Terraria Rp Server Avaton -- Realistic Freebuild Pvp (Non hamachi)

Discussion in 'Server Archive' started by DiexSmiling, Oct 22, 2011.

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  1. Dericious Ramen Cursed Skull

    That sounds awesome, and please do. I doubt you'll be able to get the files from Diex, makes me wish I got his Steam ID. Either way, I highly suggest you make a decent RP server, Avaton or not, if you have current interest in hosting. Can't find a (currently) small server that actually seems half decent...
  2. Caliphas Green Slime

    Almost tempted to make a sort of continuation from Avaton, but if I find an open weekend I will probably just look into making a new RP server. Going to need to take soem time to learn how to use TShock, though.
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  3. zylajpa14 Green Slime

    can i reapply for this server
  4. Blind_Panda Clinger

    Let me know if you do so, I will definitely apply!
  5. Caliphas Green Slime

    This server is a lie. There is no server. There is, however, cake. Please lay down and place your hands at your sides in the party-collection position. Thank you, have a nice day.
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  6. ree9munity Piranha

    It would be real nice if ivan/diex closed this down. Getting fed up with apps and ill make one but noone makes one...
  7. Caliphas Green Slime

    My case was primarily an 'I'm working on it but it's slow' situation. I didn't have the tech then, I'm not sure I have it now. If I had the files, then I could know for sure. Without the files, I need to start from scratch, and I have no idea how to get TShock going. I'm mostly still talking here to try and see who's left that's interested, and hoping there's a chance Diex might still be lurking about.
  8. ShinkuOokami2323 Doctor Bones

    Character Name: Lainadan
    Character Age: 15
    Character's Personality: Mostly nice, though shy. Extremely hard to actually anger. But when angered.. its not pretty.
    Character's Gender: Male
    Raorgen Airnomen (Is their a sort of.. in-game name for this, a nickname of sorts? That's going to be awful hard to spell. Lol.)
    General background: Lainadan grew up in a small village in another plane. He grew up happily, with a family, and friends in his small village, but one day a man came to his village. He say the village's leader speaking with the man, and making angry hand motions. Then.. the man stabbed him with a small dagger, and began attacking random townsfolk with magical attacks, something unknown to his plane. Then, he looked at Lainadan. He spoke in a dark, raspy voice, saying, "You. You, boy.. you have a great future ahead of you. Just.. not here." He then began to speak quickly in a language Lainadan didn't understand. He did catch a one word, 'Ganshir', before everything went black.
    When he woke up, he didn't know where he was. But he swore.. he would hunt this, 'Ganshir', down. And get his revenge.
    Note: Sorry, I have a bad habit of going over-board with those. :\
  9. Nonzo Squirrel

    Character Name: Takushi
    Character Age: 28
    Character's Personality: Hates almost everyone. A very talented Gunner. Can do some alchemy but rather he just buys or steals potions (from merchants and enemies)
    Character's Gender: Male
    City: Pemberton
    General background: Takushi wanted REVENGE for his family that were attacked by Eater Of Souls. He took hiss guns ,ammo and goed hunting For Eaters. He killed and killed and killed and killed until he was a strange man threw a rock to his head. Takushi blacked out. And never came again...
  10. Blind_Panda Clinger

    Server's been down for like a month. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE read the most recent page of a thread as well as the first page in order to see what's currently going on with a server. Like, for instance, oh I don't know, if it was CLOSED or something?
  11. Dericious Ramen Cursed Skull

    Hey, better than nothing. If you do feel like bringing one up, I am totally in for it. I'm not a terrible builder, and I've also been using TEdit a lot lately if you want to resort to that. So if you need help, estoy aqui...
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  12. ShinkuOokami2323 Doctor Bones

    I don't appreciated the sarcasm, thank you very much.
    I read the WHOLE OP, and the biggest portion of the first page of posts. Why the hell does it even bother you so much?
    Seriously- so I didn't read a whole 58 pg. thread. Would you?
  13. Blind_Panda Clinger

    Didn't mean to take it out on you, but there are SO many people applying for this RP which happens to no longer be active. And I never said that you should read the WHOLE thread. But if I were you, I would get in the habit of reading the first AND last pages, to get an idea of both what the server is about, and the most recent news. I totally agree that 58 pages is an unreasonable amout of stuff to sort through, but 2 pages seems quite managable.
  14. Dericious Ramen Cursed Skull

    The reason he's annoyed is because there's a few pages of responses w/ applications. Just do what I do, gloss over the last few pages before responding. SOrry if that came across as hostile, it wasn't my intention to seem as such.
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  15. ShinkuOokami2323 Doctor Bones

    Alright, thanks for the advice. :)

    I'm gonna like your post. Just. Just for your name. Thats awesome, dude. Lol. :D
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  16. Klelk Green Slime

    I'd be willing to help/play on a new server, I don't check here often but Ramen and Panda have my steam.
  17. Equius Squirrel

    well if you guys do make a map I could host it but unfortunetly I can only do hamachi, soz but I am fimiliar with tshock as I have succsesfuly created a server with it so if I do host it then only 16 people at a time :p
  18. Dericious Ramen Cursed Skull

    Well, server's been dead for a while. So if you do decide to host a new one, I'd say make a starting town and allow the players to begin their own cities, like the beginning of the last one. But if you do need a map, my TEdit-Fu is improving...
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  19. Jagai123 Doctor Bones

    Character Name: Zekai
    Character Age: 22
    Character's Personality: Laid back, but when in battle, serious
    Character's Gender: Male
    City: Pemberton
    General background: He is a half demon, who when turned 20, went out and became a demon hunter, 2 years later, he became a mercenary
  20. Dericious Ramen Cursed Skull

    Application denied.
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