzzle Adventure (plot/exploration based with mostly puzzles)
    Jump Map (not plot or exploration based, based around how well you can navigate jumps, terrain, parkour etc)
  17. Israel Ribeiro

    Israel Ribeiro Green Slime

    I miss a PvP category there...
  18. Rykerman33

    Rykerman33 Green Slime

    you've never heard of Curse.com before? have you have ever played a computer game??
  19. 38dedo

    38dedo Piranha

    <<youtube wY5cdUMW83A>>

    Where "wY5cdUMW83A" is the data after the "watch?v=" in the youtube video link.
  20. demarco55

    demarco55 Green Slime

    i think you have to select that your using html though, or does that work with bb code?

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