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Discussion in 'PC' started by UberJumper, May 17, 2011.

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  1. FryGuy

    FryGuy Green Slime

    OP I suggest you add the path info to your OP, or better yet have the map viewer default to that location on its first run (then keep behavior on future runs like it is now, last used location)

    Goto your "documents" or "my documents" folder, then "My Games" then "\Terraria\Worlds"

    On windows xp/vista/7 if you paste this path into the prompt when you click browse on the map editor, it will take you there:
    %HOMEPATH%\My Documents\My Games\Terraria\Worlds
  2. Killamoth

    Killamoth Green Slime

    This is a really nice program. Thanks.
  3. BakaKiyoshi

    BakaKiyoshi Green Slime

    I Get this error

    Help please

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  4. Lazarus

    Lazarus Green Slime

    I noticed that Chests or pots that are located underwater are not displayed on the map
  5. Jackomel

    Jackomel Green Slime

    Of course!
  6. SyMadude23

    SyMadude23 Green Slime

    where are the map files located? i cant find them!
  7. flying sheep

    flying sheep Zombie

    look at the first post on this thread page, man
  8. FryGuy

    FryGuy Green Slime

    Dunno if first post shows it, but first post on this PAGE does, I wrote it up :)
  9. pmkrefeld

    pmkrefeld Green Slime

    me too -.-
  10. flying sheep

    flying sheep Zombie

    read again what cou quoted.
  11. UberJumper

    UberJumper Green Slime

    Upload World file please.

    That generally means there is a missing tile ugh.
  12. pmkrefeld

    pmkrefeld Green Slime

    Hi, I already have uploaded a wld file (as I get the same error as him/her) yesterday...... wondered if the file worked for you

    Edit: Forget about it.... It works now.... I had an update *cough* :)
    (Never spent money on something I haven't tested, terraria passed)
  13. SecretZX

    SecretZX Squirrel

    ...i was looking for an underground jungle all this time FREAKING EVERYWHERE and now i found out its been below my house all this time o_o ....... FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU!!!!!
  14. RedAce

    RedAce Green Slime

    ok, so from a lack of understanding, how exactly do you find the PNG file for the Output World Preview section, cuz i cant find it anywhere, can someone plz simplify the process of how to make this thing work?

    Edit: nvm, i just overwrote a random pic and it now shows me my world, and it looks pretty sweet, might i say
  15. SecretZX

    SecretZX Squirrel

    Start the mapviewer and select you world should be in my documents/my games/terraria/worlds
    Then after that select the other thing which will be where you want to place it
    Create and youre done
  16. UberJumper

    UberJumper Green Slime

    Will be fixed in next version.
  17. FryGuy

    FryGuy Green Slime

    You type in a file name. OP should have it default to something like DEFAULT.PNG
  18. kanon88

    kanon88 Green Slime

    put a legend for everything on png inside the program(also ore colors) please, anyway thanks for that. :D
  19. Raccoon Sam

    Raccoon Sam Dark Caster

    Im pretty sure someone has asked this, but Im too lazy to look. How do you get your world on the viewer? I can't find it >.<. Im such a noob.
  20. Huck29

    Huck29 Green Slime

    i know it sounds kind of stupid but idk how to select a world e.e
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