Terraria Smooth Texture Pack [by ShadowDX]

Discussion in 'Released Texture Packs' started by ShadowDX, Nov 5, 2011.

  1. ShadowDX

    ShadowDX Clinger


    Back with version!
    ~Preview vesion~

    This texture pack is not yet completed, but the only thing left to do are items!
    (the biggest group of sprites)
    Link to the download can be found on the bottom, have fun and tell me what you think about it!

    What this texture pack changes?
    Show Spoiler
    Show Spoiler

    Terraria (original textures)
    Terraria "STP"

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  2. blackarrow

    blackarrow Green Slime

    Nice, I started doing something like this too a while ago, but I got lazy and never finished it...

    Did you do it by hand (pixel by pixel) or have you used a filter or a program?
  3. ShadowDX

    ShadowDX Clinger

    Actually i used Paint.NET [not paint] with Oil painting, pasted ON the old textures and erased little annoying pixels with technique you called one by one beacuse in every texture pixel 1x1 dissapeared ^^" so i had to use pencil ^^"

    You can use paint.net to make reaaaally cool things ;D now i'm working for Wakfu textures [i spotted that a lot of people wants that - but no one ever even started making it ...]
  4. Darre

    Darre Green Slime

    Such a subtle change made such a difference aesthetically. Nice work.
  5. Emiya Shirou

    Emiya Shirou Squirrel

    This pack reminds me of the old option in snes emulator that smoothened the graphics just like you did here and it looked amazing :3

    I will definitely try this, Good Job!
  6. zxoz

    zxoz Green Slime

    I Use Paint.Net M yself, But i Have a Problem, The Oil Painting setting Always Erases, Instead Of Actually Drawing, But i Always have 2 Backups. Why?
  7. Terraria maniac

    Terraria maniac Green Slime

    what is paint.net does it help i want to make sprites but dont know how
  8. ShadowDX

    ShadowDX Clinger

    zxoz - it should looks like this:

    Oil Painting

    Brush size:
    o---------------------- [ 1 ]
    ----o------------------ [50]

    That's how i make it - but if you want to use it - make sure you duplicated layers before you use that tool [use it on Layer 2] - Oil Painting erases pixels on edges in some tiles :p
    [Sorry for my English, i'm from poland :p]

    The newest Paint.Net you can find here.

    Terraria maniac, Paint.Net is program like photoshop, but better - it hasn't got so much tools, but it's definitely easier, and it has very useful options for editing textures for games...
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  9. Terraria maniac

    Terraria maniac Green Slime

    ok thanks shadow
  10. blackarrow

    blackarrow Green Slime

    Did you just say Paint.net is better than Photshop?
    You can't just say that a program which is free is better than a 200$ one. You can prefer one over another as much as you like.
    Photoshop takes some time to master, but it's immesurably better. Although for pixel-art Paint.NET is a lot simpler and that's why I use it for instead of Photoshop.
  11. Mangoini

    Mangoini Green Slime

    It, it, its so smooth!
  12. Puppetmaster

    Puppetmaster Green Slime

    I can hardly tell the difference. Sorry.
  13. Mr.Person

    Mr.Person Moth

    A-Mazing. Downloading now. Thanks!
  14. ShadowDX

    ShadowDX Clinger

    blackarrow ...
    Some websites want to pay for accounts or they are using surveys [pay for sms] and sites like mediafire don't want money from you [if you want you can pay, of course] but does that mean Mediafire is worse?

    So ...

    Photoshop has more tools, Yes! but when i opened it ... i used only 9-10 of them, and i made about 20 textures that were like ... junk ... Sometimes Expensive doesn't mean better ...

    AND i didn't tell that it is better, but it is better for editing textures in games ...

    PS: Puppet ... if everyone exept you see, why won't you look at screenshots and on your terraria ... then tell me if you see the diffrence ...
  15. Puppetmaster

    Puppetmaster Green Slime

    Your signature is way too big.
  16. ShadowDX

    ShadowDX Clinger

    Is it better now? :p
    Someone knows how to save textures in xnb?
    I'm using Twisted mod for faster testing textures [spawn item/mob] :p it's a little ... you know ... i have to run twiste, make 5-6 items i'm testing and run texture pack ... then back twisted ... and that's starting annoying me a little ...
    I just want to know how to IMPORT them to xnb, i've already got the EXPORTER ...
  17. Caution

    Caution Zombie

    What exactly was done to the textures? I could sit here all day and not notice anything different to them.
  18. ShadowDX

    ShadowDX Clinger

    Oh god ...

    Original textures:
    My textures:

    And if you're blind [i hope not]
    Just look at desert, ok?
  19. LimeLimes

    LimeLimes Green Slime

    You did a good job.
  20. Puppetmaster

    Puppetmaster Green Slime

    Now I see.

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