Terraria not working.

Discussion in 'In-Game Support Archive' started by Poyuk, Jun 1, 2011.

  1. Poyuk Green Slime

    My terraria won't work properly, This comes up when I try to start it up :

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  2. Xenoun Green Slime

    Try running terraria as an administrator:

    Right click the terraria shortcut > Compatability tab > Run as administrator > Ok
  3. Poyuk Green Slime

    What do you mean about Compatability tab?
  4. Xenoun Green Slime

    Hah, sorry forgot shortcuts don't have it. You'll need to open up your Terraria file and right click on the main exe file rather than the shortcut to it
  5. Kyrsis Green Slime

    Its not working for me, yet My brother can open it but hates me too mush to open it.
  6. Ghastly Boss Demon Eye

    Try reinstalling .NET Framework 4.0 and Microsof XNA.
  7. Kyrsis Green Slime

    I did, nothing happen
  8. Kyrsis Green Slime

    like I said My bro found a way to block me from getting on, nothing happens or
    (can't get the pic)
  9. Kjkillercom Doctor Bones

  10. Kyrsis Green Slime

    I didn't update also as I said for The 3rd time my bro can get on and off at ANY time
  11. Kjkillercom Doctor Bones

    You mean you are running on an older version? You may want to update if that is the case since your missing out on a lot of new stuff.
  12. Kyrsis Green Slime

    I got 1.0.3
  13. Perculier Green Slime

    Get 1.0.4! It has... BUNNIES! :D
  14. Kjkillercom Doctor Bones

  15. Kyrsis Green Slime

    no luck with help
  16. knifeproz Green Slime

    Alright. Here's what you gotta do. Count to 3, backwards. from 10. then, open steam, right click terraria press delete local content. back up your worlds and files first. Then count to 1 backwards from 3, and install terraria again.
    Once you've done that it should work. If it doesn't....check for windows updates, update flash, java, .Net framework.
  17. Kyrsis Green Slime

    I didn't get it from steam I got it from my bro
  18. knifeproz Green Slime

    *facepalm* there's your problem sir.
  19. Kyrsis Green Slime

    I got 2 bros chris (who I got it from) and Jono (The hater in my famliy) and chris's works fine his and My bro (jono) found a way to block me from getting on
  20. Kjkillercom Doctor Bones

    That's your problem. Your running a pirated version which we cannot help you with here.

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