Terraria on the XBLA Marketplace

Discussion in 'Terraria Videos' started by ChippyGaming, Jan 28, 2013.

  1. ChippyGaming Angry Nimbus

    Only just noticed they have added Terraria to the marketplace, quite interesting for anyone who doesn't own an xbox

  2. skyspanner Squirrel

    From watching the trailer, I think its up to 8 players on XBL. Looks quite interesting
  3. ChippyGaming Angry Nimbus

    I also thought it was up to 8 people as well, I;l send the video to 505 so they can correct it
  4. Loki ISP Moderator

    Let me know if they did or did not get this.....trying to ensure they get all of these little bugs taken care of....
  5. ChippyGaming Angry Nimbus

    They replied saying they will look at it
  6. Lbphart3 Green Slime

    Its also on the Psn but does not state how many people can play it,But i think its up to 8 players to.

  7. ChippyGaming Angry Nimbus

    The PS3 version looks alot better :)
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  8. Loki ISP Moderator

    Let me just go ahead and nip any "console a is better than console b" stuff.

    I think reviews of each are fair game - but I don't want to foster the kind of generic fanboi flamefests that infest the console world.

    I'm not saying that is where you are going with your point, but it triggered a general thought.
  9. MantasX12 Dungeon Guardian

    ...Thanx a lot for watching...pee.....:D
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  10. ChippyGaming Angry Nimbus

    Slow down there, this isn't a flame war, I was only meaning the interface of the shop on PS3 looks better, I prefer that style :')

    It's the exact same game on each console, there isn't any room for fanboys :)
  11. Loki ISP Moderator

    Read the last line of my prior post again. ;)

    As I said, it was more of a general comment triggered by your post than as a response to you post itself. If that makes sense. :)

    Also, if there are any differences post launch, calling them out would be very fair game.
  12. Lbphart3 Green Slime

  13. Loki ISP Moderator

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  14. ChippyGaming Angry Nimbus

    I noticed it hasn't been corrected yet, my guess is they will correct it when the game goes live
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