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Discussion in 'PC' started by Kat, May 16, 2011.

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  1. Kat Green Slime

    Alright I need help, so I have this website: http://www.forthelols.com

    It's a server list website and the servers work except the problem is it looks like a 1990's website. Could you give ideas of what I should do to make it look.. maybe modern?
  2. Kat Green Slime

  3. Soulz Green Slime

    Im lagging to much on the site so im editing this so it dosnt look stupid
  4. Kat Green Slime

    I meant 1999's...
  5. named Green Slime


    How many have there been exactly? I only remember one 1999..
  6. Sroag Green Slime

    this is a good idea if people want to just post thier IP to it for good random servers.
  7. Kat Green Slime

  8. superman6553 Green Slime

    hi guys just got terraria can i join your game
  9. The Half-Elf Hornet

    Go to the site and ask?
  10. XelVair Demon Eye

    You realize that was quite a bump dont cha? :p
  11. The Half-Elf Hornet

    Define Bump *Order*
  12. XelVair Demon Eye

  13. Hufpul Green Slime

    I can give FREE starcannons.
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