Discussion in 'PC' started by Why, Jul 9, 2011.

  1. Why Green Slime

    I had this game since 1.0.2 and everytime, the Multiplayer Exe would update, but after we got to 1.0.5 it didn't update ie. it stayed in 1.0.4, This is a problem because i cannot host and even if i tried, the my worlds won't load because back up failed or something.
  2. techsmith13 Green Slime

    Go to terraria.org and download it. The links at the bottom of the main page.
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  3. Why Green Slime

    thanks :D
  4. ughmaster Green Slime

    Redownload the server.exe from terraria.org
  5. TH26 Green Slime

    I need some help. I downloaded the server.exe but the server connection still wont work

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