Pre 1.2 Terraria RPG [WIP]

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  1. dubca7

    dubca7 Demon Eye

    [​IMG] v2.0
    This texturepack is for
    This texture pack converts Terraria into something more RPG themed. It is inspired by Doku, Secret of Mana and Zelda.​
    Enjoy :)
    Remember that I have a real life too, work / family can sometimes get first priority. The project is not dead just because I'm not updating it every week.​
    This texture pack is in Alpha stage, things will be added!
    Please report bugs and errors :)
    Old Screnshots from version 1.x (Will upload new shots soon)
    Show Spoiler
    Show Spoiler

    I'm now hosting the texturepack on GiT, you can also find my Minecraft texture pack there in 3 sizes.​
    v2.0 Includes
    - New branch, new start.
    1. Click on the Download link.​
    2. Click this button in the bottom right corner of the page.​
    3. Save it somewhere.​
    4. Right click and extract, I'm using WinRar​
    5. Drag the extracted content folder into Terrarias main folder, like this.[​IMG]
    6. Start the game as normal.​
  2. n64billy

    n64billy Squirrel

    I'm suprised no one as commented yet.
    This looks great! I really like the water.

    I'll be sure to follow the thread and keep watching your progress.
    Keep up the work :)
  3. xLEGIYx

    xLEGIYx Green Slime

    Hey this looks really cool.I was wondering how do i download this???!!!
  4. Ninjatac0

    Ninjatac0 Green Slime

    Nice pack but to minecraft like for me.
  5. Mike

    Mike Cursed Skull

    Wow. I always used Doku in Minecraft and it still looks good even in Terraria.
  6. dubca7

    dubca7 Demon Eye

    When I'm done painting all the standard stuff, I will be releasing a beta. Won't be that long.
  7. Skyrath

    Skyrath Doctor Bones

    Lookin Gooood
  8. Glace

    Glace Eskimo Zombie

    It doesn't look like Terraria, but I still like it. Especially the doors and torches.

    Am I missing something? There's no download.
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  9. dubca7

    dubca7 Demon Eye

    The first beta version is uploaded, enjoy. Remember that everything is gonna be tweaked and changed, this is not the final product.
  10. Glace

    Glace Eskimo Zombie

    yay, filebeam.

    Still, it's a nice pack so far.
  11. magnus743

    magnus743 Blazing Wheel

    This looks really good. I haven't actually used DK in Minecraft (too mainstream, not my style :3,) but this looks really great. I won't be using it until you've finished all the blocks you see on a daily basis, though. It'll look weeeeiird.

    Just looked through the files. +1 user/fan for you, ol' chap!
  12. Chocofire

    Chocofire Clinger

    wow this looks awesome, especially the water, it looks crystal clear :D
  13. Veritas Curat

    Veritas Curat Green Slime

    just downloaded and perma loaded these into images2 ;] dont think i'll be using anything else :D
  14. magnus743

    magnus743 Blazing Wheel

    Huh.. I'm noticing something. Let's say you have a 1x2 pool of water, with the water going half up the surrounding blocks. Well, in this pack, it looks like the water is all the way up to the edge of the blocks. Also: mind redoing the jungle grass? It looks just like the original in-game D;
  15. dubca7

    dubca7 Demon Eye

    I saw this myself some hours after uploading the first Beta, so it's fixed. Gonna take a look at the water. Thanks for bringing those up :)
  16. magnus743

    magnus743 Blazing Wheel

    Oh. I actually just tried to fix it by darkening it, and adding some noise (yeah, I got you there) to the petals, but I've yet to test it. Also, need some help? :3

    EDIT: Yo! Tried my way with the mana. How does it look? ^-^

    EDIT: Tried my way with the fallen stars, too Ô.o

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  17. dubca7

    dubca7 Demon Eye

    Not bad man, gonna try them out ;)
  18. magnus743

    magnus743 Blazing Wheel

    Heh. Great. Just tell me if you need some help. I can use the practice ^-^
  19. Skyrath

    Skyrath Doctor Bones

    i have issues with all of the new texture packs being made :( East, Arcade Raccoon and this :(
  20. magnus743

    magnus743 Blazing Wheel

    Yo, I've noticed a bug. The dirt layer's background's dirt segments are lighter than the dirt walls.

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