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Discussion in 'PC' started by UberJumper, May 17, 2011.

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  1. UberJumper

    UberJumper Green Slime

    :siren: [​IMG] :siren:

    NOROOM has taken over the project

    ALSO AWESOME PROJECT: http://terrariviewer.codeplex.com/


    Changes and New Features!
    • Added Chest Filtering, this allows chests only containing certain items to have their symbol drawn. (Its under advanced settings tab)
    • GUI elements (checkboxes/etc) are persistant between uses of the application
    • Beta Worlds (i.e. Release #38) will work properly
    • Symbols can be enabled or disabled on a per symbol basis
    • Chest Information tab which is just a dump of the current chest information
    • Meterorite is now visible as a bright magenta pink
    • Application defaults to terraria world directory for input
    • If the program encounters an unknown tile type, it won't crash any more
    • Symbols can be customized, by going to %APPDATA%\Roaming\TerrariaWorldViewer\Resources
    • Dungeon blocks/walls are now coloured their corresponding Colour
    • Wood blocks are now colored like wood blocks

    Symbol Legend :eng101:

    COMPLETE NEWBIE GUIDE (Thanks Metamorf)



    Where are my World Files?

    In your My Documents/My Games/Terraria/Worlds
    I get an error during Creation of Preview Graphics

    Please upload and post a screenshot, under issue tracking along with a zipped world file
    How can i change the symbols?

    Go to: %APPDATA%\Roaming\TerrariaWorldViewer\Resources and the preview graphics are there, they must be a PNG.

    Sample output:

    Source code and binaries avaliable here:
  2. mattia

    mattia Green Slime

    Won't work..... fix it
  3. UberJumper

    UberJumper Green Slime

  4. ( Tchey )

    ( Tchey ) Cursed Man

    I can't download it, nothing happens when i click the mediafire link.
  5. Bew

    Bew Cursed Man

    I get this when I try to browse:

    Attached Files:

  6. Masterjts

    Masterjts Green Slime

  7. Visez1

    Visez1 Green Slime

    Getting the same error also ...
  8. UberJumper

    UberJumper Green Slime

    I updated the post, its fixed now.
  9. todumbtodi

    todumbtodi Green Slime

    thanks man this worked for me pretty awesome
  10. Visez1

    Visez1 Green Slime

    It works great thank you :)
  11. dJeyL

    dJeyL Green Slime

    Worked... Totally unexpected... because this map is lubriciously HUGE.
  12. Bew

    Bew Cursed Man

    That worked! Thanks much
  13. Twisted Metal

    Twisted Metal Green Slime

    lol How come every one commenting on this is a "New Member" ?
    Just found it odd. :p
  14. ( Tchey )

    ( Tchey ) Cursed Man

    You have to be a new member one day or another...
    Thanks for this World Viewer, "Large" is... huge !
  15. Patchumz

    Patchumz Dark Caster

    Very nice, good for finding Underground Jungle biomes without endless searching. (Don't really care to find specific loot with it, kind of lame)

    EDIT: and meteorites, which side is dungeon, etc.
  16. UberJumper

    UberJumper Green Slime

    Dungeon is shown in purple. Meteroites i need to figure out the block id for it.
  17. Pozzuh

    Pozzuh Squirrel

    This is awesome, ty
  18. Shabla

    Shabla Green Slime

    This is REALLY usefull, thanks !
    If I had a random suggestion it would be to save the "Worlds" path so it reminds it next time.

    Good job !
  19. iTiamo

    iTiamo Green Slime

    Now I can see my mine, it is f******* pathetic...
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  20. Arkalius

    Arkalius Squirrel

    Awesome job on this... this is really cool. It's nice to get an idea of what the worlds look like when generated. Looks like the floating islands aren't anything really substantial... but that's ok.
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