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  1. kirabook

    kirabook Ex-Min


    Welcome to the Hardcore Voting Thread! Let the voting commence! CONTACT US THROUGH PM IMMEDIATELY IF THERE IS AN ISSUE WITH YOUR ENTRY CONTESTANTS!

    We've done all we could as moderators to try and get things right. Please enjoy the mods and vote on which you truly think is best rather than who the mod belongs to.

    Voting Period: Jan. 8th - Jan. 19th
    Winners Announcement: Jan. 20th

    Instructions for Mods:

    Place the OBJ file in "(My )Documents\My Games\Terraria\ModPacks", then launch tConfig, go to "tConfig Settings" menu and turn the mod on.

    (If you are able to provide more detailed information for installing these mods without installers, please do so! PM me and I will put more information up as soon as possible)

    For more information, please go to the T-Config Thread. PLEASE USE THE LATEST BUILD! (v0.28.2!)
  2. TO Contest Entries

    TO Contest Entries TO Contest Entries

    Entry #1
    Awesome Christmas

    The mod contains a bunch of features , here's a short summary.
    Better presents!
    Presents in terraria have been overhauled to give a 'new' feel.
    The present boxes are now stackable , and through a crafting recipe placable.
    The rewards improve procedurally based on the actions the player has done in the world , coming up to 80 different rewarding results in total! The rewards are not limited to building materials like they used to either , you can get accessories and even world-limited equipment!

    You can even pack your own gifts and give them to friends , they will not know what's inside until they open it up (and yes , you can wrap a wrapper present infinitely , feel free to do so if it thrills you)
    New Christmas-themed tiles
    Screenshot (open)


    Multiple tiles that felt missing to the terraria feeling of Christmas have been added to the game , those include things such as warm rugs to fit your Adamantite forge , wreaths , stocking socks , and Christmas trees , complete with a star on top.

    Screenshots (open)


    Multiple colored northern lights appear at night whenever you are at the snow biome!
    This effect has been added to the game because despite having snow falling from the sky , the snow biome does not feel any special by itself.
    The auroras appear at every non-blood moon night at the snow biome, and the color they store varies over time!

    More snow!
    The original Christmas world generation only made a small patch of the world snowy.
    Given the many features of this mod that are based on snow , the generation has been decided to widen up , and it will now cover the majority of your world's center , spreading far to the east and west and corruption , but no damage will be done to your dungeon or jungle!

    In addition , a clean area with slippery ice will be generated into a small section of the world , equivalent in size to what the original world snow area would have!

    Screenshots (open)


    Who doesn't love fireworks in the fine holidays of terraria?
    Fireworks come out of Firework Spitters , the spitters shoot the fireworks at two available modes - Two-wave and Circle-spray , and you can even customize the color of the fireworks from within the tile!

    Screenshot (open)


    Like the fireworks , Sparklers emit quite a bit of light , these are lightable sticks , that whenever swung with gel , start sparkling all over the place , for a short period - a great tool to 'light up the party!'

    Screenshots (open)


    Shovels A new brand of tools that digs out soft tiles in an AoE , they allow for much faster pacing in the underground world and come in 3 flavors , each digging in a different radius!

    New accessories!
    Screenshots (open)


    Several new accessories introduced in this mod include the Ice ring & Pendant , these two accessories hold a very special ability that lets their wearer use snow in order to freeze nearby liquids around them!

    Screenshot (open)


    Snowballs for the season! the best item when attempting to start a friendly fight with your friends! Snowballs can be charged before shooting , and doing so increases their damage , range , and knockback!

    A new special reviving item!
    An exclusive item made for hardcore players , which allows a 1-time reincarnation (per item) has been added to the game as a part of a reward from a special boss.
    This item will revive you if its in your inventory or if someone else is around in multiplayer , they'll be able to see your ghost and use it to revive you!
    -if you defeat the boss added in this pack , this item will gain a small chance of being obtained by killing any mob that does not spawn from a statue.

    A totally new boss!
    Introducing.... Frostmaw!

    Based on an old Concept Art in courtesy of Endling
    This little scary critter Comes with the a new special stacking debuff , Frostbite! , which will temporarily reduce your defense by 1 for every time you're struck , beware!
    Note that this is a morning pre-skeletron boss , with a nightmare version that will appear if night time starts! (endgame hardmode recommended for trying nightmare mode out)

    How to access everything in the modpack
    Firework related items can be crafted using bombs and wrapping papers , bombs and torches.

    The merchant and Santa Claus will now sell wrapping paper and Pine trees , respectively.

    Present boxes and the snow globe can be crafted into placable tiles.

    Colored Rugs , Wreath and stocking socks can be obtained from the presents at any given time.

    Shovels can be crafted like regular tools , using the respective materials for iron , molten and hallowed tools. (hallowed shovel will only require the three kinds of hardmode bars , but no souls)

    To call Frostmaw out for a fight you will need to craft a bait out of rotten chunks , jungle spores , purification powder and webs , at a cooking pot.

    The Accessories and weapons available in the mod all come from Frostmaw and its nightmare version , Rosemaw.

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  3. TO Contest Entries

    TO Contest Entries TO Contest Entries

    Entry #2

    It adds a new hardcore boss and several enemies to the hardcore snow biome. As well as some reward items craftable with the boss loot. I hope people can enjoy it.

    To spawn the boss, combine the 3 different presents that drop during this holiday into a summon item. I've added an arena with appropriate end-gear items to fight the boss, as well as plenty of presents to make the summon item.

    The boss requires endgame gear to beat, otherwise he would be way too hard. The last phase is pretty hard even with the best gear, but should be doable. He will drop something similar to the souls the previous hardmode bosses dropped. Take them to the guide and he will help you find the recipes.

    Good luck!

    Screenshots (open)

    entry2img (1).jpg
    entry2img (2).jpg

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  4. TO Contest Entries

    TO Contest Entries TO Contest Entries

    Entry #3

    Trent Boss:

    Information on the boss:
    Name: Treant
    Life: 60000
    Spawn: Corrupt Branch (10 Wood, 3 Corrupt Seeds)
    A living tree consumed by hatred of Terrarians, who have been cutting down forests carelessly and mercilessly.
    Treant arrives through a vortex and summons purple rain which lasts the duration of the fight.

    Treant fires branches in random directions, he will also spawn miniature versions of himself that will fire branches directly at the player.

    Treant will also spawn tree spirits that move outwards from him in a spiral pattern, leaving dust particles behind.

    Screenshots (open)


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  5. TO Contest Entries

    TO Contest Entries TO Contest Entries

    Entry #4

    A Terraria cake to show hell, underground and the surface. I used varies candy to represent different blocks, ores, and slimes.


    entry4b.JPG entry4c.JPG entry4d.JPG entry4e.JPG entry4f.JPG
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  6. TO Contest Entries

    TO Contest Entries TO Contest Entries

    Entry #5

    The mod gives you a holiday in outer space (the earth will come over there, too), offered to you by a meteor.
    But no Christmas without presents!
    Lots of unique items, NPCs, game mechanics, and Achievements (via Shockah's Achievements mod)!

    Screenshots (open)

    entry5img (1).png
    entry5img (2).png
    entry5img (3).png
    entry5img (5).png

    entry5img (7).png
    entry5img (8).png
    entry5img (9).png
    entry5img (10).png
    entry5img (11).png

    entry5img (12).png
    entry5img (13).png
    entry5img (14).png
    entry5img (4).png
    entry5img (6).png


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