Terraria on PSP!

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Mr.Stalker, Jan 6, 2012.

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  1. Mr.Stalker

    Mr.Stalker Green Slime

    Hey guys! I know someone who works on porting Terraria to PSP! The game works, but there are a lot of bugs. His nickname DirecT-proger
    Test Release 0.1
    -Installing and removing blocks
    -Block of grass, earth, stone, shingles, wood, glass, walls (earth, boards)
    -Loading and saving the worlds
    -Worlds of 32x32, 64x64, 96x64
    -A small physics
    -Fake door =)

    The site where the game was first published(Russian) -
    p.s. Sorry for my bad english :D
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  2. Vaguabond

    Vaguabond Zombie


    How do you even.... :O

    Edit: Holy crap, this DOES work, although it's more than Alpha.

    - Install Instruction: Download the file, open the file, copy the TerrariaTestRelease folder in\PSP\GAME

    Then, go to your game list in your PSP and launch Terraria.

    D-Pad : Move character
    Analog Stick : Move Cursor
    Left Trigger : Remove Block
    Right Trigger : Add Block
    Start Button : Save and Quit

    You can't open any menus or change any tools. Adding blocks with the Pickaxe make a glitchy piece of wood appear.

    It took more than 5 minutes to create and find 6100 tiles....
  3. Puppetmaster

    Puppetmaster Green Slime

    Wow. Wow, just... wow. Frickin' hell, what a legendary coder.
  4. Dakz

    Dakz Green Slime

    In the big world there is a bug with invisible textures, later the author will remove this bug...
  5. Mr.Stalker

    Mr.Stalker Green Slime

    The author in the future will improve the game
    p.s. This version he made less than 2 weeks
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  6. Vaguabond

    Vaguabond Zombie

    Can you please keep us updated on this? I'd be willing to test newer version whenever they're available.

    If this can help, here are my PSP specs.
    CFWEnabler 3.51 ON
    System Software : 5.03 GEN-C (Full)
  7. The Ottoman Rogue

    The Ottoman Rogue The Survivor

    Cool, but illegal. I recommend leaving this to Red.
  8. Atlas™

    Atlas™ Bone Serpent

    Wouldn't you need the devs permission to do this?
  9. Vaguabond

    Vaguabond Zombie

    It might be "illegal" since it's dealing with PSP homebrew softwares. Also, Terraria's borrowed content.

    I wonder what the devs/forum mods's oppinion on this.

    The devs could work with the russians in releasing a future PSP Vita Terraria game....

    or nuke them into oblivion with DMCA's and lawlsuits.

    In any decisions that are taken, I support the idea of having a portable Terraria experience.
  10. Graceful Assassin

    Graceful Assassin No. XI MARLUXIA

    Please get the developers permission before posting this here, this is illegal to do so without their permission, once you have their permission, with proof, I will unlock this thread and allow you to put back the download links. Convo me for further details on this matter.

    Sorry. Locked. (open)

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