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Discussion in 'Quick Hook Up' started by Zinks, Dec 15, 2012.

  1. Zinks

    Zinks Green Slime

    i need someone to play terraria with me

    Server host?:
  2. XtremeBoy15

    XtremeBoy15 Giant Worm

    Server host?: I am working on setting up a server
    Age: 11 (this will ruin everything if you're one of those people who think age is more important than having fun :mad: In that case you are frowned upon by me.)
    Steam: XtremeBoy15 (same as this name)
    Gender: I think you can figure this out xD
  3. LinkisaBEAST

    LinkisaBEAST Green Slime

    I have friend who can host a server but im trying to make my own
  4. Jrzfine

    Jrzfine Slimed Zombie

    I have a server set up already.
  5. yoko

    yoko Bunny

    Server host?: I don't have a server, can we find someone?
    Age: 12
    Steam: zombiekiller901 ( i have cracked Terraria, hopefully it does not bother you.)
    Gender Male
  6. XtremeBoy15

    XtremeBoy15 Giant Worm

    Hellooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo???????? Discussion author??? We are waiting.....
  7. Coreyrayt

    Coreyrayt Green Slime

    I'll play xtreme.. but I want to talk over skype..
  8. XtremeBoy15

    XtremeBoy15 Giant Worm

    Sorry don't have Skype
  9. Astroflux

    Astroflux Slimed Zombie

    Server Host?: Well my buddies and I have found this thing called gameranger that makes terraria servers much easier. So yes.
    Age: 15 as well as my friends. Would aprreciate if you are the same age.
    Steam: fbmeister or Astroflux not sure.
    Gender: Male
    I do have a skype and so do all my pals.
    I am also currently working on the prequel to "Loophole" so check it out on WIP page. Also check out the loophole maps that my friend and I made, called loophole... Maybe you'll get it on a playthrough of the map before it comes out :p
  10. yoko

    yoko Bunny

    i skype. :p
  11. Coreyrayt

    Coreyrayt Green Slime

    Do you have a server though?

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