PC Terraria Patch 1.0.1

Discussion in 'Patch Notes' started by Kane, May 17, 2011.

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  1. Fraps automatically locks whatever you're recording at whatever frame rate you've got it set to record at. I'd recommend using Fraps to record it at 60 FPS so that it works properly. That's usually what I keep it set on.
  2. dmaxwell Green Slime

  3. Grymmoire Green Slime

    Actually, I have a nice little room with a bed in it that has all that and I dunno what to do with it from there. Clicking on it doesn't seem to do anything.

  4. Sir_Trent Green Slime

    I do not know if this is really a bug but when I run the game fullscreen the game is tied to a single core, instead of the normal round robin (no core runs at 100%) it is when windowed. It could be only a problem on my computer and to be fair it's not really a problem just a weird behavior.
  5. Walter Sullivan Squirrel

    Maybe you need to have a torch inside that room, since it doesn't have any source of lightning.
  6. Grymmoire Green Slime

    Ah I have no idea how I didn't notice that.

    So is the spawn point change automatic or do I activate it. If I gotta activate it there needs to be some kind of indication that it's my new spawn point upon activation.
  7. Daave Green Slime

    Nice patch guys, fixing multiplayer is a priority for most of the players.
  8. dmaxwell Green Slime

    This is normal for most games, unless they are developed for multi-core support they will only use one.
  9. Kwan Green Slime

    Since I updated i've had this problem:

    The game literally sped everything up 4x fast. Everything is moving wayyy too fast now. I can barley time hitting a eye now. I've also ran into doors more since I can't open them fast enough. Might get a video of it in a minute
  10. Sir_Trent Green Slime

    I know that, I guess I was not precise enough what I meant. It was not that it used only one core it was that in normal use for a process it is moved around on the cores(you never see a core at 100% usage) to balance the heat development and this is exactly what happens when playing the game in windowed mode. How ever when you <alt+enter> to fullscreen it instantly maximes a core and the round robin is never utilized.
    I might withdraw my statement to call this a problem because it will make the game run slightly faster as moving the process is a performance loss and just ask if the devs know about this and if it is intended or not. The only downsides would be localized heat development and the wear on the single core would be slightly higher (not that processes have a short lifetime.)
  11. Grymmoire Green Slime

    Ah nope, the bed definitely doesn't work. I used a magic mirror and it took me...not to my bed.
  12. dmaxwell Green Slime

    My understanding is if an application is started on a core it wont switch cores when/if it starts to work harder, any new process will be started on a lesser used core. To work around this, I shut down the multi-threading on the CPU and increase the speed. That way it does not generate any more heat then normal and gives each core a bit more horsepower.

    I would not expect to see Terraria turn into a multi-threaded application any time soon... :(
  13. Nagol Demon Eye

    Did you right click the bed? works for me, should say something on the screen about your spawn being set.
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  14. Grymmoire Green Slime

    I clicked the bed many times, left and right. Not a pixel unclicked.
  15. dmaxwell Green Slime

    Over 9000 clicks!
  16. Nagol Demon Eye

    Reproduced the room with your bed, found the problem I think. Extend the one left wall 1 more out, so the bed isn't touching. makes the bed work in my re-creation of your bedroom.
  17. dmaxwell Green Slime

    I noticed that for NPCs they won't spawn unless their "room" is a minimum size, this might be the case for the bed as well?
  18. Sir_Trent Green Slime

    Well I know that most processes even if they are processor hoggers are moved around, the only time I've seen this is when you set the core affinity for the processor to only one core.
  19. Grymmoire Green Slime

    Still not working, very strange.

    And just to prove that I did what you said:
  20. Benvdd Green Slime

    maybe it is because the wall isnt finished all the way to the bottom of yr room? like , wall the floors aswell... not sure
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