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  1. Emil

    Emil Green Slime

    Hamachi ID : Jesus' Holy Server (Not subject to change, ever.)
    Hamachi PW : 123

    IP :

    To have access to the server password you must talk to us in Hamachi and be accepted!

    Hello everyone! I'm Emil and this is a server my friend is running, we have yet to find a PvP server where the community is serious and mature about PvP and/or anything and everything else. We want to create a community where the players are mature. I will be in Hamachi MOST of the time to accept people into the server and chat about anything. If you see me in Hamachi please feel free to ask questions, comment on the server, or submit a suggestion. If you are experiencing lag PLEASE let me or Walrus (the host) know.

    To all current members, the server is now up.
    If you want the server password you must PM me in Hamachi.

    Edit: We are running out of space on Hamachi and will not be accepting anymore players soon, apply while you still can!
  2. Imnotahuman

    Imnotahuman Cave Bat

  3. Connor

    Connor Green Slime

    dude the people wont gimme the password
  4. Emil

    Emil Green Slime

    BUMP! The server is now up and we are accepting more people! We will be setting up arena matches and we want a lot of people on so we can do 3v3's and 4v4's.
  5. EpicTrollinFace

    EpicTrollinFace The Groom

    When I attempt to connect it says the server is full, I assume it is, but when, if at any point, will there be more room?
  6. 7firefox

    7firefox Green Slime

    arg!! make room in hamachi!! i wanna PVP some peeps!!! so sick of bad servers and this one looks good!!! ARG!!

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