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Discussion in 'Suggestions Archive' started by IGotAIdea, Jun 20, 2011.

  1. IGotAIdea Green Slime

    I was thinking about terraria on the playstation network for the psp so we can play online *if near connection* and play single player on the go...

    I could be 15 dollars or it could be 10, should be ten.....

    What could possably go wrong?

    Jump = X
    Use tool = Square or O
    Take out back pack (where you have your tools) = triangle
    Move = CLASSIC (> < ^v)

    To place blocks..... well it gets compicated... you press R to place a block and you could moce the thingamajic to place blocks with the control stick.

    mostlikely I will get flamed for my spelling and get failed by my seggestion I have for 2 weeks now

  2. Skildabeast Green Slime

    no.........just no.
  3. Nemesis. Green Slime

    It has been said that there is support to turn this into an X-Box game, however this is not planned at any time (Near) in the future.
  4. IGotAIdea Green Slime

    Wow...just wow
  5. Skildabeast Green Slime

    no offense intended
  6. Nemesis. Green Slime

    This has also been suggested many times on different platforms. So really, the idea isn't original. Also, I'm not going to go out and buy the same game that I just payed $20 for on the internet for $50. Most likely more.
  7. IGotAIdea Green Slime

    I am dissapointed...
  8. FortyTwo Green Slime

    I'd love to see a port of this popping up on the 360 or even the android platform, but the psp is pretty unlikely due to the system being mostly DEAD as far as developers are concerned.(Don't believe me? look up sony's release schedule.unless you live in japan, forget it) The 360 copy seems VERY likely thanks to the use of microsoft's XNA framework 4 BS. That's kinda why I'm pretty sure It'll get 360 controller support of some kind. My advice is to wait. If the homebrew community wants it bad enough, they'll attempt it. (you should see how good the minecraft clone for the psp is getting!)
  9. AV42 Green Slime

    It'd be a no-brainer cash-cow for the DS (Stylus input, yo.) But the real issue is the game code would have to be rewritten to work with any brand name devices.
  10. Nemesis. Green Slime

    And the fact that I would have to re-buy a game that is more suited to the computer than any other platform.
  11. Alethium Green Slime

    Okay, lets think about it here. On the computer you get updates every other week. If it came out on the PSP, Phones, Xbox's, then 1 update would take a month.
  12. IGotAIdea Green Slime

    isnt that for the psp phone? xhperia? or somthing
  13. AV42 Green Slime

    The point was to take Terraria with you.
  14. Nemesis. Green Slime

    But I will still have to rebuy this game will I not.
  15. AV42 Green Slime

    well, yeah. Just saying a portable version would be neat like... several months from now.
  16. Alethium Green Slime

    Several months from now terraria will be dead. No harsh feelings, just that they would need to add a bunch to keep users from now to a few months.
  17. IGotAIdea Green Slime

    Roblox has ben around for more then 5 years kid friendly, the same games over and over again, with the mutiplayer terraria would be around 5 or 8 years, with the psp... it would be like minecraft for me, when i get bored i play it, get scared then go on youtube but i wont get scared
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  18. Nemesis. Green Slime

    Exactly, by the time that Devs finally get around to other systems the hype over Terraria will have died down. And since their attention will now be devoted to the new system and not updating it will be dead before it's released.
  19. FortyTwo Green Slime

    nope, im actually talking about lamecraft, a cheap ass clone of minecraft.

    mojang is actually making a REAL minecraft port for the xperia play
  20. secret735 Cursed Man

    well a possible idea in the future but what about the cursor while moving im sure u can move with the D pad and use the control stick at the same time to use guns/bows so i wouldnt recommend it for the psp unless they had a way around it

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