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Discussion in 'Other' started by Schima, Apr 13, 2012.

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  1. Schima

    Schima Green Slime

    There is Minecraft Pocket Edition, why there's no Terraria PE for Terraria fans?
    I love to play Terraria, but when i'm not on my PC, i want it on my smartphone, but there's no pocket edition >.<

    If nobody thinked about it, i'm suggesting it. So if admins think that's good idea, realize it :)
  2. spartalaughs

    spartalaughs Green Slime

    No. Minecraft with touch controls is bad enough, Terraria with touch controls is just... no.
  3. GoldenPhoenix 97

    GoldenPhoenix 97 Bone Serpent

    A PC game doesn't belong on a Smartphone just like a Smartphone game doesn't belong on the PC [im looking straight at you Angry Birds]
  4. Servor

    Servor Green Slime

    i do not hate this suggestion nor like it i think no.

    but it coming on the PSVita..., well thats another idea, better
  5. donelwero

    donelwero Cursed Man

    +1 Would love to see this game on the vita or the 3DS. As it wont have any future updates, the games as it si now would be awesome for any of those two consoles. Can't imagine the ammount of time I would spend playing this on my vita. lol
  6. Ix0r

    Ix0r Green Slime

    No... Just no. This is a fucking idiotic "idea" and would never be able to be performed well with Terrarias Control Style and all. You should go cry in a corner now for making this so called "idea"
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  7. donelwero

    donelwero Cursed Man

    .. yeah, ok bro.
  8. Ix0r

    Ix0r Green Slime

    Fantastic comeback totally made my previous post go to shame! (Sarcasm)
  9. donelwero

    donelwero Cursed Man

    What you didnt get is that I dont have the time to read/answer your super smart replies.
    Besides, who are you to say it can't be ported? I don't remember asking you, and I'm not really sure that you have the qualifications of a game dev. But yeah this is a forum, so anyone can speak their minds in here, I get that.

    Next time, if you want to look smart and well versed, go read something about game development, come back with facts and then reply. Your stupid answers just flood the thread.

    I didn't ask for a port. It was some kind of wishful thinking and I think I'm not the only one whod be happy to play this game on a vita for example. Cause a game like Terraria is what portable consoles need. Too much shovelware, mutilated ports of old games. So yeah, it would be awesome to have Terraria on our Vitas.

    This is the last time I reply to you.
  10. It might be good on tablets but the inventory sorting would be hard.If it was on phone i would have to squint because the sprites would be small.
  11. donelwero

    donelwero Cursed Man

    The thing is that both the 3DS and Vita has touch functions, Vita has two touch panels, let's say three directional pads. Scrolling through the inventory could be done with the rear touch pad. Or the right directional stick.

    Anyway, I've been expecting to play a game like this on a portable console. I loved Knytt stories on my ds, I always wanted to play IWBTG on my DS or my PSP, and I would love to play Terraria on my 3DS or my Vita.

    I don't remember the specs of Terraria, how much ram or processor capacity it needs to run properly, but Im pretty sure the Vita can run it.

    Well, here I am again, just daydreaming.
  12. Ix0r

    Ix0r Green Slime

    That's exactly one of the things wrong. The touch function!
    So. We would grab the stylus use it to control the cursor WHILE using the D-Pad/Control Stick and Buttons?
    No! Exactly why it wouldn't fit with Terraria! It would be VERY uncomftable! It would suck! Just like you for making this so called "idea"
  13. Servor

    Servor Green Slime

    Show Spoiler

    if the spoiler doesnt show its because i suck at spoilers and also if you dont like it dont look here
  14. darkstarzx2

    darkstarzx2 Voodoo Demon

    Although I don't like IxOr's attitude about it, I have to agree with him. Putting Terraria on a mobile console would be rather difficult. Using the D-Pad and Buttons while using the stylus to aim your mining/shooting would be nearly impossible. That is, unless you're really good at The World Ends With You. :3
  15. Razor Knight

    Razor Knight Mushi Ladybug

    Suggested thousands of times for thousands of portable consoles before.

    I've pointed all the flaws in these plans before. Screen definition, lack of enough keys, lack of Steam...

    However this time around I think I can add one more awesome reason: Lack of developers!
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  16. Could be really awkward, however, there is 1 smartphone this could actually work on.
    The Sony Xpheria Play. It has all the functions of a smartphone, but has a convinient slide out game control style buttons that are similar to the Sony PSP.
    If anything this would suit the 3DS really well. Inventory is on the bottom, while the action takes place on the top. Did I mention, it would be 3D? *grins*
  17. If the source is released then make it yourself, but personally I want a portable Tedit like program, so I can build schematics on the go.
  18. Ix0r

    Ix0r Green Slime

    This post is redundent. I already pointed out the flaws on this thread. Yes in a rude way but who gives a shit?
  19. Servor

    Servor Green Slime

    The OP maybe? and me..
  20. Razor Knight

    Razor Knight Mushi Ladybug

    I would agree, but I can't find redundent in the dictionary.

    Learn English and how to answer to others without attacking them, and then we may talk in equal grounds. Otherwise, you're just another half-baked goblin floating around the forums just 'cause the moderators are too soft at handing out infractions.
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