Terraria Rp Server Avaton -- Realistic Freebuild Pvp (Non hamachi)

Discussion in 'Server Archive' started by DiexSmiling, Oct 22, 2011.

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  1. Jagai123

    Jagai123 Eskimo Zombie

    okay, i don't know why though
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  2. Dericious Ramen

    Dericious Ramen Cursed Skull

    Server's been closed for some time =P
  3. Jagai123

    Jagai123 Eskimo Zombie

  4. Equius

    Equius Squirrel

    well then "master" create a spawn town so we, the admins and veterans can build the cities/towns
  5. Dericious Ramen

    Dericious Ramen Cursed Skull

    Yep, I'll get on that pronto. Can;t tell if that "master" is sarcastic or not, sorry for whatever I did to offend =P. I can have it to you tomorrow, likely through a PM. I'll try to keep talk of this off the topic.
  6. Equius

    Equius Squirrel

    wasn't sarcasic and didn't offend
  7. Dericious Ramen

    Dericious Ramen Cursed Skull

    I hate the internet for this reason, I can never tell what's what... :(
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  8. Blind_Panda

    Blind_Panda Clinger

    If you guys put a map and RP up, let me know! I've been looking for a new RP server since Avaton closed, and have yet to find one even close to as good.
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  9. ShinkuOokami2323

    ShinkuOokami2323 Doctor Bones

    Same as Blind_Panda. I'd love to play with ya. :D
  10. Equius

    Equius Squirrel

  11. Nolan_Terraria

    Nolan_Terraria Green Slime

    Character Name: Rufus
    Character Age: 16
    Character's Personality: Brave, Adventerous, curious, loyal, helpful, truthful, darin
    Character's Gender: Male
    Character’s Backstory:

    Rufus was born on a dark stormy night with two thief parents, abandoned at birth thrown in a ditch,
    To only be found by an old wizard, He then took me and raised me. The wise man taught me all his skills,
    All he knows to become the man I am today. It started off from potions, to concentration, levatatiom, All sorts of magic
    I then was introduced into spells when I finally found out, he was my grandfather, and it was a set-up that my parents would Leave me in a ditch all alone for my Grand-Father to come and find me. My parents had a bounty, I wanted to find them, and turn them in to collect the bounty, I then searched everywhere, for I could not find them. Finally
    One night, I was hunting in the forest when I heard something, Two people sneaking up on me, with knives, I let out a noise ''Mum?, Dad?'' They then both charged me at the same time. I then used my magic on them to paralize them.
    I then put them in a bag, and brought them to the city guards and got the 100k bounty. I was then the most respected man in town, and Lived on my Infamous live as a young adult.
  12. Equius

    Equius Squirrel

    this server is CLOSED if you look above thou you can see my recreating/sequal to it
  13. weZz

    weZz Green Slime

    Character Name: weZz
    Character Age: 20
    Character's Personality: He is a kind, swift person in love with magic and building.
    Character's Gender: Male
    General background:weZz was a young man who spent most of his childhood reading books and practicing magic and archery. Both of his parents were murdered when he was young by a dark wizard and weZz has vowed to avenge their death. He has helped alot of people and did not always live in Pemberton but was moved their to his uncles ,when his parents were murdered, and his uncle taught him archery. When his unlce died he had to live by himself in his uncles house but now he has begun a journey to become a mighty archer and sorcerer.
  14. Equius

    Equius Squirrel

    can you read A LINE ABOVE THE REPLY BOX?
  15. mason_mckee

    mason_mckee Green Slime

    Character Name: Mason
    Character age: 21
    Character's Personality: Funny Smart Outgoing Werewolf on Fullmoons
  16. Dericious Ramen

    Dericious Ramen Cursed Skull

    Denied. However, if you want, you may check out the new server that was made that is somewhat similar to this one. Check the link in my sig.
  17. Equius

    Equius Squirrel

    read teh most recent page!
  18. PK.KING

    PK.KING Green Slime

    Character Name: Markcus (Mark for short)​
    Character Age: 23​
    Character's Personality: Gets angry easily, Nosey, Dosent like losing​
    Character's Gender: Male​

    General background: Has had a very Messed up life. He always hated his school and left as soon as he could​
    He is a natural with a sword and is a good archer Has been traveling to find a good home since 17​
    Mother and Father never treated him properly and only lived in a shack at the age of 4​
    his parents died when he was 8​
    Usually got in trouble at school and now is trying to become a better person.​
  19. Drammoth

    Drammoth Bunny

    Character Name: Drammoth.​
    Character Age: 23.​
    Character's Personality: Disciplined, gentleman, shady.​
    Character's Gender: Male.​
    City: Pemberton.​
    General background: He lived at an old and poor farm as a kid, and when he grew up he was teached by his father in the arts of stealth and pickpocketing, which he used to steal food and artifacts from their neighbors. His mother died due to overworking and dehydration when he was 4 years old. He didn't want to let that happen to his father so he stayed loyal to him. When he grown up and his father died by sickness, he decided to go move in to the lands of Avaton to find riches, companions and work.​
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