Terraria On The Nintendo DS!

Discussion in 'Suggestions Archive' started by Nindzya, May 16, 2011.

  1. Nindzya

    Nindzya Green Slime

    I think having terraria on the DS would be so kool i mean look at the style of the game it would be perfect for the DS and so much fun people could play anywhere! I am getting a Nintendo 3DS soon and i was thinking how awesome it would be. All the controls are there on the console it is perfect :D

    vKNIGHTWOLFv Squirrel

    No offense but Blue said terraria was made with XNA which microsoft made.

    I dont think you can get it on DS. (Maybe, Maybe...)

    You can get it on XBox through 3rd party though.
  3. ReceptiveRaptor

    ReceptiveRaptor Green Slime

    No offense but that doesn't mean shit, they could port it.
  4. Trawlers

    Trawlers Green Slime

    I like this idea, there should be exclusive features and game modes only on the DS like new crafting recipes that can be transferred over to your single player world on the PC.
  5. theegrimrobe

    theegrimrobe Green Slime

    that could be cool - if it was a budget title and was released world over not just usa (im in England)
  6. Steve Funk

    Steve Funk Green Slime

    No just no.. It deserves to be on xbox more than a simple child's device
  7. theegrimrobe

    theegrimrobe Green Slime

    Xbox could also work i guess
  8. Marz2292

    Marz2292 Green Slime

    Implying that the xbox isn't a simple child's device xD
  9. theegrimrobe

    theegrimrobe Green Slime

    I reall dont think it is considering a lot of the output is fps and other adult leaning genres... One platform im sure i dont want it on is ps3 as i dont see it working all that well.. Saying all that ide be happy with just the pc release
  10. TheWolfie

    TheWolfie Green Slime

    PC olny

    ples keep it this way =p
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  11. Xupmatoih

    Xupmatoih Green Slime

    how could this game work on the Xbox anyways?...
  12. BendixY

    BendixY Green Slime

    Your Words are my Words :)
  13. Hosko21

    Hosko21 Green Slime

    i think the gaming interface would suit perfectly with the DS, i'm not a kid and i still use my DS, mostly on the train, i play that Brain Training game still and a few other puzzle games. The DS is not just a childs device, it's just proven to be one of the best distractions a kid can have.
  14. Maksago

    Maksago Dark Caster

    Terraria on DS, in my opinion, would be terrible. I think it should only be on PC and Mac.
  15. Xupmatoih

    Xupmatoih Green Slime

    I think the game suits nicely with the Stylus and Touchscreen:
    Top screen = the game
    Touchscreen= the inventory and mining(you get to switch between them)
    Dpad = moving
    the a,b,x,y buttons = jumping/attacking
    3DS' Analog Stick = Aiming for the Arrows/hook,etc..

    plus the game could have Download-Play Multiplayer so you can play wth your friends with only one gamecart, just limit them from doing stuff like saving the character/inventory.
  16. Gzomyndzor

    Gzomyndzor Doctor Bones

    Nice idea but the controls would be awkward and the screen too small :mad:
  17. Noras

    Noras The Groom

    I think, if there would be a DS-Version, I would buy it again^^. I love Terraria on PC and I also love my DS. But I think, the PC is the best platform for the game and it should stay there. :)
  18. Roflchoper

    Roflchoper Cave Bat

    If it wee gonna go onto another system FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, PLEASE, NOT THE WIIU OR THE 3DS OR KINECT THE CONTROLS WILL RUIN EVRYTHING and i do not want to spend £400 for a wiiu which will only entertain me for a month at most
  19. Brother Lame

    Brother Lame Slimed Zombie

    If it was to be ported to any console, I'd have said the 3DS would be ideal. Terraria is a game which requires a pointer of some description to work effectively, and being able to tap blocks to mine and such would be great.
  20. Razor Knight

    Razor Knight Mushi Ladybug

    ... Okay, so why the self-denying statement? Your 'manly' device is much manlier than a portable one, because only kids use portables? Is that what you were trying to say? It didn't quite come out as you intended.

    On the other hand, OP, a lot of people thought Doom would look awesome in the GBA, back in the day. You can check and see how that ended. And here:


    Let's try modding Terraria to a 256 x 192 resolution and see how it looks.

    Skeletron: "Is that bunch of blocks your character, or are you happy to see me?"

    Also, before the complaining starts, remember that less resolution = less things shown in your screen. A lot of people complains about Hell, how about going there when you can only see a few sprites to the left or right of your character? Sounds awesome, right?

    The 3DS doesn't do a lot better, with 800 x 240 (400 allocated to each eye) and 320 x 240 in the lower screen.

    But, to those complaining about the controls... What? The Wii's controls are, at it's basic level, a mouse with a built-in gamepad. Don't know about Kinect, those didn't get to my country yet. The "pointer pen" system of the DS and 3DS is much closer to a mouse, even. There's working DS emulators for PC, and they all do a very good job at 'emulating', well, a mouse pointer. So, a game in which you move and attack with a few keys and do everything else by pointing and clicking will, apparently, be ruined by porting it to a device where you move and attack with a few keys and do everything else by... Pointing and clicking. Yeah, I can see where that would totally ruin the game, indeed.
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