Pre 1.2 Terraria Server Commands! (TShock)

Discussion in 'Guides' started by Dalik17, Jul 11, 2011.

  1. Dalik17 Zombie

    Hello Terraria Players! I have created a YouTube series showing the commands of the Server Mod TShock! In this guide, I go over all of the commands, and how to use them. Here is the first 2 episodes, and a 3rd is coming shortly!

    Episode 1 - Introduction!

    Episode 2 - Admin Commands!

    Stay tuned, as the config file will be available for download shortly, for anyone having problems getting the Admin Commands. Also, all videos are in 720p HD.
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  2. Dalik17 Zombie

    Any feedback?
  3. Nimbles Green Slime

    Absolutely love it man. Marvelous work.

    It would be nice if you explained the terms in the config file though, such as what defines a griefer.
  4. Nimbles Green Slime

    Never mind, I just found the wiki. Very nice. I give this 2 thumbs up.

    I've never had more fun fighting 4 king slimes at once.
  5. Dalik17 Zombie

    Haha, thanks for the feedback. currently the config file is only linked in the first video, but will be added to the desc. in the second today. Also, I plan to do a voice tutorial for the next couple of videos, and may possibly show how to install etc.
  6. kenright Green Slime

    Try fighting 12 EoC.... That's a challenge. A doable challenge, but a challenge.
  7. Zenyo Blazing Wheel

    how do u make a person admin?
  8. Dalik17 Zombie

    They must login once, then you must grab their IP. Once you have it, put it into the users.txt like so:

    Code: trustedadmin
    (Replacing the 'x' with the IP)

    Then you must reload/stop and start the server, and they will become admin!
  9. Hawkenwatt Green Slime

  10. Atlas™ Bone Serpent

    This guides a server mod for TERRARIA.
  11. Hawkenwatt Green Slime

    This is a guide for a server mod, the section clearly says Terraria.
  12. Atlas™ Bone Serpent

    A server mod for the game Terraria.
  13. Hawkenwatt Green Slime

    This a section for guides for Terraria
  14. Atlas™ Bone Serpent

    It's the general topic of Terraria, a guide to anything related to Terraria belongs here.
  15. Hawkenwatt Green Slime

    so you decided when you made the forums, right?
  16. Atlas™ Bone Serpent

    You can ask a mod, they would most likely reply with something along those lines.
  17. Hawkenwatt Green Slime

    There is no point arguing with a troll, i am done with you and again
  18. Atlas™ Bone Serpent

    Or, you could go complain about the other 100 guides that aren't about ingame Terraria guides..
  19. Nimbles Green Slime

    Or you idiots can stop bitching about the smallest things.
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  20. Diltar123 Green Slime

    Good Vids. I'm really confused with the region protection stuff. Make a video on that :)

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