Terraria Rp Server Avaton -- Realistic Freebuild Pvp (Non hamachi)

Discussion in 'Server Archive' started by DiexSmiling, Oct 22, 2011.

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  1. Equius

    Equius Squirrel

  2. Sucon

    Sucon Bunny

    Character Name: Sucon​
    Character Age: 23​
    Character's Personality: Self dependent, Mysterious, Deep thinker.​
    Character's Gender: Male​
    City: Tamriel​
    General background: Not much is known about Sucon other then the fact that he worships death itself.​
  3. ree9munity

    ree9munity Piranha

    GODDAMN YOU NEWBIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Refer to the last page to see where my rage emits.
  4. Equius

    Equius Squirrel

    Together we can save Avaton!
  5. superBlast

    superBlast Green Slime

    Did you get the server data stuff from Diex?
  6. Equius

    Equius Squirrel

    Not yet, I don't even know if I'll get it =P
  7. Theultraman12

    Theultraman12 Green Slime

    the server's down ):
  8. Dericious Ramen

    Dericious Ramen Cursed Skull

    Really? I would have never guessed. I know the server's been closed and all, but...
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  9. KaosC57

    KaosC57 Demon Eye

    Character Name:Sir Kaos​
    Character Age:28​
    Character's Personality: always sulking, has few friends, only does things to help himself​
    Character's Gender:male​
    General background: When he was 18 a mysterious person came up and offered him a knighthood. He accepted the grandoise offer while not knowing he would become a dark knight then the man teliported him to a fortress which then he began traning in the ways of the Hammer, Axe, Sword, and dark magic then he became a General in the Dark Lord's army and then they attacked his home. Fueled by his anger and hatred he rushed back to the Dark Lord's castle to only find that Arkon had stayed behind and he had to battle Arkon to get to the Dark Lord. The battle was fierce. Kaos Said to Arkon once he defeated him "You never should have been a commander". Then he moved on to The Dark Lord. Who was wating for him The Dark Lord said "I knew that if we attacked your village you would be angered" "I planned this to test you" "Now the Ultimate Test BEGINS!". They fought on and on and if you were there you could never know who would win. But in the end The Dark Lord won out and Kaos was sealed in a coffin. And 10 years later Kaos breaks free of his seal and comes out and kills 2 guards guarding his coffin but he almost lost but a spy from the town of Tamriel was watching the whole of his fight and when Kaos had passed out the spy took him and brought him to Tamriel.​
  10. hello123

    hello123 Squirrel

    Honestly, before making an application please read the last two pages or so. The server is shut down and it's getting slightly annoying (to me don' know about other people) that people just keep making applications almost two weeks after it has been shut down.
    Sorry if I came off as mean.
  11. Rapidash102

    Rapidash102 Green Slime

    Character Name: Sapphire​
    Character Age: 20​
    Character's Personality: Ruthless and cunning​
    Character's Gender: Female​
    Starting City: Tamriel​
    General background: I am sorry, i can't provide a background... :(
    OuO but i really do hope you accept me, i will be a Loyal RP person
  12. Blind_Panda

    Blind_Panda Clinger

    Seriously? This server's been shut down for the better part of three weeks. Sorry if the front page got your hopes up. In the future, it's a good idea to read the last page of a thread, as well as the first, to get an idea of what's currently happening on that server.
  13. Rapidash102

    Rapidash102 Green Slime

    Oh, Thanks! :)
  14. Jesterofnios

    Jesterofnios Green Slime

  15. nikolai195

    nikolai195 Green Slime

    Character Name:Kohandril​
    Character Age:58​
    Character's Personality:eek:ld and wise kohandril is thought to be,he's kind and forgiving.​
    Character's Gender:male​
    General background: Kohandril was a respected mage in his homeland, he only took one apprentice at a time, making sure that they would be great mages one day. when war came to his homeland they fought, but the enemy was no creature they had fought before, they were demons rising up from the ground swarimg the citys and burning everyone inside. Kohandril barely made it out of the city before the demons swarmed the city, he had lost all of his magic books,burned and torn apart. He was traveling to Avalon to settle and find wisdom.​
  16. Blind_Panda

    Blind_Panda Clinger

    Okay, now it's getting kind of annoying. Seriously people, server's been down for several weeks now, and it doesn't look like it's coming back. PLEASE read more than just the first page of the thread.
  17. Rapidash102

    Rapidash102 Green Slime

  18. Mason Chilton

    Mason Chilton Green Slime

    damn I just got my computer working again now I cant play on my most favorite terraira server well if anyone starts hosting the server can you send a message to me thanks

    p.s. this is Drangus
  19. Caliphas

    Caliphas Green Slime

    I have the technology! (Probably) If Ivan is still watching the thread, I may now have the means to run Avaton as it was before, if I get the files from him.
  20. Blind_Panda

    Blind_Panda Clinger

    That would be awesome, and I would definitely be up for an Avaton part 2, but by the looks of thinks Diex hasn't been on Terraria Online for almost 2 weeks now.
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