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  1. istari Demon Eye

    This is a fork of espes' excellent Terraria Mac Wrapper, I have taken his original work and updated it to work for 1.1.2. This is still about 90% his work so he deserves a lot of the credit.
    You can find the thread for the original here http://www.terrariaonline.com/threads/terraria-mac-wrapper.15236/

    • Download the wrapper
    • Steam for OS X must be installed and you have to have logged in at least once
    • Your Steam profile must be publicly visible. A good indicator is to visit https://steamcommunity.com/ and do a search for yourself.
    • You must, of course, own a copy of Terraria on Steam
    • Find your copy of Terraria.exe and its associated Content folder. There are two ways of doing this:
    • When you start the wrapper for the first time it will ask you where your Terraria.exe and Content folder is.
    • Play
    • ATTENTION: I will no longer be actively supporting this wrapper. I may continue to provide help through this thread but I work a full-time job and study at university when I'm not working so I make no promises.
    Known issues:
    • Some crashes when using multiplayer
    • Dead keys are not supported in text input
    If you encounter a crash, here is the way to submit a report:
    • Open /Applications/Utilities/Console.app
    • Click "Clear Display"
    • Run Terraria and reproduce the crash
    • Copy the contents from Console.app and paste in http://pastebin.com/
    • Post a reply here with a link to the report on pastebin along with instructions on how you reproduced the crash.
    • If you are on a version of OS X other than 10.7.2 that would be helpful to know as well.

    Here is the source code for the wrapper, provided under the MIT license:
    No support will be provided for the source code. You will also need espes' original wrapper to get the source for the relaunch command-line utility and for the sound bank tools.
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  2. Ianlegoman Green Slime

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  3. Keljhan Green Slime

    I can run everything fine on Single Player, but anytime I try to do something on multiplayer it crashes. Any ideas?

    Edit: Here's the crash log:
  4. istari Demon Eye

    Correct me if I'm wrong but as far as I know Steam is the only place to get Terraria legally.

    I just don't want my work to support piracy. I think that Terraria is a great game and that the developers deserve to be paid. And since the Steam api that comes with Terraria won't run on OS X this is the least I can do to make sure that only those who have obtained the game legally will use my wrapper.

    There is something strange going on with the multiplayer. I have managed to connect to a server but was unable to move. If you can get me a crash log that would be appreciated.
    Just to be clear, the data from the Apple crash dialog is not helpful (see the first post for what I actually need). I think that this is actually some bug in Mono, which makes things difficult because that means that I can't get the information I need to fix it.
  5. Keljhan Green Slime

    Edited it in.
  6. Keljhan Green Slime

    What I posted was from the console.app. I tried again, and this is what I got:
    http://pastebin.com/WCZEfAUt (I think it's different)
  7. istari Demon Eye

    Sorry but that stack trace doesn't help me. All it tells me is that Mono tried to execute an illegal instruction, it doesn't tell me where to look in Terraria.exe for the culprit.
    I am looking at other ways to narrow down why this is happening, but they will take significantly longer.
  8. Dregon Green Slime

    I think at one point you could buy it on the Terraria website.

    Oh yeah, and Multiplayer is working fine for me at the moment.
  9. DeadInternal Squirrel

    Cool. I'd have to go with another method though, wine.
  10. Dregon Green Slime

    Wine is awesome, but for non developers it's often difficult to use, and this is pretty straight foreword.
  11. DeadInternal Squirrel

    Yeah, I won't argue. I'm writing up a tutorial for it. It took me 2 tries on wine to get it to work.
  12. Keljhan Green Slime

    Wat??? Tell me exactly what you did, if you don't mind.
  13. Dregon Green Slime

    I did nothing. Just used his most recent version of the wrapper. It quit a few times yesterday, but today it's been fine.
  14. Keljhan Green Slime

    1. Download and open the .dmg
    2. Move the folder to desktop
    3. Copy terraria.exe to the "put terraria.exe here" folder
    4. Open and play
  15. Dregon Green Slime

    Pretty much.
  16. CryoPenguin Demon Eye

    And I'm glad that you made a new thread.
    Multiplayer = Great
    Single Player = Great
    Conclusion = Great

  17. Dregon Green Slime

    Send me a link?
  18. Patchumz Dark Caster

    Cool to see someone maintaining this :). I'll keep using Wine (since I'm very tech savvy... and install it once, works forever. Unlike a wrapper). But I'm still a huge supporter of the wrapper; not everyone can figure out things like Wine, and frankly I used Espes' wrapper for a very long time myself ^^.

    Good luck, haha.
  19. Fauxma Cursed Man

    the wrapper appears on my application bar but doesn't open and then disappears:(
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  20. Fauxma Cursed Man

    I really need help for this , I've delete and redone like 30 times ! But it will never work

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