Terraria PVP server[NO LAG] EU server

Discussion in 'Server Archive' started by Genesis, Jul 5, 2011.

  1. Genesis

    Genesis Green Slime

    IP:Ip will be sent if your application was accepted.
    You'll need to post application.

    1.No griefing
    2.Be nice to each others
    3.No hacking

    Server is running on Tmod.Server is safe from griefers!
    When you join you must register:
    /register passwordhere

    Aplication form:
    Speical skills?:
    Why do you want to join?:
    Have you read the rules?:
    Any other information?:

    I need help building castles!
  2. Qtri

    Qtri Demon Eye

    Team: Red
    Speical skills?:Fighting,building and another stuff :p
    Why do you want to join?:Bored from single player,want to play with people and have fun :)
    Have you read the rules?:Yes I did
    Any other information?:Not at the moment :D
  3. Can

    Can Green Slime

    IGN: Drift

    Age: 17

    Special skills: PvP, magic, tactical gameplay, i never use easy to use weapons

    Why do you want to join?: I love PvP and this server is PvP and EU, im from London

    Have you read the rules?: yeh

    Any other information?: Do it so PvP is always on, and Ill kick the griefers' ass ;)
  4. Genesis

    Genesis Green Slime

    all accepted
  5. koolaidman64

    koolaidman64 Green Slime

    IGN?: Jack


    Team: Blue

    Speical skills?: Awesome weapons.(i.e firey greatsword, flamerang, ect.

    Why do you want to join?: Because i've been looking for a server for a long time now and really think this a cool idea for a server :D

    Have you read the rules?: Yeah.

    Any other information?: Not really.
  6. Genesis

    Genesis Green Slime

  7. MikeLiam

    MikeLiam Green Slime

    Team: Red
    Speical skills?: Got some PVP and bulding skill, several character setups, Tank/Jolt/Mage others
    Why do you want to join?: Wanna put my items and skill to a good use. playing alone all the time gets boring fast
    Have you read the rules?: Confirmed
    Any other information?: Just giving my word im not going to hack/grief.
  8. 6Jericho9

    6Jericho9 Green Slime

    IGN?: Jericho
    Age: 16
    Team: Red
    Speical skills?: I'm a great builder! You name it, I make it.
    Why do you want to join?: I have yet to find a good server to devote myself to... and I own in PVP >:)
    Have you read the rules?: All 3, yep. General guidelines: Don't be a douche. Got it.
    Any other information?: I can build those castles and what not. Damn well, I might add.
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  9. Smasher39

    Smasher39 Green Slime

    IGN?: Smasher39 (Also Steam name and such)
    Age: 13 ( a little young, but not dumb.)
    Team: Blue
    Speical skills?: None really, I just bought this. Still new.
    Why do you want to join?: I really love to work with people, and have fun! =D
    Have you read the rules?: Yep. I won't be an asshole.
    Any other information?: I've played minecraft, if that helps at all. XD :)
  10. Genesis

    Genesis Green Slime

    all accepted
  11. TheHepburnn

    TheHepburnn Green Slime


    Team: Red
    Speical skills?: I could do both pve and pvp, Pretty bold and good at mining
    Why do you want to join?: I enjoy pvp and playing with others
    Have you read the rules?: Yes Of Course:)
    Any other information?: Was accepted in other server but never got a chance to join
  12. The player

    The player Green Slime

    Speical skills:jumping,mining fighting
    Why do you what to join?:I love to play with others
    Any other information?:yes I will help others and give them what the people need!:)
    have you read the rules?: yes I have
  13. FalconCrystal

    FalconCrystal Cursed Skull

    Age:12 (but can keep up with 17 teen year olds soo ya XD)
    Team: Green
    Speical skills?: Amazing at PvP and good at general PvE give me an idea for a building I can make it.
    Why do you want to join?: Bored of Sp
    Have you read the rules?:Yes
    Any other information?:can host if server is down(if you want the same world I would need a save file) Edit do we need to post our IP ? and which one?
  14. SarasLT

    SarasLT Green Slime


    Team: Blue
    Speical skills?:Cool weapons and arrmor...
    Why do you want to join?:Because im bored of sp
    Have you read the rules?:Yes, all
    Any other information?:I am from lithuania
  15. sam potter

    sam potter Green Slime

    IGN: Chuck Norris
    Age: 12
    Team: green
    Why do i want to join: i want to find a good server me and a few freinds can play on and not be greifed.
    Special Skills: fighting, team work and generally veing awesome :D
    read rules? yes ,in all its detail
    any other info: Im English and like being pro
  16. BurntBacon

    BurntBacon Green Slime

    IGN: Quiff
    Age: 16
    Team: Green
    Speical skills: Ninja with the Flamarang and general fighting awesomeness
    Why do you want to join: I rally want to play on a pvp terraria server!
    Have you read the rules: Yes
    Any other information: I am English and I am generally nice, plus i have slight OCD.
  17. MFmaluco

    MFmaluco Green Slime

    special skills:shot,guns, you now
    why do you want to join:my guns want blood
    have you read the rules:yes
    any other infor:i am brasilian but i speak a lot of english
  18. Miner101

    Miner101 Green Slime

    Aplication form:Joining
    IGN:Miner 101
    Team: Blue
    Speical skills?:I'm pretty good with a starfury, flamarang, and a megashark.
    Why do you want to join?:I live pvp servers :cool:
    Have you read the rules?:Of course, why wouldn't I
    Any other information?:I'm in America and don't swear.
  19. Taneer

    Taneer Squirrel

    IGN?: Ezekial
    Age: 16
    Team: Blue, I suppose. Is it Red vs. Blue only?
    Speical skills?: I use magic. A lot.
    Why do you want to join?: I like killing stuff.
    Have you read the rules?: Yea, and they're all common sense/courtesy stuff anyways.
    Any other information?: I don't have TMod, if that's required.
  20. Finlay

    Finlay Green Slime

    IGN?: Finlay
    Age: 14

    Team: idk? red
    Speical skills?:Buildng awesome stuff!!! and of course fighting
    Why do you want to join?: cuz i love fighting and i hate griefing
    Have you read the rules?: yessssss!
    Any other information?: nope :)

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