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Discussion in 'PC' started by Dennis, Jun 3, 2011.

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  1. Dennis

    Dennis Green Slime

  2. HeroComplex

    HeroComplex Doctor Bones

    um.. Don't be spending your money because soon it will be as easy as "start server".
  3. NickBrahz

    NickBrahz Green Slime

    Yeah but people, including me don't like to have there computer on 24/7 for the server to run, and $5 for 20 people aint to bad
  4. Dennis

    Dennis Green Slime

  5. Dennis

    Dennis Green Slime

    Can anybody please help me?
  6. Rozenberger

    Rozenberger The Groom

    Don't do it, just host from your computer or use something like no-ip. much much better
  7. Dennis

    Dennis Green Slime

    I can't have my computer on for 24/7, please do not answer and say don't do it, but only when you found a server host where you can pay with iDEAL. ;)
  8. perks

    perks Green Slime

    you dont understand, running your computer 24/7 is auctally more expensive than buying one of their servers.

    Very roughly running a above average home computer 24/7 for a entire years can cost around 300 $ break that down to monthly and its 25 $ per month. This doesnt include hardware replacement, or that fact that your internet may not even be good enough to host a 8 person server without lag.

    Buying from them is auctally a very good deal.
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  9. Dennis

    Dennis Green Slime

    I've mailed them and they said they're going to add iDEAL. But if you find one with iDEAL already available, please post it.
  10. perks

    perks Green Slime

    i already have a VPS thats waiting for linux server files, but they dont look like their comming any time soon, which is a real shame. not many VPS's run windows and forcing servers to only run on windows without some heavy lifting in the server files is a bad move by the dev's.
  11. Dennis

    Dennis Green Slime

    You maybe can use wine for the dedicated server software or mono?
  12. perks

    perks Green Slime

    ive been looking at alot of threads and forums. from the looks only a few lucky people have managed to auctally get the server files to work, thus i shale have another look.
  13. Dennis

    Dennis Green Slime

    If you got it too work message me ;)
  14. Bump

    Bump Dark Caster

    Thank you for this. I was looking for a cheap host. :)
  15. TheRyanMileti

    TheRyanMileti Snatcher
    port 7777
    no password!
    I have statues to give you if you join!
  16. Kanza

    Kanza Green Slime

    Ahaha! This is funny. My first reaction to this thread was "Oh great, a spambot found terrariaonline.."

    But instead, someone is actually posting something useful! :D

    I'll take a look at that website. I need to be able to host a server 24/7...
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