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Discussion in 'Guides' started by Wyn, May 21, 2011.

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  1. Wyn

    Wyn Wiki Manager

    The Terraria Wiki has started a Guide writing project.

    We would like to invite you all to join us in creating a complete set of comprehensive How-to guides to help players of all levels be successful in Terraria.

    These guides will be a collaborative effort of many editors, combining their knowledge.
  2. Starnoid

    Starnoid Green Slime

    I haven't progressed far into the game yet, so I think I can't help. :(
    I know these guides can help me when they come out, though! :D
  3. Alethium

    Alethium Green Slime

    I fixed a few errors I found on the wiki.
  4. Wyn

    Wyn Wiki Manager

    Always a good thing!
  5. MrUnhandy

    MrUnhandy Green Slime

    I posted "The scary(?) mines" in the starter guide.
    Anyone like it? :D
  6. mattwx1

    mattwx1 Yellow Slime

    I've polished up a few pages that I think needed it. :)
  7. Wyn

    Wyn Wiki Manager

    Every effort is appreciated, big or small, but I would like to invite you all to think about expanding our guides project. What's the best strategy to kill Skeletor? What's the best way to get materials for that cool gear?

    Pick your favorite Terraria topic and start a how-to page and add it to the to-do list on our Guides project page . You don't have to write the whole thing, just get it started and let the discussions begin!

    Once an article has reached a reasonably presentable point, it will get linked on not only the main page, but also in the left navigation for all the world to see!
  8. Demious

    Demious Green Slime

    How in depth of a guide are you looking for?
    I would be able to create various guides for low level economy as well as various boss guides, but are you looking for just basic tutorials or include end game gear as well?
  9. Wyn

    Wyn Wiki Manager

    We are looking for guides for EVERYTHING... just keep in mind these will be collaboratively edited by the community.
  10. Sasheria

    Sasheria Green Slime

    It won't send me a confirmation email :*(
  11. Wyn

    Wyn Wiki Manager

    Hmmm I thought that problem had been fixed earlier. Will refer it back to our IT guys.
  12. dansdan

    dansdan Green Slime

    i have some not sure you want to hear it.well its not hacking.but im not sure its not cheating.becouse its hard work and you only playing that if you want to hear just say to me
  13. PoZesTy

    PoZesTy Green Slime

  14. needlereighn

    needlereighn Green Slime

  15. Flats27

    Flats27 Green Slime

    I just added to the mining guide page with a few extra tips on which pickaxes to use.
  16. Inflatable

    Inflatable Green Slime

    Isn't there already a wiki?
    Or is this wiki solely ( is that spelled correctly?) for guides?
  17. Vitensby

    Vitensby Green Slime

    In the past week I have created ten video tips/strategy guides in my Everything Terraria series. Each video is about 1-1.5 minutes long, so its perfect for quick reference while the game is alt-tabbed.


    Meteor Event
    Blood Moon Event
    Goblin Army Event
    The Underground Jungle Biome Environment
    Gold Jungle Shrines
    Shadow Orb Farming
    Finding Items in Treasure Chests and Pots
    Eye of Cthulhu Boss Fight
    Getting More Hearts
    Dealing with Lava

    If any wiki editor wants to embed them into the site, that would be cool!

    Here is the grid view of the playlist for easy reference:
  18. elias1102

    elias1102 Squirrel

    can i buy ninja suit for 20g ?
  19. flamewind234

    flamewind234 Green Slime

    I'll try to help too
  20. HBVids1

    HBVids1 Green Slime

    I was just wondering if there were any guides you need doing? I'd be interested in helping to make video guides for anything that needs doing! :)
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