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Discussion in 'PC' started by Nakano15, Feb 25, 2012.

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  1. CoolYoshifan Snatcher

    I can try and kill dungeon guardians...
  2. Cubbi Green Slime

    This is... pretty close to impossible.
  3. CoolYoshifan Snatcher

    what's impossible?
  4. Nakano15 Devourer

    Dungeon Guardian Prime?WTH is that?

    Make it insane,not impossible.

    Good one.I'll add that quest.

    And more 3 quests added.
  5. CoolYoshifan Snatcher

    I killed dungeon guardian before. Can't remeber how though. :S
  6. Nakano15 Devourer

    But i think you know the quest board rules,show video or photo(depending of the quest) to complete the mission.
  7. CoolYoshifan Snatcher

    Ok...when I get home. Cuz I don't have Terraria in school. XD
  8. Nakano15 Devourer

    Very obvious (if you aren't using a notebook).
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  9. CoolYoshifan Snatcher

    Today is my lazy day in school. XD
  10. EddySteel Demon Eye

    I've already pre-ordered Terraria Collectors Edition! I did that ages ago!
  11. Nakano15 Devourer

    When you get it,take a screenshot of the box,and post here,so you'll complete a quest.
  12. EddySteel Demon Eye

    Ok, I might forget in half a months time though.
  13. Nakano15 Devourer

    More 3 quests was added on the topic.
  14. Sol Prower Doctor Bones

    Can we kill the boss with anything we want if the quest doesn't state it?
  15. Nakano15 Devourer

    If you not use hack,server benefits,or other kind of cheat to achieve that,you can.
  16. Its IMPOSSIBLE to kill dungeon guardian before sunrise even if you bomb him AND use a megashark nonstop with 100% accuracy…you should change the wording
  17. r9310 Cursed Man

    i think "kill 1000 EoC would be leveled as easy :3"
  18. Nakano15 Devourer

    The dungeon guardian is an exception,i didn't said on the quest,that was to kill him,with the other hardmode bosses (if was the quest i think it is).
    Without cheat.
  19. r9310 Cursed Man

    yes... you just stand in one place and swing or shoot your weapon the ammount of hearts that drop from the minion eyes it shoots and the eye itself when defeated cancels out the damage you take
  20. Sol Prower Doctor Bones

    Did you reply to the right post? Your post doesn't make sense to me.
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