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Discussion in 'Quick Hook Up' started by Zinks, Dec 15, 2012.

  1. Zinks Green Slime

    i need someone to play terraria with me

    Server host?:
  2. XtremeBoy15 Giant Worm

    Server host?: I am working on setting up a server
    Age: 11 (this will ruin everything if you're one of those people who think age is more important than having fun :mad: In that case you are frowned upon by me.)
    Steam: XtremeBoy15 (same as this name)
    Gender: I think you can figure this out xD
  3. LinkisaBEAST Green Slime

    I have friend who can host a server but im trying to make my own
  4. Jrzfine Slimed Zombie

    I have a server set up already.
  5. yoko Bunny

    Server host?: I don't have a server, can we find someone?
    Age: 12
    Steam: zombiekiller901 ( i have cracked Terraria, hopefully it does not bother you.)
    Gender Male
  6. XtremeBoy15 Giant Worm

    Hellooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo???????? Discussion author??? We are waiting.....
  7. Coreyrayt Green Slime

    I'll play xtreme.. but I want to talk over skype..
  8. XtremeBoy15 Giant Worm

    Sorry don't have Skype
  9. Astroflux Slimed Zombie

    Server Host?: Well my buddies and I have found this thing called gameranger that makes terraria servers much easier. So yes.
    Age: 15 as well as my friends. Would aprreciate if you are the same age.
    Steam: fbmeister or Astroflux not sure.
    Gender: Male
    I do have a skype and so do all my pals.
    I am also currently working on the prequel to "Loophole" so check it out on WIP page. Also check out the loophole maps that my friend and I made, called loophole... Maybe you'll get it on a playthrough of the map before it comes out :p
  10. yoko Bunny

    i skype. :p
  11. Coreyrayt Green Slime

    Do you have a server though?

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